Marvel Superheroes

Lord of the Flies Vanquished

Beelzebub vs Baphomet

  • August 12th-August 15th, 2021

The heroes defeat Beelzebub’s plans for the world and end their reign of terror.

When we last left our heroes, they had destroyed one of the five seals tying Beelzebub to Earth but alerted the evil sorcerer Tethra to their presence. He had summoned a great ball of black hellfire to rain upon our heroes and the Bartow lumber yard.

Thinking quickly, Force threw himself at the ferris wheel of human bodies and toppled it onto Tethra, pinning the vile man underneath. This had the intended effect of throwing off his aim, causing the hellfire orb to land wide of his targets and burn away on the ground. Force got a couple punches before fleeing from the horde of demons Tethra sent after him.

Meanwhile, Autopsy managed to snag the children among the crowd of brainwashed townsfolk and stashed them in the abandoned well where they would be out of harms way. He then made his way back to the lumber yard, slammed some demons with a telephone pole, then fled to find Force and the next seal.

Force did some investigating while avoiding roving bands of demons and ascertained that another seal could be found on the mountain. He ventured into the woods and made his way towards a flicker of firelight. He came upon a scene of terrible debauchery and vileness. A handful of the American Satanists were sexually abusing brainwashed townsfolk in a giant orgy, overseen by three Gianthic Guardians, the neigh-invulnerable one-eyed demons Autopsy had encountered fighting Dr. Lancaster.

Force consulted the raven god statue Shaman had given him and it gave him the ability to enter the mind of one of the townsfolk. He was able to get close to the cultists and then command the other Bartow residents to attack. They viciously struck down the cultists, hurling their bodies into the bonfire. The guardians immediately retaliated, squashing the attackers and destroying the seal hidden underneath the mound of rugs and blankets the cultists had turned into their rape den.
Force narrowly escaped with his life and fled back towards town, the guardians hot on his trail.

Autopsy stealthily made his way across town, looking for any sign of the next seal, pausing when he heard the Guardians destroy the mountainside. He attention was arrested again by the sound of a tremendous battle. coming from the direction of the local ranger station. He approached the source of the noise to find the Doombot battling an army of possessed creatures. Wolves, foxes, cougars, raccoons, and possums were throwing themselves at him, their eyes blazing with foul sorcery. The Doombot decimated them with energy and magical blasts of his own, giving no quarter. An enormous raging bear came charging from the inside of the ranger station, hurtling towards the Doombot. He met its charge head-on and self-destructed in a gigantic explosion of magical energy, decimating the remaining animals and the front of the ranger station.

Into the smoking wreckage Autopsy crept, looking for evidence of the next seal. He saw a dark shadow pass overhear, blotting out the moon. It was Tethra! He landed on the other side of the station and entered., Autopsy snuck to a window and listened as Tethra and a female voice on the otherside argued with each other, discussing the damage wrought by Force and Autopsy and the ineffectiveness of the cultists in stopping them. Tethra left furious while the female voice mocked him. Autopsy peeked into the room and saw a woman in red wizards garb, with a bound and charmed ranger serving as her foot stool. Autopsy snuck to the wall opposite her and smashed into the room, destroying her barrier shield and grabbing her in a chokehold. He was caught offguard by her lack of fight and even more surprised when she offered to destroy the seal in exchange for her freedom.

He agreed and she cast a spell revealing the seal buried below the station, before wiping it out using her wand. She then looked to Autopsy questioningly. He nodded and she departed quickly. It was only then that Autopsy noticed the body of the ranger, killed by the debris when Autopsy burst into the room.

He and Force met up and quickly compared notes, determining only one seal remained. They then had to flee as the guardians began pursuing them. Autopsy led the guardians away while Force sought shelter in a home, finding a priest and a mother with small children. The priest, thought terrified, offered his help and gave Force his rosary and prayer beads, telling him he had overheard the demons speaking of the ski lodge to the north serving as their HQ. He set out for it, singing Dio’s Holy Diver under his breath.

Meanwhile, Autopsy leapt from guardian to guardian, trying to avoid being pulverized. He narrowly escaped by fleeing underground and digging a tunnel, to avoid the paralyzing gaze of the demons. They lost him and he too headed towards the ski lodge, following Force’s guidance.

They arrived at the lodge, a deep unease settling upon them as the evil and darkness they had been feeling intensified tenfold. Force detected a seal of warding and detection upon the doors and using his own spellcraft, was able to dismantle it. The snuck inside and came upon a rune circle, ten small circles, forming the larger one. all but one had been dimmed. They heard footsteps upon the stairs and into the room came the final cultist, a giant of a man, bearded, robed in red and cruel in countenance. Spells were cast, blows were traded, and then a young girl came into the room, dressed in white and both Autoppsy and Force were more afraid of her than anything they had yet encountered. She spoke and her voice was not that of a child, but a being of great evil and malice. Baelzeebub taunted Force and Autopsy and Force replied that he would release Baphomet if she didn’t surrender and go back to hell.

She laughed and moved to attack. but Baphomet seized control of Force and hauled himself out of Force’s body. The two hell lords began attacking each other. Force and Autopsy laid into the cultist, realizing if they defeated him, Baelzeebub’s tie to the earth would be disrupted. Force, fueled by passion and rage, struck a killing blow, snapping the cultist’s neck. Baelzeebub, shrieking, was drug back to hell as his final seal was destroyed. He left the young girl who collapsed unconscious.

Baphomet however, would not go quietly. He seized Force and tried to separate from him permanently. Autopsy, seizing the rosary and crucifix, dealt great blows to Baphomet and forced him back into Force, sealing him away. Exhausted and worn, our heroes looked about them, realizing they had finally defeated the forces of hell and thwarted the schemes of Tethra and his ilk. Bartow, Dublin, and the world were safe once again. For the time being..

Autopsy thanked Force and gave him an open invitation to his home, telling him to visit when the toils of his job and life became too much. They parted as friends and vowed to support each other through whatever life next threw their way. Our heroes then went their separate ways, Autopsy to his family and Dublin and Force, back to the road and his thankless job standing against the darkness that seeks to enter our world. Until next time!



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