Marvel Superheroes

Relative Peace and Quiet on Earth

Only Relatively Though

The heroes are able to enjoy their time taking care of loose ends while they are on Earth. The Question takes his leave from the group and heads back to the United States. The heroes ship is taken to Hamburg, Germany where Stellianos of the EDI works on it. Meanwhile, Dialectic returns to Hong Kong and gathers his things and gets a hold of his contacts. He gets one person to make a superhero costume for him. He contacts his order to keep them in touch and he makes a trade with his contacts in the Chinese Communist party to move Zugou de Houwei from the Hong Kong airport to the mainland. However, the two come into conflict with Captain UK. After a brief skirmish, they are able to escape, but not without suffering injuries. He then returns to the group in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, Mona and Dr. Tomorrow explore Earth culture. Dr. Tomorrow annoys Mona by continuously lying to her and she leaves him. They do meet up with a young woman, Nadia (Maybe?) who is a superhero as well. The three met when they came into conflict with a supervillain, Blackwing. Who they defeat without issue. Mona is able to track her down and the two wander around the city. Nadia lso comes across some criminal activities in her nightly patrol. She is overwhelmed by them though and escapes while alerting the police. Dr. Tomorrow also contacts Seth and the two talk about Dr. Tomorrow’s past. Seth also offers Dr. Tomorrow a temporary position at his school. Dr. Tomorrow accepts and takes a tour of the place.

When the group forms up again in Cambridge, they are alerted as a supervillain of enormous strength and invulnerability breaks into a Cambridge University lab and steals some equipment. The group, and their new friend are able to defeat the criminal with little difficulty.


Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Dr. Tomorrow

Relative Peace and Quiet on Earth

I think you made a typo:

“Dr. Tomorrow annoys Mona by continuously lying to her”

The sentence should read:

“Mona, displaying no sense of humor whatsoever, fails to appreciate Dr. Tomorrow’s natural charm and playfulness.”

Relative Peace and Quiet on Earth

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