A Psionic Whip Wielding Ninja


Name: Suvik Senyaka
Age: 39, May 12th, 1976
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 165
Race: Asian
Martial Status: Married

Senyaka was a mutant recruited by the mutant Fabian Cortez as a member of a second group of the Acolytes. On one mission, this new team of Acolytes attacked the Our Mother of The Sacred Heart school whilst searching for a mutant child. When Magneto again assumed control of the Acolytes from Cortez, Senyaka’s bloodthirstiness displeased his lord Magneto. Consequently, Senyaka was apparently slain by Magneto who crushed Senyaka with his own coils.

Senyaka survived, however, by siphoning the life energy from agents of the international law enforcement agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. who had recovered Senyaka’s body. Seeking revenge on Magneto, Senyaka set out to kill sea captain Aleytys “Lee” Forrester, a former paramour of the self-styled master of magnetism. Forrester teamed up with the mutant soldier from the future named Cable, and Senyaka was seemingly killed once more in the ensuing battle.

After this battle, Senyaka appeared in London and founded the gang known as The Acolytes for unknown reasons. He has been active in the criminal underworld for nearly 2 years now and the Acolytes have been in constant conflict with other gangs in London.


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