Marvel Superheroes

Into the Dark

Now Entering Bartow: Demon Capital, USA

  • August 12th-15th, 2021

When last we left our determined devil-detecting duo, Force and Autopsy had entered the mysterious mists surrounding the land near Bartow, WV, leaving Eryn behind. They reviewed the copy of El Berith’s contract with the Irish sorcerer Tethra and gleaned valuable insight concerning the boons granted to Tethra by the devil and what he must do in turn to earn/keep them. They discovered a possible angle of attack they could take to void the contract and lose Tethra his boons.

They made their way though the weirdling mists, their purplish hue casting an ominous pall over the valley. Murmurs and low cries came from the forests around them and they stuck to the road into town. A sign directed them to the Yeager House and after syncing EVI up with Force’s helmet, they approached the dwelling. There they found it to be an inn and the proprietess, Melissa Yeager, was eager to share history about the building and her family’s history with it. Force and Autopsy took rooms at the inn and met the only other guest, a dour man named Victor Crowl. Force was suspicious and did some investigating of him while Ralph ran interference with Miss Yeager, learning that a number of odd folks had been seen in town and were at the larger of the town’s two lumber mills. Victor caught Force and Autopsy rummaging through his car for clues and informed them that he was a sorcerer, looking for the artifact responsible for the mist permeating the valley and keeping our heroes trapped within it. Victor, referring to himself in the third person, stated he cared not for the inhabitants or the citizens of Dublin, only that he find the Mists of Munnipor. He did agree to help Force and Autopsy stop the cult if they provided him with the artifact. He also gave them the location of two of the remaining 4 seals tethering Beelzebub to this realm and that he believed a third was located in town.

Force and Autopsy set off, exploring the town. They chatted with a few locals and determined they were under some form of spell, the Charm of They Asmodeus most likely, based upon the terms in the El Berith contract. They set out for the graveyard, to investigate. On the road to the cemetery, they noticed the local Catholic church and that the weird mists did not seem able to approach it. They also began to feel a great tiredness overtake them. Fighting it off, they entered the graveyard and some detecting led them to a recently disturbed grave, the headstone of which read “Melissa Yeager, Died Aug. 12, 2021” that very day! Feeling thoroughly spooked, the heroes unearthed the coffin within the grave and opening it, found a glowing mystical orb. The Mists of Munipoor! Thinking quickly, Force took the orb to the church, where upon entering the sacred grounds, the orb was purged of its ominous purple light. The tiredness and fatigue afflicting Force and Autopsy dissipated. They debated what to do with it shortly, both feeling suspicious of Victor, but decided they needed his help.

Returning to the road, they saw a crowd of townsfolk being led by a stereotypical devil with a pitchfork towards the lumber mill. Looking behind him, Force saw a terrible sight- bodies and pieces of bodies adorning the lumberyard’s wall and the makings of a demented, demonic carnival. Rather than tell Autopsy, he turned away and together they meet with Victor.
After some more negotiating, questioning, and threat exchanging between Victor and Force, they gave him the orb and he shut down its power, allowing others to enter and leave the valley. He also did some high level spell work and determined the loss of the heroes’ powers was a result of Beelzebub’s influence. He had been summoned but not fully allowed into to enter this realm due to Force’s tampering with the first seal. Our heroes and Victor head back into town, towards the lumber yard. Force is able to determine it is none other than Dr. Doom who is with them and feels very hostile due to Doom’s mistreatment of him years ago. But he keeps his temper in check, frees the ghost of a little girl from a well they find on the way, and they sneak up to the lumber yard.

It is a horrible sight to behold. A Ferris wheel made of bodies, a log flume ride that saws participants in half, giant presses squishing people, all done up with a sickening carnival flair. Enchanted townsfolk stand in line to enter. Autopsy moves to rescue the townies while Doom and Force sneak up to the viewing tower in the yard and confront the cultist overseeing the gruesome spectacle. The ghost girl blows their cover but Force makes short work of the cultist, snapping his neck while Doom seeks to disrupt the seal. Ralph rushes townsfolk to the church only for them to wander back and stand in line. The seal is destroyed and the demons about to attack seem to fallback and look confused. But then! Tethra arrives and makes a grand speech about the folly of Autopsy and Force before dropping a massive blast of energy upon the entire area.

Will our heroes survive and be able to find the remaining seals in time? Can they trust Doom? Until next time..



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