Marvel Superheroes

Warzone: Part 1

Cincinnati is Torn Apart by the Mechanizations of its Organized Crime

Date: August 10th, 2014

The heroes of Cincinnati are facing a deadly plots by various groups to claim Cincinnati as their own. The Kingpin is making another push for Cincinnati from the East Coast. The Maggia are trying to claim Cincinnati as their own and the “Invisible” Eleven as becoming quite visible. Well, kind of visible. This has resulted in a blood bath in the center of Cincinnati. Over the Rhine was the first battlefield in this war. The heroes Borg, Force, Gamma (Darrell Thornton), The Fog, Velocity Beam, and Waterfall fought a large contingent of thugs and gangsters working for the Kingpin and Maggia. The two groups also sent in a few superhuman enforcers (Kangaroo, Bison, The Russian, and Shocker) to provide superpowered support. The heroes were able to defeat them and as they were nearing victory, a member of the Eleven came onto the scene. He shot and nearly killed the Russian. Then battled the superheroes to they were pushed out of Over the Rhine. When the police went back through the area, all of the opposing gang members were gone and the superhumans were missing.

One other roadblock came up in this situation. The local news crew flew a helicopter to get a viedo of the gang violence and videotaped the superheroes fighting. Gamma had his armor destroyed in the battle, so he was videotaped without anything to hide his identity. The helicopter was brought down, and he recovered the tape, but at least two people are certain to know his identity. The first, Shocker and second the reporter from the helicopter.

After the battle, the heroes agree to form a team and work together to protect the city. Gamma volunteers to provide the resources they need.



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