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Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 4

The Latest Issue of The Cincinnati Enquirer

Check out the latest issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer here. There’s a little bit of controversy about their decision to run such a graphic image in the newspaper. Also, the rest of the featured article goes into the tragedy of the loss of human life and speculates a little more about how this isn’t the end of the problem. The Enquirer is also going to run a profile of the superheroes. I’ll post them in the comments included with this adventure post.

The Cincinnati Enquirer


So it seems like the News sees us, even unregistered, as a positive. That’s the take away I’m getting. Although for them and us, it might be too early too tell.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 4

Overall, I’d agree. Reading the other pages, there are a couple pages questioning whether you’re acting responsibly and they say you’re well-intentioned criminals.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 4

By Ayden Ramirez
Profile of The Fog:
The Fog is a minor celebrity in Over the Rhine. Sometimes thought to be a ghost other times thought to be a hero. The Fog is known to be particularly vigilant against organized crime and shoots electricity from his hands. He gets his name from the fog that always seems to follow him. His appearances in Over the Rhine have become more and more frequent in the past couple of months.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 4

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