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Can a Stone Man Cry?

The Death and Rebirth of Autopsy

  • October 15th, 2015 – November 8th, 2015

This session begins with Autopsy captured by a long time enemy. The red-haired woman that has been hunting Ralph for a long time puts forth an ultimatum. She puts forth the option of the death of Ralph’s friends and maybe family’s death or his. Autopsy asks for her to reveal herself and to know what he had done to bring her to hunt him. The woman reveals herself. She seems to be more or less a nondescript average individual. Her name is Holly McAllister. She tells Ralph that he killed her father. She references one of Autopsy’s early battles where a vehicle thrown by him had smashed into a building. She tells Ralph that the car crushed her father. That Ralph never was faced with justice for his killing of her father. So, it falls upon her. Ralph accepts this and Holly loads a gun with a single adamantium bullet. She aims the gun right at his heart and pulls the trigger. Ralph drops to the ground limp and his blood pools out onto the cement floor and McAllister looks down, sad, as she pulls the cords from the displays.

Meanwhile, the other heroes are dealing with their own lives. B.C.‘s plan to contact Eryn works and the two have a short conversation where Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) reveals he was fighting his long time enemy Doctor Lancaster in the warehouse where B.C. was “born”. he expresses surprise that B.C. is “alive” and he offers to help B.C. He reattaches B.C.’s arm after removing the draconic curse on the limb and gives him an amulet so that the two of them can be in communication.

Wyvern has her hearing. Dr. Johnson has some science failures. BC starts patrolling. Then Hobgoblin takes down Scorpion. BC stumbles into a portal that leads to the fear dimension. He is able to escape, but a spirit follows him. The creature comes to be known as Ghosty/Murto. He turns human. They team up and BC teaches him about life. Wyvern saves people from a car wreck. Harbinger meets with Nadia when she visits him and agrees to test a blood sample for her. In the next few days, Dr. Johnson meets for coffee with Prof Klingenberg. The meeting confuses Dr. Johnson and he is disappointed in Dr. Klingenberg who leaves him in the middle of their meeting.

Then Harbinger and the other heroes see Micromax and Hobgoblin fight. All of the heroes rush that way. They’re not in time. Harbinger meets Hobgoblin on the way. They talk about making a team to take down Hobgoblin. Harbinger shows no interest because it’s not important in the grand scheme. BC, Ghosty, and Wyvern team up.

The next day, BC makes a giant Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin doesn’t appear. That same day, a Saturday, Nadia doesn’t show for the blood test with Dr. Johnson because she assumed it would be on Monday. Harbinger returns home and starts his experiments when he notices a machine. It is some sort of tracking device. However, when Harbinger finds the machine he is attacked and defeated by a well-prepared Hobgoblin. Harbinger gets a blood sample taken from him by the Hobgoblin.

Then Hobgoblin scouts out BC and Murto. The heroes spot him. Wyvern had left because she was bored. There is a fight. Hobgoblin is almost beaten but Murto is defeated and captured. BC chases after, but the Hobgoblin kidnaps Murto. While chasing after Hobgoblin Wyvern and B.C. meet up, but they’ve lost the Hobgoblin who escapes. B.C. blames Wyvern for not being there when she was needed. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin meets with his “partner” Black Cat and they use Murto’s heart to replace the destroyed one in Autopsy and revive him. Finally, Harbinger confused and alone after suffering attacks and setbacks, goes out and walks the streets when he runs into a group of people. He asks them what meaning there is to it all and when one of them gives an unsatisfying answer, Harbinger kills him.


Journal Entries that go with this Adventure Log:

Wyvern 1

Wyvern 2


Can a Stone Man Cry?

HOLY CRAP What did I miss??…I got punched by the Hulk. Took a couple of days off work, and Autopsy is dying on me? Username why do my mentors keep dying?! Granted it’s two different characters, but that’s twice now my character’s mentor has died (even if both times the mentor has come back in some form or another).

Can a Stone Man Cry?

Your first mentor died permanently and you had only a vaguely related clone return. Also, you missed an awesome series of sessions while JNHutch was up here.

Can a Stone Man Cry?

Apparently, dang..that’s intense.

Now I want to play a live session!! (>.<)

Can a Stone Man Cry?

Do you want to Skype in at some point? We’ve been talking about it. We play on Saturday nights at 7pm EST.

Can a Stone Man Cry?

Wow. Wyvern really sucks. Because she was bored, Ghosty died and Hobgoblin escaped. And because she made an assumption and missed a meeting with Harbinger, he begins to lose his grip on reality and kills an innocent. Maybe she should switch sides. She does more good for the bad guys!

Can a Stone Man Cry?

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