Marvel Superheroes

Multi-Dimensional Madness

Eryn's House Found! Oh, and Dr. Doom

  • August 12th- September 3rd, 2021

The group went about their daily lives. Delilah studied, Pangaea managed his business, Eryn though followed through on his promises. He pursued his house tracking it down to an alternate dimension and also rolled well on tracking the number of kids who left Latveria. Turns out they were not all sent back to their home countries. But Eryn led the group after his house first. The entered into a Nexus dimension, the Marine Vivarium. And tracked the house. Pangaea got separated and fell in the Archipelago of Anguish and redemption. Delilah and Eryn snuck past a giant blue wolf and literal giants and got to the house. The doubled back and then those two got split up and Eryn made it back and rescued Pangaea. Meanwhile, Daybreak tried to help, but failed her dimensional portal roll and went to Alfheim the land of the Light Elves which has been conquered by Malak, the brother of Delilah and the Enchantress. The Enchantress ordered her killed, Delilah attempted to rescue Daybreak but was stabbed to near death and chose unconsciousness. Daybreak grabbed Delilah and tried to escape from certain death and did by successfully teleporting away from Alfheim using her powers on their rainbow flower-bridge.

Everyone was back at Earth, so Eryn decided that Dr. Doom needed to know that he was a bad kidnapper and teleported thousands of letters of Latveria spreading that news to the citizens of Latveria. Dr. Doom didn’t care for Eryn’s continued threats and his subversion so he then blew up a section of the base and attacked the team.



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