Rock hero


F In 40
A In 40
S Gd 10
E Rm 30
R Ty 5
I Gd 10
P Pr 4/ Ty 5
P Fb 2

Health 120
Karma 38
Popularity 0
Resources Remarkable

Heat Sn 60
-Heat Aura: 40E/10P/20dmg
Resistance: Cold Uc 45
Resistance: Heat Sn 60
Geoforce SN 60
Armor Skin IN 40

Resist Domination
Sleight of Hand



Name: Aurelian Adams
Age: 27
Height: 6’2’
Weight: 300
Nationality: Romanian
Marital Status: Single

He grew up in a very rural area of Romania kind of secluded as a mutant his family kept me out of the general population due to prejudice early on. His parents (Rolof and Marie) still live in rural area but i send them money now so they can live as comfortably as they choose. I did not learn how to develop and control my powers until I was in my early 20s. I recently figured out how to use his powers to gain wealth in his homeland of Romania. He uses his powers to both find and extract oil and energy related business. However he reached the top of that industry fairly quickly within Romania and decided to try to find other places to exploit his powers to gain more fortune that also had more benefits in the tax category, and has 4 plants now in Ireland (Galway, Dublin, Cork, Belfast). I am wanting to try to join a group of heroes to also put my powers to good use but have not made any contacts yet. Currently living just outside of Limerick.


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