Marvel Superheroes

A Course in Practical Demonology

Two Heroes from Other Sides of the World Team Up

  • August 12th-August 15th, 2021

Two heroes team up to face a demons of all shapes and sizes in a crossover extravaganza of the ages. Force and Autopsy in the superhero team-up you didn’t know you wanted. Stay seated true-believers as this will shake and confound you as you witness our heroes face evils unknown.

The story begins with Autopsy minding his business in Dublin when an old police contact calls him up. The police officer, Tyrone Galland, speaks to him about a threat to steal a historical book from Mellifont Abbey. Autopsy and stakes out the place. Meeting the monks, he is given a tour and is shown and handed the book. He is also warned not to take from church grounds. Not long after while sitting in the courtyard, Autopsy is confronted by Tethra who chats with Autopsy while kidnapping some monks. Tethra demands the book or the monks get it and Autopsy dawdles and tries to convince him otherwise. Tethra kills the abbot and demands the book, Autopsy promises to hand it over but requests their freedom. Tethra kills more monks and gets the book. He then collapses the abbey and escapes while Autopsy rescues the survivors. He leaves behind a clue that leads Autopsy to America and to contacting Force on the recommendation of Eryn for this investigation.

Meanwhile Force has taken a case of his own. He is looking for a missing boy woh disappeared under strange circumstances. Further investigations leads to further questions, and oddities. Force finds a lead taking him to Charlottesville, VIrginia. There he quickly tracks down the suspect to a upscale mansion near the abandoned sanitarium. Arriving there, the place is empty. And Force snoops around. He discovers evidence that clarifies to him that the suspect is living in the mansion and has been there recently. Weaponry and other items cause Force to want to get a closer look and he attempts a breaking and entering. However, he notices a doorbell camera and attempts to disarm calling on neglected old friends and contacts all to little avail. So, he punches the door in and enters. Finding a book about the rites and rituals of the Scions of Beelzebub he believes there is evil afoot and leaves before he goes to jail. The police arrive quickly and act strangely. Then the man himself, Will Borroughs, arrives. He and his wife seem to get high after having the door repaired and Will takes a mysterious call that Force listens in on. He then attempts to murder his wife, Force intercedes, saving the woman but his darkforce powers run amok and the creature eats Will. Then after Force enters the shed in the backyard and sees evidence of child molestation and the missing boys, he decides to kill Sarah as well. Leaving the scene, he goes the sanitarium on a clue from the house and finds a rituatl which he disrupts at personal cost. Autopsy and Force finally speak and agree to team-up.

The group, assembled now, goes to West Virginia towards a town of Bartow. They run into Shaman who gives some cryptic clues about the entry requirements and a talisman to Force. The group presses on and enters. Eryn who had been following up to this point, is barred entry and Force and Autopsy press on alone into the mists surrounding this area.



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