An Uneasy Superhero



Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Excellent
Endurance: Excellent
Health: 90

Reason: Amazing
Intuition: Monstrous (Unearthly for Initiative)
Psyche: Remarkable
Appearance: Typical (dead sexy)
Karma: 150 (starting)

Resources: $40,000 (potential to go to million; stipend from Master’s program and reserve Avenger status)


Student (grants him quick study of other talents)
Martial Arts E, Acrobatics
WP Master, Marksman, WP Specialist: Throwing Knives
Business, Psychiatry
Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Computers
First Aid


Frank Bastion
Jacob Taylor (deceased)
Seth (current employer)
Stellianos Hadjiyannis
Tycho (Ertannu) (works for as a medical assistant)

Avengers (reserve member)


Molecular Creation: Monstrous
Body Resistance: Remarkable
Self-Duplication: Spectacular

  1. 4D (a transforming demon with time puns, loosely based on Tycho)
  2. David (cheery rough and tumble sort)
  3. Machina (slightly passive, believes in machines)
  4. Hydragyrum (not big on combat)
  5. Amphetamine (wears ornate clothes, hangs in the back, copy of Eryn)
  6. Citadel (a stoic copy of The Humbler)
  7. Necropsy (a darker version of Autopsy)
  8. Jacob (an avatar for his deceased mentor “Jacob Taylor”, with more insight)
  9. Ian (whimsical and over confident)
  10. Zee (copy of Captain Ultra/America)
  11. Blithe (lazy, but aggressive)
  12. Ire (angry, but lazy)
  13. Hubris (vain and narcissistic)
  14. Hank (lustful and passionate)
  15. The Famine (gluttonous and without restraint)
  16. The Merc (is very jealous and is constantly complaining about his financial situation)
  17. Apathy (can’t get invested in much)
  18. Mr. Virtue (chaste and believes in purity)
  19. Mr. Gray (patient beyond belief)
  20. Mr. Ben (loves charity and donating
  21. Mr. Percy (won’t stop, no matter the cost)
  22. Mr. Id (confident without cockiness)
  23. Mr. Leo (extremely brave and courageous)
  24. Mr. Samadhi (a wisdom filled combination of all the Mr. identities)
  25. Vengeance (anti-hero: I’m the hero this city deserves, but not the one it needs)
  26. Father (got any good dad jokes; believes in justice, based on Seth)
  27. Mother (his only feminine clone, and is nurturing)
  28. Smith (a guy with a desire to build)
  29. The Unknown (a mysterious personality who is neither here nor there)
  30. Soldier (a fighter who won’t go down)
  31. Ozy (an evil personality who dislikes the hero Mercury)

Name: Geoffery “David” Black
Alias: Mercury (10 popularity)

Height: 6 ft. (1.82 m)
Weight: 160 lbs. (72.72 kg)

Hair: N/A (seems incapable of growing hair)
Eyes: Jet black (on close inspection, his eyes are swirling pools of this color; intuition of EX or higher to notice)

Blood Type: B-
Date of Birth: 3 November 1989 (26 years old)

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado
Ethnicity: Caucasian-mixture

Useless Trivia:
Likes: Amateur science, the Colorado Mammoths, classical music
Dislikes: Supervillians (especially the Juggernaut), authentic mexican food (but likes “tex-mex”), The Nutcracker


Born to parents Jordan and Danielle, the young Geoffery lived an unassuming childhood. Grew to be an amicable boy and had a couple of friends, including his best friend David. He was an avid reader, and showed aptitude towards academics, chemistry in particular. He did not enjoy outdoor or physical pursuits as much as other little boys, but he fondly remembers his father taking him to see a Colorado Mammoths game when he was seven years old. He was constantly investigating things around the house, and his best birthday memory was his ninth when his parents got him an amateur science kit. He spent hours on end “playing” with it, is what outside observers saw, but to the young Geoffery he was exploring the depths of the Universe. His life was remarkably uneventful until the spring of his twelfth year.

A mere six months before his thirteenth birthday, Geoffery and his parents were on a family camping trip in the mountains northwest of their hometown of Pueblo. When Geoffery, as often as these stories go, stumbled off into a cave by himself. Rather uncharacteristically of the young boy, but hormones and the strange callings of a vibrating hum can make people do strange things. The “device” Geoffery came upon in that small cave was something straight out of a movie. Full of crystals, it emitted a vibrating noise, a strange odor, and a light of black. Despite the darkness of the cave, Geoffery had no issues seeing the details and outlines of the object. In a quick turnaround of the serene events of the cave, a bomb exploded somewhere nearby in the mountain, and things went south in a flash for the young explorer. He found himself floating upside down, with hundreds of needles piercing his flesh, a sensation akin to a saw running along his spinal column, and a chisel being hammered into his skull. Then in the same breath, he was surrounded by darkness, and the emptiness of the cave. The device had vanished, and the darkness of the cave began to envelope him, or it was his mind finally giving way to the pain.

He awoke and faded in and out of consciousness for a time seeing loved ones, including his parents, strangers, people who did not seem human, and his best friend David. He finally woke in a hospital bed surrounded by strangers, all of them looking either concerned or with pity for him. He had been in a medical coma for three months, and the sole survivor of an attack that claimed three hundred and sixty lives, including his parents, by some “notorious super villain”. The descriptions of the events became a blur to Geoffery. The doctors couldn’t explain the coma, because otherwise he was completely healthy. They attributed his survival to being in the cave and his peak physical fitness. It was a bitter sentiment, and he could care less.

The next several years became a blur. He was put into foster care, and had good foster parents who loved him and prodded him to succeed. After the event as he called it, scholarly pursuits became infinitely easier. Learning became one of his primary pursuits. Learning about the workings of the universe, what exactly had happened to him, and what he was now capable of doing and becoming. He realized fairly quickly that the device, or something else, changed him in that cave. He was more resilient, smarter, could sense things that only seemed possible in science fiction. Despite his lack of physical experience he was far more capable now. He was in near peak physical conditioning for a human by his sixteenth birthday. He kept the majority of these abilities hidden, including his favorite new talent. Geoffery could now create substances out of thin air. It was this last ability that allows him his income, although he restrains from using it too frequently for this purpose because it may attract unwanted attention. Geoffery took his time with school, partly because he wanted to avoid too much attention, but often times people with extraordinary abilities cannot go unnoticed.


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