Gaelic Guardian

Irish Superhuman


F: Sn 60
A: In 40
S: Un 100
E: Sp 70
R: Ex 20
I: Rm 30
P: Ex 20
A: Gd 10

Health: 270
Karma: 80
Popularity: 85 (Ireland)/40

Body Armor: Rm/Ex
Regeneration: Am
Hyper Leaping: Un

Weapon Specialist: Spear, Finance (2CS), Computers (2CS), Detective, Electronics, Martial Arts B, Sharp Weapons

Lanthanoid, Heroes of Ireland


Name: Unknown
Age: 37, January 20th, 1978
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 260
Citizenship: Irish
Marital Status: Single

The Gaelic Guardian is a native hero to Ireland. He’s been active in Dublin for a number of years now and he’s held an important role in keeping the city safe. He’s still keeping the city safe and is the main protector of Dublin.

The ever friendly Gaelic Guardian is still protecting Dublin and managed to help the citizens of the city even during Kang’s Invasion of the island. He frequently teams up with Autopsy in recent days and has been rumored to have turned down an invitation to the EU team.

Gaelic Guardian

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