Delilah Wester

A fun loving mage with a dark past


F: 30 (Remarkable)
A: 20 (Excellent)
S: 10 (Good)
E: 20 (Excellent)
R: 30 (Remarkable)
I: 5 (Typical)
P: 40 (Incredible)
A: 20 (Excellent)

Health: 80
Karma: 1230

Chaos Magic -
Conjuring: Incredible
Bands: Incredible
Luck: Remarkable
Vapors-Obscurity: Remarkable
Forgetfulness: Remarkable

Order Magic -
Eldritch Bolt: Incredible
Shield: Incredible
Telepathy: Remarkable
Nature Control, Earth: Remarkable

Mystic Origin
Occult Lore

The Eye of Gaia
Shaman Pelt (Earth Control, Illusion, RM)


Name: Delilah Wester
Age: 23, Unknown Birthday
Height: 5’8
Weight: 125
Nationality: British
Marital Status: Single

A child of Ankrah, like her other siblings Delilah was born during her mother’s adventures into the past. It was eventually discovered that she was the child of Dr. Tomorrow, who had a liaison with Ankrah in the past he cannot remember.

Much of Delilah’s childhood is unknown, even to herself, as her mother would constantly wipe years of memories from her mind in an experiment to create the ‘perfect’ daughter. Her upbringing resulted in a the rise of an amoral young women who saw nothing wrong with hurting or even killing others.

When Ankrah returned to the present she left Delilah in the care of her elder sister Ebony and her brother Lucas, in a south korean hideout used by the then rogue Wyvern. Uninterested in their schemes and bored Delilah left during the night to attack random citizens with her demonic summons. However before she was able to hurt anyone she was confronted by the powerful shaman Tako Shamara, the Dragon Lord. When he saw the evil mage he had been hunting was just a confused scared young women he offered to help her, and after a few more engagements eventually managed to convince Delilah to come home with him. He was even able to offer his protection to her sister Ebony, who accepted and started a new civilian life.

Ever since Delilah has been learning more about the world and what it means to be good, finding genuine joy in helping and saving others from harm. Recently she has been studying under the master mage Clea and helping her fight off magical threats, whilst occasionally playing mischievous pranks on her friends and loved ones. Her feelings on her mother are complicated, and it’s not completely known what she would do if she ever confronted her.

Delilah Wester

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