Marvel Superheroes

Night Moves

Part 1

The heroes of this short story are Shooting Star and Black Cat. Shooting Star, now no longer working for SHIELD after the Initiative and SHRA, is a professional racer. She is in New York City for a road rally and is renting a penthouse apartment for a few months for her stay. In her luxurious apartment, she prepares for her day and flips on the news. The news says that a robbery has taken place at the MET. Shooting Star goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Black Cat is in a cab on her way to meet the Tinkerer. She is on her way back from her ex-husband’s home when she sees Shooting Star zip past in her convertible.

At the museum, Shooting Star meets the curator and offers to help. From the curator, Shooting Star learns that the stolen object was rumored to have magical properties. She heads out and goes to a diner where a ghost was spotted in the hopes that would be the lead needed. Black Cat after meeting the Tinkerer and testing out her new gadgets decides to further test them by investigating an appearance of a ghost at a diner. She arrives at the same diner as Shooting Star and her manager. When Shooting Star asks about the ghost, it scares some of the other diners into leaving and the owner talks to her in the kitchen. After some of the story is given, further questions are interrupted by thugs attacking the waitress/owner’s wife. The two heroes defeat the thugs, but the owner convinces them to let the thugs go because they might come back if they are arrested.

The two heroes take the information from the owner and go to the docks where the boat that the ghost mentioned is pulling away. Shooting Star makes her way out to it, but then Black Cat gets in a fight with ninjas alone. The fight goes badly quickly and then the random dock worker swoops in with some lucky shots which distracts the some of the ninjas causing the remaining ones to split up. Black Cat and Oliver the Dock Worker nearly win, but are both taken down. Shooting Star returns just in time to take out the remainder of the ninjas, but Black Cat is badly wounded and dying. Black Cat asks Shooting Star to look in on her kids sometime, just to make sure they are safe. Shooting star tries to stabilize her, but it’s so late that she may not be able to be saved. 50/50 roll. The roll goes well and Black Cat lives for the paramedics to whisk her away in an ambulance.



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