Cincinnati based dabbler in the Dark Arts and full time Paranormal Detective



Fighting: 40 In – 2 Attacks
Agility: 50 Am
Strength: 40In
Endurance: 30 Rm
Reason: 20 Ex
Intuition: 20 Ex
Psyche: 20 Ex
Appearance: 5 Ty


Darkforce Manipulation Lv. 60:
Darkforce Bolt – X
Darkforce Burst – X
Darkforce Black Philip – X
Darkforce Dome – I
Shadow Casting Lv. 40 – PS
Shadowcast Stage 5 Clinger – X
Shadowshaping – X
Shadow Vision – X
Shadow Spies – I

Regeneration Lv. 30:
3 points of health per round

Enlargement Lv. 5:
Enlarge objects 3x size

Health: 150
Karma: 385
Resources: 300$
Popularity: 3


Fighting: Martial Arts B – Muay Thai +1CS to unarmed attacks

Professional: Detective +1CS to discover clues

Mystic: Occult Lore +1CS to reason feats


Base of Operations

Homeless, currently


Costume – HelmTech: Retractrable Dome style helmet with HUD capabilities (STAT read outs, web search) Bullet-proof plexiglass.
The helm retracts into a wearable belt for civilian disguise.

Beta Cloth suit

Armor Bracelet (Optional) – EX 20 damage reduction vs everything. It increases your punching power by 1 rank and reduces your agility by -3CS. Hit with 40 Incredible and doing 45 Uncanny damage. Easier to hit with ranged attack with Fantastic 35 agility.

Ride – Ducati XDiavel S with a compartment for cloak storage.


Hero Name: Force

Actual Name: ???


Cyberpunk-ish cloak that is an updated model of my idol’s, Doctor Strange, as well as my HelmTech retractable Helmet.

Do I have any enemies?

Sure…no cool ones though. I’d love it if Doc Doom would hit up Twitter and be like, “You know what, fuck Force…he’s a real dick.”

Age: ?

Blood Type: O -

Height: 6’ 2"

Weight: 193 Pounds

Hometown: Cinci


Davie Alric, P.h.D – Professor of Alternative Religions and Histories at Cambridge. A friend from another life who occasionally provides knowledge of all things mythological, as well as a safe house and a great cup of espresso.

Officer Bud Ginney – Slacker, former Cincinnati beat cop who works the archives desk now. He’s a good ole boy who likes the way I treat the scum around these parts. He’s good for info on police movement, criminal cases and police database info.

Skeez – Former touring bassist for “Wolves in the Throne Room”, now a denizen of the Cinci underworld. He keeps his shit clean most of the time. He’s a hacker who works for hire, highly addicted to pain pills. I saved his life at a concert once and now he acts as an informant.

Shaman – Bad ass Bitch

People significant to me:

Aleister Crowley – The Grand Duke of Weird.

Dr. Strange – Man-Crush, I’m a total wannabe.

Iggy Pop – Master of Disaster.

The Band “Behemoth” – Lead singer praised Satan for curing his Leukemia…that’s Metal.

David Bowie – May he rest in peace. He taught me to be me, the weird and the beautiful.

Johnny Bench – I mean come on, self- explanatory. Big Red Machine, hands down greatest squad that ever dirtied the field of play.

This is the song that plays in my earbuds as I cobra punch you in the throat. Bon Apetite.

Force’s Journals


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