An Electric Villain with an Axe to Grind



Electrical Control

Weapon Specialist


Name: Narcissa Scott
Birthday: April 2nd, 1996
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 110
Citizenship: British

Narcissa had a relatively good life growing. Her parents made decent money, but they weren’t kind to those that were different. When she realized that she had become more “in tune” with the electronics around her, she knew her parents would never accept her. She was always a little bullheaded, but never prone to fantasy. She ran away that night.

She spent weeks with homeless folks, doing whatever she had to stay alive, she was never without power for her phone though. She could charge it almost instantly. Twenty missed calls, that’s how many calls from her parents she got before they gave up. She thought it was a good number. She wondered if they even really missed her after that, she never saw anything on the news. Only the really pretty girls got on the news when they went missing. In the alleyways she met Harriette. Her skin was dark green with warts and she found out later that she had a frog-like tongue. They were both outcasts and quickly bonded on that, actually more than that, Narcissa fell in love with Harriette. She made her feel like she was beautiful and encouraged her talents. Nobody had really done that before, not even her parents, the only thing they ever wanted to do was send her to martial arts training, which she was in fact very good at.

They were napping together one day in an abandoned building, when tragedy struck. People came crashing through the building they were in burying Harriette and Narcissa in a pile of rubble. Narcissa managed to get out, but a large slab of cement laid over Harriete, she desperately tried to lift the walls off of her, but could not. Harriette died there, with Narcissa holding her one exposed hand, she felt one final squeeze and knew she was gone.
Narcissa was distraught. For months she cried herself to sleep and her resentment for the “heroes” of Battersea grew. Then one day she heard about the death of Wyvern, one of the superhumans that had been present for the destruction of her life. She knew then that the time for grieving was over, and that the time for revenge was finally here, and knew that Big along with the Castra Nostra was her ticket to emotional freedom.


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