Marvel Superheroes

Doom World P.1

Apocalypse Now

  • September 3rd, 2021

So, recap for everyone who missed. The group fought Dr. Doom and his robots. The defeated like 7 Doombots and 120 or so warrior robots. But it wasn’t enough. They were overwhelmed then Dr. Doom had them nuked. Pangaea and Valchire died in the blast. Daybreak and Eryn barely survived. Autopsy was dying and taken to a hospital in Ireland, but died there. Delilah escaped barely surviving the shockwave of the blast. Gadgeteer was bombarded by Doom missiles and died before the bombs fell. Then nuclear war annhilates 90% of the worlds population.

I should also mention for the older members, Dr. Doom created his plans from when you all let him have omniscience after Fuuten died. And he told Eryn as much.



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