Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg)

Master Wizard


Fighting Ex-20
Agility Ex-20
Strength Gd-10
Endurance Rm-30
Reason Ex-20
Intuition Ex-20
Psyche Mn-90
Appearance Gd-10

Health 80
Karma 135
Resources Ex-20
Popularity S-20 I-40

Karma Bank – 700
Karma Pool – 260

Abilities (New Spells Cost 1,000 Karma)

Counterspell In-40

Spells (12 areas-LOS)

Levitation Am-50
Shield Individual Sn-60
Astral Projection Mn-90
Transformation/Metal-Mineral In-40
Density/Control Self In-40
Alteration Bone In-40
Admittance In-40
Telekinesis: Fn-35 Feats: (T. Wave) (T. Explosion) (T. Grapple)

Eldritch Crystals Am-50
Nature-Water In-40
Teleportation: Am-50
Forgetfulness: Am-50
Enchantment In-40
Trap AM-50
Telekinesis: Sp-70 Feats: (T. Wave) (T. Explosion) (T. Grapple)

Vishanti (Sp 70)
Munnopor (Am 50)
Faltine (Am 50)
Disguise: Mn 90
Dimensional Aperture: Sp 70

Servant(Am 50) – Leviatha (water elemental)(Fades slowly when not home)

  • Fighting Am-50/IN
  • Agility Am-50/IN
  • Strength Am-50/IN
  • Endurance Am-50/IN
  • Reason Gd-10
  • Intuition Gd-10
  • Psyche IN-40
  • Appearance Ty-5
  • Health 200/160
  • Karma 65
  • Telepathy (40IN)
  • Shape-Shift (40IN)
  • Gramarye (40IN)

All other spells at the rank of Excellent

Scholar of Antiquities 3
Detective/Espionage 2
Mystic Background 1
Occult Lore 1
Ice Skating 1
Blunt Weapons 1
Acrobatics 1
Atlantean Lore 1
Languages- Atlantean, English

Contacts: Atlantieans, Namor, Dr. Strange, Humbler, American Museum of Natural History, Seth, Celestia, Shooting Star, Avengers, X-men, Alpha Flight, EU Team, Excalibur, Carnaxa Lillie (Former Master, Atlantean)
*Reserve Avenger

Equipment: Silver Rounds,
Mystic Armor(Eldritch Blast (IN), Flight (RM), Ex vs. Physical, Gd vs. Energy)
Silver staff-Shift 150, Spell Tongues (50 AM) Greater Shield (90 MN)


Name: Timothy Weiseberg
Age: 43, December 10th, 1977
Height: 5’8" /5’11" (In armor)
Weight: 135
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blues
Citizenship: British
Martial Status: Single
Occupation: Archaeologist

Has access to all energies.
I was trained by the Atlanteans after I discovered an ancient artifact and they decided I was worthy to be their understudy after I demonstrated control over their artifact. I learned magic from them for two years.
Personallity- Happy, Relaxed, Lawful
Entity- Munnopor- By the moonlit veil of Munnopor vast haven of the meek.
The artifact- I found it off the coast of Florida in an uncharted underwater cave while being given a tour of some ruin. I saw it half buried by sand and it stood out to me. It seemed normal to the guide, who said it was fine if I took it as a souvenir. After I inspected it more closely it seemed to stay wet even after time out of the water. I held the conch up to my ear and I felt it tugging at my mind. I felt it trying to enter my mind, but I resisted and finally conquered the shell. I passed our promptly after the mental struggle.
When I woke up I was in a strange room, it was dry but I could tell it was underwater. The building was made out of what appeared to be crystal and there were people who looked for the most part human. One of the two by the door spoke to the other and he swam away. Not long after he returned and had another one with him.

Newcomer: Where did you find the Conch of the Ocean?! #He lifted me from the ground by my shirt#
Me: I found it off the coast in Florida, it was in an underwater cave.
Newcomer: My name is Namor and I am the ruler of this realm, and this artifact was stolen from us 50 years ago. I will have my wizards question you, and if I find out that you lied to me… you will pay!

I was questioned by the wizards and they took a liking to me instantly. After the questioning was over they asked Namor to allow them to teach me the ways of the Atlanteans. I studied their language and history for 6 months before they allowed me to study magic with them. I studied with them for another 1.5 years before I was given approval by my master , Carnaxa Lillie, to be a wizard on my own.
Friends: Abby Absher (Gorda National Survalence Unit)
Andrew Barnagy (Accountant)
Friendly Rival: Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.

Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg)

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