Silver Syren

Hi-tech, low-down, tussle-in-the-mud fire-cracker.


Fighting: EX 20 / IN 40
Agility: GD 10 / Rm 30
Strength: GD 10 / IN 40
Endurance: GD 10 / EX 20
Reason: TY 5
Intuition: GD 10
Psyche: GD 10
Appearance:: TY 5

Health: 50 / 130
Karma: 830

Equipment: Syren Class Mandroid Armor
Resources: Typical
Popularity: (within London Police Department) 15

Chief of Police Agatha Monroe
Captain of Mandroid Division Bill Giles

Stunning Missile: AM 50
Body Armor: AM 50 (note: Martial Arts F gives SS a Feeble Body Armor on top of this armor)
Hard Radiation Emission: SN 60
Lung Adaptability: FB 2
Resistance to Magic: EX 20
Flight: Ex 20

Martial Arts F
Law Enforcement
Aerial Combat


Martha (“Marty”) Kannifer was never going to be the stay at home wife-type. A born competitor, Marty always needed to be faster, smarter, stronger than her peers, and the special forces division of the London PD seemed the ideal place to take those talents. She quickly established a reputation on the force, more through sweat, persistence, and daring than by following any sort of planned career trajectory. Along the way, she befriended Simon Brent and Sam Kannifer, the only two on the force who could keep up with her and force her to push her limits further. That the three were never able to agree on who was best was essential to the bond that developed among them. Eventually, Marty and Sam married. Simon served as best man to the both of them.

When the Mandroid division was established, the three had lengthy discussions about whether or not to sign on. Brent and Sam decided it was too dangerous. Marty felt no such reservations. Wait-listed for the program, she was placed on the engineering support team, where she was capable but also wondered if her true talents were going to waste.

When 11-8 happened, there was a panic across all divisions of the London Police Department to bolster anti-meta human forces. A previously moth-balled program to design a superior, but vastly more expensive Mandroid suit was reauthorized as a pilot program. One such Mandroid would be built and, if proven effective and worth the investment, more might follow. Both because the entire Mandroid division had been wiped out during 11-8 and because the experimental nature of this project required someone reasonably competent in engineering at the helm, Martha Kannifer became a viable candidate for the program. With close connections to the captain of the Mandroid division, a well respected reputation across the department, and tremendous sympathy after having lost Sam on that day, it didn’t take all that much persistence to get Marty in the suit. She christened it the Silver Syren and spent every moment since in the lab, working on and testing the armor until it was ready for its first test run.

Marty is aggressive and driven by pain, but she is, and always has been, in control of herself. She may not agree with others on where the line is, but she has her own limit, and she will not cross it. She may spend a lot of time arguing over complaints with her captain, but, in the end, there’s never a question that she is far more of an asset than a liability to the force, and that’s the only reason why an officer who just lost her husband three weeks earlier has the department’s full trust in piloting an experimental war machine. If anyone in the department can be trusted to give complete and total hell to a super villain, but come back to fill out a full report after, it’s Martha Kannifer.

Silver Syren’s Journal

Silver Syren

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