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The Harbinger Incident

The Bringer of Destruction

Last session ended with the Harbinger shutting down the heart of a man on the street. The Harbinger, delighted with the results of the action decided to pursue further killing in the hopes of greater understanding. LaVelle Johnson AKA The Harbinger strolled down the street attempting to kill people at random as he passed by them. The Harbinger attracted police attention, but his spaced out killings (accidental) and his random path made him difficult to track. As a police car passed by, Harbinger used his powers to kill the driver. The other officer noticed, got out of the wrecked car and tried to arrest Harbinger, but Harbinger blasted him with plasma generation. This got the further attention of the police, but Harbinger had time to escape. Harbinger decided to fly away, but his control of his powers was lacking and he stood at the crime scene for nearly a minute. This delay was just enough time for the police to arrive in force. As they did, Harbinger decided to stay and fight.

The battle began. It was long. As waves of police fought valiantly, but futilely to stop the menace of Harbinger. Harbinger showed ever increasing mastery of his powers and mastery over the environment. The tides started to shift when B.C, Adam, and Wyvern arrived on scene. Wyvern confused debated what to do. BC and Adam lept into battle against Harbinger. A moment of sorrow was had for the nameless police officers as one officer asked another to tell his wife what transpired there. Though Harbinger was able to deceive the heroes that his constructs were not controlled by him and he was a victim. Harbinger had one of his constructs damage a nearby building, but thanks to a pep talk from BC, Officer Brent, was able to save them. Through this all Wyvern proved especially amiable to his lies and tried to rescue Harbinger from the scene of the massacre/battle. As she leapt away, Captain Britain came meteorically onto the scene crashing into the fleeing pair.

Harbinger, so as not to take the damage, tried to blast himself away from the wounded Wyvern.Wyvern saw the attack at the last second and dodged out of the way. They both landed with Captain Britain facing off against both of them. He looked at Harbinger and Wyvern and told them to surrender. Wyvern started to question it and Captain Britain began to respond when Harbinger released his focus attack which erupted a beam that barrelled into Captain Britain and destroyed a 4×7 block area of London. Wyvern dodged to the only place she could reach, behind Captain Britain, and managed to survive. Captain Britain survived, barely, as well from a direct hit (260+ damage) and quickly surveyed the scene in shock as Harbinger collapsed to the ground. In shock and sorrow, Captain Britain attacked the downed Harbinger and beat him to death with Harbinger realizing in his last moments that he was a robot and never was a human. Captain Britain, victorious but defeated collapsed to the ground in anguish and wept for the dead.

After such a catastrophic event, a short time skip took place for 3 weeks. The heroes spent their time rebuilding and gathering up their lives. A new hero, sponsored by the London Police department comes onto the scene and starts to fight crime. Her name is the Silver Syren. Her and Adam run into each other while they are both fighting a number of gang members, Adam is arrested, but goes willingly. Meanwhile, B.C. has been helping to rebuild and has an ominous dream. Wyvern faces the realization that she nearly helped a mass murderer escape and buries herself in the rebuilding work.

On the 1st of December, Wyvern is meets a member of the press, a Mr. Gardner. He gives her an envelope containing information on the gang activities in the city and leaves her. She goes and investigates one area where she runs into a superhuman fight between Black wing and the hero Hawk. Not knowing Hawk or Blackwing, she attempts to stop the fight to no avail. Silver Syren flies in and with the help of a victorious Hawk arrest Wyvern, but the two embarrassingly let the real villain escape. When Silver Syren returns to the area she meets up with Adam again who has captured Blackwing. After a talking to by the police, Wyvern is released and she returns to the are the next day And meets Hawk. Hawk apologizes and offers to team up against organized crime with Wyvern. The two decide to work together while Silver Syren tries to get Adam hired on the police force and to put together a superhero team.


Uh-oh, this doesn’t bode well for the super denizens of London.

What will they do?!

What can they do?!

The Harbinger Incident

He was lucky I didn’t finish him off

The Harbinger Incident

Actually, I should have dropped a few CS and fire blasted him. Probably would have taken physical damage but would have been poetic justice.

The Harbinger Incident

Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Wyvern 1

Wyvern 2

Silver Syren

The Harbinger Incident

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