Marvel Superheroes

The London Times Issue 1

Issue 1

  • November 9th, 2015

Here’s issue 1 of the London Times

The London Times


I thought the official story from Captain Britain was that Wyvern took off with Harbinger to intentionally go to a less populated area! According to the reports she’s an accomplice. No wonder everyone and their dog hates her now.

The London Times Issue 1

The newspaper story just says with. It’s not too specific. You could have been a hostage. Anyways, the official story was released later in a police dispatch. It’s unknown why Captain Britain said that still. Amongst the public, there’s three opinions. She was a villainous accomplish. She was mind controlled or something like that. Or that she was a hero that tried to move him away before he exploded. The groups are about equal.

The London Times Issue 1

So she is either feared/hated on sight and 1/3 want to kill her, she is mistrusted or considered feeble-minded and avoided on sight by a 1/3, or she is lauded and cheered for by a 1/3? She is going to need some serious therapy…poor kid.

The London Times Issue 1

LOVE the reference to Damage Control!

The London Times Issue 1

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