Dr. Tomorrow

Working damn hard at looking careless.


F AM 50
A SN 60
S RM 30
E IN 40
R EX 20
I RM 30
P GD 10
A EX 20

Health: 175
Popularity: 18
Resources: FN 35

immortality (GD 10)
Metallic Body Armor (RM 30 / EX 20 Energy)
Molecular Conversion (EX 20)
Magnetism (AM 50)
– flight (-2 cs)
– metal particles scatter-blast 5
– magnetic force field 4
– non-ferrous metal 7
– levitate others 2
– trapping w/ metal 1
- detect metal
- metal avatar
- drop shell 1

Oriental weapons
First aid

SHIELD – Commander Dave Johnson
Dr. Strange
European Defense Initiative

Magic Potential
Financial Resources


Note: Dr. Tomorrow’s backstory is based upon the continuity of Conan, The Barbarian (a Marvel property from the 1970s through the 1990s).

What Dr. Tomorrow does not recall

Approx. 10,000 BC: The Hyborean Age

Thoth Amon, a prominent Stygian wizard, endows himself with near immortality and other strange powers in a quest for domination of the civilized world. After a crushing defeat that turned the very god Set against him, he fled, ultimately settling across the world, centuries later, in Kusan (see map: http://hyboria.xoth.net/maps/vd_hyborian_age_full.jpg), where he established a small kingdom on an uncivilized island east of the mainland and ruled with an iron fist.

Approx. 8,000 BC: The early days of Thoth Amrow

Bored of his long life and seeking meaning/continuity, Thoth Amon sires a son from a Hyperborean slave girl. He names the child Thoth Amrow and imbues him with strange magics in order to create an heir that is, in many respects, innately superior to him. Young Amrow is imbued with true immortality, resilient skin, mastery over metal objects, and innate alchemy-related abilities.

Rather than being trained to follow in his father’s footsteps, Thoth Amon trains him to be a warrior who can defend Amon and his kingdom. For several hundred years, the two rule pre-historic Japan together.

Amrow, learning too well from the sinister and amoral code of his father, launches a coup and manages to kill Thoth Amon with a magic sword, which he then has melted down to insure it is never used against him.

Amrow assumes the throne but lacks the skill and wisdom to run a kingdom, and the empire slowly crumbles due to warring factions within the kingdom. Disgraced, Amrow flees to the country, aimlessly wandering from village to village, often tormenting innocents for sheer pleasure as legends about him spread like wildfire.

He eventually tires of this and, combined with a deep sense of loneliness and purposelessness, decides to settle down in a small farming village and live an honest life. He maintains this lifestyle for several hundred years.

Approx. 7000 BC to Approx. 1500 AD

Feeling wanderlust, Amrow travels back to the mainland and wanders from as far north as what is now Russia to as far south as what is now Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he finds love for the first time, sires a family, and lives contentedly for over a hundred years. However, upon realizing that everyone he once cared about is now dead, his family name lost to history, Amrow wanders back to Japan in search of a place that again makes sense.

In Japan, Amrow once again opts to live among the farming villages, travelling from one to the next, but no longer with any desire to inflict harm. Instead, he connects with others in his travels, settles from time to time, learns various trades, and moves again as whim takes him.

Approx. 1600 AD

As farming communities come under attack by the continued expansion of The Shogun’s empire, Amrow becomes ensnared in a network of ninja and is a prominent freedom fighter, striking significant blows to push back the Shogunate away from the farming communities. Most of his original warrior training entirely lost to him, Amrow learns fighting techniques all over again, becomes a master of Japanese weaponry, and learns to remaster the powers he had long since left dormant.

Many years later, as European traders began visiting Japan, some inevitably took note of the white-skinned peasant amidst a sea of Japanese. Thoth Amrow takes up with some of the traders in search of new adventure and ends up in Hong Kong once again.

What Dr. Tomorrow vaguely recalls:

Approx. 1650 to 1839

Amrow spends many years residing in Hong Kong as a merchant and affiliate of the British Crown. After a century of this, he has mastered the language and customs so well that he can conceal not being British by birth and enjoys the privileges of The Crown while working in Hong Kong. However, at the start of the Opium Wars, he accepts an opportunity to relocate to Britain and leave The East behind him, owning shares in a company that does the work for him in Hong Kong while he is comfortably away from it all..

1839 to 1900

By this point, he is using “Tothemrow” as his sir name and often goes by “John” with his associates. Having earned a reasonable sum from the trading company, he is able to settle comfortably and lives a privileged life for many years before he begins to concern himself with the long term view. He creates a fictitious heir, Thomas Rowe, who will inherit his estate when he dies and, soon after, fakes his own death so that his longevity is not eyed with too much suspicion by either the government or the social circles in which he travels.

What Dr. Tomorrow recalls vividly:


Thomas Rowe is “born” and, using the opportunity to break out of the norm and seek a new life for himself, he studies medicine at the University of Cambridge and, shy of neither finances nor time, seeks further medical degrees at institutions across the country.

By 1930, Rowe holds six medical degrees and holds a tenured teaching position at the University of Cambridge (where he began). Shortly after, he joins the war effort, is recruited by SHIELD, and plays a vital role in developing the Allied Super Soldier Serum, much of his research driven by knowledge gained after examining elements of his own DNA. He becomes a darling of the British press, and the name “Dr. Tomorrow” is coined. At this point, he legally changes his name to “Thomas Morrow” in order to further own the moniker.


Following World War II, Morrow again seeks a quieter life, enjoying his role as an irreverent cad among affluent British society, even as the economic drain of the Post War days sets in.


Morrow gives up his teaching position and slowly backs further and further away from practicing medicine, initially only continuing to see the wealthiest of clients and, then, even turning them away, only taking on clients that pose true mysteries or otherwise offer a break from the monotony of his comfortable lifestyle. He is occasionally called upon by SHIELD for delightfully distracting missions, but rarely for long. Boredom continues to set in.


It soon becomes evident that the new SHIELD director has no need of Morrow. As his days as a jet-setting public superhero begin to look numbered, Morrow begins working on his empathy, consciously struggling to CARE about his patients (something that never came naturally to him) simply as a means of making his life interesting again as it lends real stakes to the work he is doing as a doctor.

Dr. Strange also seeks him out around this point, having been perplexed by the strong amount of dark magic seemingly built into Morrow. Strange spends a great deal of time studying him but is ultimately unable to determine anything substantial. The two maintain an occasional friendship as each views the other as both fascinating and delightful company. They never actually work together in the field.

Dr. Tomorrow, now a dwindling public celebrity, no longer feels the need to conceal his immortality. It is well understood that he is over 100 years old and not aging, though the fact that Morrow cannot be killed is not as widely understood.


Morrow’s life becomes increasingly private. No longer remembered by most of the general public, he throws himself further into his work, never seeing run-of-the-mill patients, but continuing to accept mysterious cases and also furthering his own research on regenerative properties and life extension — all research derived from continuing to analyze his own mysterious genetic makeup. Though no longer on the public’s radar, he develops an infamy within the medical world; most respect his constant innovations in the field, but most also resent him and find him arrogant and amoral.


The London Bombings occur. Morrow. intrigued by the departure from the norm, offers his medical assistance and, for the first time, finds himself deeply disturbed by the empathy he has been working to develop for those he treats. The experience is too much for him and leaves him calling everything into question. He is left with a nagging sense that the life he has lived up to this point has been a mistake. For the first time, he becomes fascinated with looking back and asking himself who he once was; how he came to be so innately immoral a person.

From this point forward, Morrow begins to reconsider his personal moral code and becomes truly interested in the idea of what it means to be “good,” though he would never consciously admit to himself that he was experiencing a moral crisis and change of heart. He is, however, consciously aware of his new obsession with the past and begins consulting various specialists on the issue of memory retrieval.

While he is not able to formulate full memories, he is able to piece together impressions of his martial arts training and privately begins seeking out new masters to guide him on rekindling those skills. After eight years of intensive study in a variety of martial arts techniques, Morrow is no expert, but he has become an adept fighter, and has rediscovered his powers, which had long since fallen into disuse to the extent that he was only vaguely aware he had them.

He also studies his own financial history and ultimately discovers that he came to Britain from Hong Kong.


Dr. Morrow arrives in Hong Kong for an indefinite stay with no clear purpose in mind beyond seeking to rekindle lost memories and to determine what he is. Before he gets very far, he is abducted by aliens.

Several months later, on a world inhabited by Celestials, Morrow gains a metallic outer shell that, with practice, he can shed and (in the process) shed his powers and abilities. Morrow begins to wonder if he is finally capable of death.


Dr. Tomorrow returns to Earth and gains new notoriety after assisting in the defeat of The Incredible Hulk. Immediately afterwards he fakes his own death and assumes the legal identity of Amos Wright, leading the general public to believe that the metallic Dr. Tomorrow is an entirely new hero unrelated to the old one so that he can live comfortably as Amos Wright without having to worry about super villains showing up at his home when he is off duty.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Tomorrow, he begins teaching at Seth’s school.


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