Latveria is Doctor Dooms Kingdom in Eastern Europe. Boltine visited the country when he was a herald of Galactus to discover the location of the Skrull homeworld. He lost his powers and lived in Latveria for two weeks. While Boltine was trapped in Latveria, he almost allowed Doctor Doom to achieve all of his goals using the power cosmic. Luckily, Boltine and the Fantastic Four were able to drain Doom of his powers.

The common geographic description of Latveria places it as a small nation, around the area where Hungary, Romania and Serbia (Vojvodina) meet in real life. To its south in the Marvel universe is the nation of Symkaria, which is depicted as a benevolent constitutional monarchy in contrast to the dictatorship to its north. The capital city of Latveria is Doomstadt, formerly Hassenstadt (German for “Hatetown”), renamed when Doom seized power, located just north of the Kline River. The administrative center is Castle Doom.

Population: 500,000 (This is an approximation since the government of Latveria has not allowed an outside census in over 20 years) Type of Government: Dictatorship (Victor von Doom prefers to call this an “enforced monarchy”) Languages: German, Hungarian, English, Latverian (local dialect, derivative of Hungarian), Romany. Ethnic Groups: Mixed European stock, Roma Major Business Centers: None Currency: Latverian Franc Public Holidays: Doom’s Day, Christmas, New Year (Note: Doom’s Day is an eclectic holiday, celebrated whenever Doom declares it. It is different from Doomsday) Airports: The only airport for the country, Doomsport, lies on the southern outskirts of Doomstadt. It maintains two runways and a modern terminal, but flights into and out of Doomsport are quite limited.


The population consists of mixed European stock and Gypsies, in whose welfare von Doom takes a particular interest.
Law enforcement

Because it lacks a native superhero populace, Latveria relies largely on Dooms’ robot sentinels called Doombots to keep law and order. One of the few known Latverian superhumans is Dreadknight, whom Doom himself created by punishing Dreadknight’s alter ego for hoarding an idea from him. There is very little need for superhumans as the crime rate in Latveria is very low.

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