Marvel Superheroes

Down Time

The Adventures of Kokoro and Black Hole

The attacks of Susanoo caused enormous destruction and casualities. After the attacks by Susanoo the heroes were separated. The Courier (with an injured Agent Grimes) traveled around Japan help with some of the disaster relief and researching more about Susanoo and his attacks to figure out what was going on there. Sensei assisted in the disaster relief in Tokyo and Big Hero 6 helped around all over the country. Black Hole, during this time, took the boy named Ryou Yukimura with him to his home so that he had a place to stay till a family was found for him. The two of them had a few adventures and Black Hole, with Sensai, defeated a small force of Oni that appeared in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Kokoro was escaping from Ama Ama, the realm of the kami. Kokoro tried to save people from captivity by Susanoo, but found no one willing to leave. After talking to a dragon and seeing an old motherly woman enter the castle, Kokoro flew off of Susanoo’s cloud with a makeshift hang glider. She then started to traverse the realm of Ama. She had many strange adventures, but then escaped thanks to the help of a friendly fox. She returned to Japan on the 7th of June afte being gone for 3 days and promptly headed to Tokyo.



This didn’t feel like downtime…felt like fallout from our fight with Susanoo/Snake Lady.

Down Time

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