Chronicles of Tomorrow 5

(Note: this entry would have been written some time in the very near future after we have gotten clear of the immediate threat we currently face. If we don’t have the ship back, I’d imagine Dr. Tomorrow would be scrawling this somewhere on a sheet of paper).

Dear Joshua,

I wish they would stop looking to me for answers. I’m the playboy, the devil-may-care socialite with a death-wish. I’m no hero. I’m trying to become one, starting to really care and feeling compelled to live up to my own highest standards, but I’m not there yet. I’m not the guy with the answers.

And what IS right? What IS good?

I thought I was beginning to understand, thought I had my moral code all figured out. But then I look at this Pancor character, this supposed hero of the Skrulls, who, upon acknowledging that we were wrongly pursued, guilty of nothing more than being slaves who no longer wanted to be slaves, attempted to murder me while I was still shackled.

I wasn’t worried. I have little to worry about. But it made me angry all the same. Not for myself (for once), but because it led me to wonder how many other countless innocents he’d murdered with that same hand, fully knowing they’d done nothing to deserve such a fate.

Coward. Mad man. Devil.

And we’re going to what? Return him to his people so that he can do it all over again?

Sure, it’s practical. It gets us out of here, maybe even gets some heat off of us, but is it RIGHT?

I swear — I’m so tempted to just molecular convert his eyeballs to vapor and then send him back to the Skrulls like that — not out of some sense of misguided vengeance, but so that he cannot hurt anymore. How many fewer innocents might be slayed with this monster out of the action?

Sure, it looks bad. It would be judged. Part of me could never forgive myself. But wouldn’t THAT be right? Wouldn’t that be putting the greater good ahead of ourselves? The Skrulls would be furious — we would pay for it and then some, but wouldn’t we then at least have righted a wrong?

I don’t know. I really don’t. And this is precisely why I am not a leader.

Chronicles of Tomorrow 5

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