Marvel Superheroes

New Students at the Cork Academy

The Revenge of the Weather Master

  • 22 September, 2015

New Students show up at the Cork Academy. Six new students arrive late to the school year. They are Ms. Amazing, Wild Woman, Bright Opal, Warp Dragon, Chaska, and Featherweight. They were all recruited or came to the school for help with their mutant powers. After tests and placements for their teams and classes, the group took a power test proctored by Frank Bastion, Bradford Blandon, Professor Rakete, and Dr. Tomorrow. After the tests and their first day of school, Ms. Amazing was attacked in her room by her nemesis the Weather Master. The school was defended and the attack defeated, but not before the Weather Master could kidnap Ms. Amazing. He took her to a bridge over the bay in Cork and told her that this is what happens to those who challenge him and pushed her off to her death. At the last moment, before Ms. Amazing hit the water, Danielle Moonstar flew in on her pegasus and saved her. taking her back to the school.


This is the coolest story to be told yet in this universe.

New Students at the Cork Academy

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