Adam Jenson

An Unknown American


F Unc 45/ Sp
A Rm 30
S Sp 70/Mn 90
E Sn 60
R Gd 10
I Rm 30
P Ty 5
A Ty 15

Health: 195

Damage Reduction: 55/35

Karma: 350

Powers: martial arts supremacy, Body armor, force field

Talents: Martial arts B, Martial arts F, Thrown objects, Military, Guns

Power Stunts: Force field ( expanding 3), turn off force field.

Contacts: U.S. Navy Admiral Roberts (seal team)

Equipment: S&W Pistol, Seth Gauntlets


Name: Adam Jensen
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200
Birthday: 3/21/1973
Citizenship: American, White
Marital Status: Single

Bio: Born to the Deviant race in Lemuria. He was kicked out of the city as a kid. He was found and raised by an American couple. At the age of 18 went and served in the Navy as a Navy Seal. Adam reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander before retiring from the Navy in June of 2015. From there he moved to London, England in September of 2015.

Adam Jenson

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