Patricia Tilby

A Reporter for the WHiH News Network


Name: Patricia Tilby
Age: 31
Birthdate: December 2nd, 1984

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Height: 5’4"
Weight: 125
Citizenship: American
Race: White
Marital Status: Single

Trish came into the world of the X-Men when she began investigating X-Factor, who at the time were masquerading as mutant hunters. With help from Mystique, she uncovered Angel’s financial backing of X-Factor Inc. and broke the story to the public. Later, she reported on X-Factor’s victory over Apocalypse, and began to fall in love with Beast. Eventually, the two began a tumultuous relationship.

Trish’s ethical duty to search for the truth began to clash with the X-Teams shroud of secrecy, even if both shared a common goal of human-mutant co-existence. Their different ideologies conflicted when Trish reported on Moira MacTaggart becoming the first human infected with the Legacy Virus. Beast saw this as betrayal that resulted in a rise in anti-mutant sentiment, and dumped Trish. The two reconciled after Hank was kidnapped by Dark Beast. They broke up a while later because of career moves that separated the two.

She took a job at WHiH News Network and reports on their 8pm show.

Patricia Tilby

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