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Battle After Battle Across the Andromeda

Finally Escaping the Skrull Empire

Li-Rogg led the group straight into a trap that everyone was aware of, but felt they needed to do anyways. Li-Rogg had told everyone that Biala Keanu, a criminal and information broker on the Dharri Station. Li-Rogg says that she will attempt to turn them into the Skrull Empire. They go into her offices still to get star charts for the next leg of their journey.There, Li-Rogg and Biala have a tense conversation while she uses her abilities to make Rasq and Dialectic fall in love with her. Dr. Tomorrow decides to act and convinces Li-Rogg to start to battle her. Mona T’zara stands around looking confused as to why Dialectic and Rasq are begging to stay with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow begins the conflict by taking the weapons from the soldiers in the room. Then Li-Rogg blasts the people surrounding him with a bolt of lightning. Biala dodges, easily, out of the way while Rasq and Dialectic get hit. Biala’s desk hits a tank next to the wall and a man falls out. Dr. Tomorrow grabs him and tries to get Dialectic on his way back to the ship. Mona fights with some of the minions and Li-Rogg faces off with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow is able to make it back to the dock with the unconscious individual. When he arrives, the dock is full of Biala’s soldiers. A tense battle ensues and Dr. Tomorrow wipes out a number of those soldiers. During this time, the fight in Biala’s office is going against the heroes as Dialectic and Rasq join Biala’s side. Mona is able to teleport Dialectic back to the ship, where he turns and runs straight back towards Biala’s office. On the way through the dock, Dr. Tomorrow tries to stop Dialectic and Dialectic blasts him and the unconscious man in his arms. They hit the ground and Dialectic runs past. The unconscious man, Mr. Blake, lands acrobatically and tries to punch Dialectic who dodges the punch on his way past.

Mona decides to try again at rescuing her friends and brings an injured Rasq back. This time separation from Biala works and Rasq returns to his senses and helps the heroes fight back. Dr. Tomorrow goes down after being injured by Dialectic and Mr. Blake drags him into the space ship. Mona and Rasq decide they have no choice to go back to get Li-Rogg and Dialectic. When they teleport into the room, they see a badly injured Biala, a somewhat injured Dialectic and at least four of Biala’s soldiers unconscious as Li-Rogg is taken down by Dialectic. Rasq tries to take Dialectic down, but can’t manage it while Mona teleports Li-Rogg back to the ship. Meanwhile, Frederick Blake throws a grenade that kills 6 soldiers outside of the ship and causes the only two remaining conscious soldiers to run away. On the ship, they wake Li-Rogg up and try to decide what to do about Dialectic. An argument breaks out over whether to leave him or not, eventually, Mona and Frederick decide to go take him back. Frederick knocks out everyone in Biala’s office with a stun grenade and the Dialectic returns to his senses.

The crew of The Visitor flee the station and set back out amongst the stars. They travelled onward to a planet of Celestial experiments where, it is believed, that Frederick was taken from. How he was found on the Celestial planet was never investigated and the group moved onward after bathing in Celestial water and witnessing Li-Rogg absorb Celestial energy into the tablet he had picked up earlier. Their next stop, to get fuel, was on the planet Visi. Visi is a highly populated planet and there Li-Rogg tells the group that they’re going to have to start earning money to pay for their trip. The heroes search for work and decide to collect a bounty.

The bounty is on a group of Skrulls who committed a variety of crimes ranging from murder to theft. They had taken their ill begotten gains and fled to the polar regions of the planet. The heroes fight those Skrulls and defeat them though their shapeshifting abilities gave them a little bit of difficulty. Turning in that bounty netted them a bit of money. The group decided to leave the star system quickly, so they took off without waiting on the rest of the bounty. As they approached the Space Warp they were radioed that it was under repair. The heroes found this oddly suspicious and assaulted the base taking over the gate and activating the perfectly operating gate. As they warped away, they noticed a small Skrull fleet appearing in the system as they fled.


These are the journal entries that go with this post:

The Question

Dr. Tomorrow


I’m still a better doctor.


Statistically, it doesn’t look like it. In the way you treated your patient, it also doesn’t look like it, but that just means you have something to work towards!


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