A hero to meet any match.



Health: 80
Karma: 150
Resources: POOR
Popularity: 15 (Mirrormatch) / 0 (Jaden)

Fighting: EX
Agility: RM
Strength: GD
Endurance: EX
Reason: IN
Intuition: EX
Psyche: AM
Appearance: IN

Artist: Piano. Comes in handy when he plays at the bar.
Attractive: Jaden is insanely beautiful for how he lives his life. He does not stress much over this mystery, although that may be a contributor in itself.
Seduction: Jaden is a natural flirt, and fickle to a fault. But, this only gives him an advantage when he needs to get something (or someone).
Martial Arts D: Jaden is gifted in the martial arts only to the extent that he knows exactly when and where to strike. What he lacks in natural strength and offensive capabilities, he more than makes up for in his ability to read his opponents and sniff out what makes them tick. This style of fighting pairs well with his power to emulate or counter a foe’s own strengths.
Acrobatics: Jaden was always known for his balance and grace, and this was only nurtured by his martial arts training.
Tumbling: When you can’t fly, you learn how to fall…

Chameleon Mail: (GD Body Armor) His natural exoskeleton, which reacts to the energies around him. It is the physical manifestation of his cosmic soul — in other words, it is how Jaden would look if his body had bathed in the same energies that his spirit did when it traversed into the Plane of Power. The armor is more of a second skin that Jaden can call upon at will.

It changes colors based on the types of energies that Jaden projects. For example, if he were to use his powers on the Incredible Hulk and imitate his gamma radiation-induced strength, then the Chameleon Mail would turn as green as the Hulk’s skin. Whether this is done unconsciously by Jaden himself or if it is an automatic process is a mystery.

(Nemesis SN)
Mirrormatch has the ability to witness and mimic powers based on the energies being generated around him. The upper limits of this power has not yet been tested, though he is able to both replicate and counter his foe’s abilities. This fact alone makes Jaden an incredibly dangerous opponent in one-on-one encounters.

Mirrormatch’s biggest weakness is, as one might imagine, foes who have no special abilities or powers. In such cases, Mirrormatch must rely on his regular fighting abilities and skills.


Flamboyant and caustic, Mirrormatch loves nothing more than serving someone else their own medicine, whether or not he uses his sharp tongue or power replicating and countering ability to do it. He laughs in the face of authority, but never holds back against an opponent. He is no fool, and will not underestimate an opponent based on their looks or seemingly weak abilities.


Mirror prefers to work alone, as his fellow supers are not his biggest fans anyway. He’s famous (infamous, if you’re in the super community) for dropping in on other heroes in the middle of their fights, either imitating their strengths or their foe’s weaknesses, and robbing them of their glory. Why does he do this? For kicks, mostly. That, and people can always stand to be knocked down a few pegs. Beyond what he considers “fun”, Mirrormatch generally works as a top dollar “assassin”, specializing in bringing super powered foes singlehandedly. Although he obviously does not kill his targets, his methods have been criticized as…radical, by some.

Many young people love Mirrormatch as a symbolic figure of rebellion and resistance, though the older crowd who grew up with Captain America find him to be a disruptive renegade. Some even consider him a villain. However, nearly everyone in the superhero community is wary of Mirrormatch, and often nervous about what the unpredictable trickster will do next. His very presence invokes discomfort and vigilance among his fellow heroes, who are always cautious for any PR stunts he might pull next to humble the upper echelons of society in the eyes of the common people — no matter the consequence.

Mirrormatch wears his Chameleon Mail, which changes color based on the kind of energy he mimics at any given time.



Real Name: Jaden Vigoor
Age: 24
Nationality: UK
Hometown: Southampton
Current Residence: London


The world is full of people on pedestals — those who think themselves elevated higher than anyone else. Jaden Vigoor detests those kinds of people. But despite how hard he tried, life never dealt him the hand he needed to find any sense of agency to fulfill himself. He lived life in the dregs, working by the numbers and living by the hour. He had no real talents beyond working hard and mouthing off to authority figures — two very unfortunate equalizers to the other when it came to career advancement.

As Jaden left college days behind him and entered this rut, he slowly fell into a deep depression, until he stopped leaving the house altogether. He wanted so badly to escape from here, to be anywhere and do anything else than what he was doing.

So he did! Or rather, his soul did. Jaden had felt such detachment from his life that he unconsciously managed to project his soul from his body, escaping into an entirely different dimension. Not that Jaden really noticed that his soul was missing; he wasn’t using it much, anyway.

One day, a nice eldritch lady from beyond the cosmos paid him a visit in his crummy apartment, bearing an iridescent light in hand. She had come to return Jaden’s soul to him. Apparently, it had bathed in cosmic energies in her realm. She mentioned that the soul was now too powerful to be housed in a mortal shell and that it would destroy him, but that if he could handle it, would grant him unfathomable power. Really, though, she just made that up to entice Jaden. She just wanted to see what would happen to him. But really, Jaden was never good at anything despite his best efforts — which were considerable, even by normal human standards. He did not desire power. Not really. But, a soul is a soul, and it belonged to him. So, he took it back into himself, and didn’t feel a thing, much to the cosmic woman’s disappointment.

At least, he didn’t feel it at first. But slowly, he began to emanate strange energies — the very same his benefactor radiated in front of him. The woman’s eyes went wide, and she finally made her introduction as Zirtonys, intracosmic femme fatale and cat burglar of fine infinities. She feeds off energy to survive, and her tastes are expensive. Having dipped into a (quite private) reservoir of the universe’s energy reserves, she came across Jaden’s soul before being discovered by near omnipotent beings who were none-too-pleased for her trespassing. Now, she was on the lamb again, but drawn to the soul’s owner.

Jaden shrugged his shoulders and was grateful, despite having nothing to give in return for her kindness. Zirtonys just laughed, and said that Jaden’s very soul is now one with this infinite reservoir — and he himself a shortcut to it. In exchange for the soul, Zirtonys would come back to recharge her energy in between her grand heists across the universe. Jaden asked what that would entail, but the details he gleaned in her answer were far too risque to mention here. Beyond that, however, Zirtonys didn’t really care what Jaden did with his power, so long as she had a place to crash and reserves to use.

So Jaden got superpowers and a roommate that day. Who also probably could double as a girlfriend. But more importantly, he now had some agency in his life — the power to make a difference in the world around him. A chance he would not squander…


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