Force's Journal Entry 0

Journal Entry #0 -

Cincinnati has a pulse to it, man. There is a dull thud wherever you go and not just the one emanating from the railroad tracks or by the Ballpark. This city isn’t the Big Apple, by any stretch, because it actually does sleep. After a certain hour, all the pretty people lie down for a snooze.

The only ones left alive for those few magical hours are the un-sanctified and the over stimulated; the bloodsuckers, the possessors and possessed, the alley fuckers and the damned. This is where I find myself the busiest. While the Avengers and X-Men take a snooze, I go out looking for those trying to buy or bully their way into our World. I don’t care if they’re from Asgard, Hell, this realm, that realm, that weird office purgatory from Beetlegeuise or somewhere in between; It’s my job to slam the door in their face.

Tonight the city went entirely dark. No one else seemed to notice. It had to be for the entirety of five minutes. The street lights went first and were followed by buildings, windows losing their shine like fireworks popping off. No cars were on the streets and no fires were lit. It was completely black. I was comfortable, it was the first time in ages that I had been outdoors without my visor on. I retracted it and breathed in the night air. If I could take that moment and keep it in my helmet with me, like a Polaroid on the dash of a station wagon, my days would be a lot easier.

Inevitably, all good things come to an end. When the lights came back on I was surrounded by ghouls; the moody undead. I dispatched them in the most prolonged fashion I could, taking shots with the Dark around their legs while kneeing them in the chest and throwing the occasional elbow. I even stopped to let them compose themselves a few times. Eventually I tired and used the Dark to tear their heads from their bodies. I’m pretty cool sometimes. I wonder if Blade is proud of me, I wonder that about a lot of my heroes.

I hopped on my bike and rode back to the Check N’ Go for a good long nap with the lights out.

Force's Journal Entry 0

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