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A Busy Weekend

Senyaka Gets Taken Down

Dialectic and Scorpion team up. Scorpion has made some unpleasant acquaintances. Senyaka attacks her university and she, scared, calls the heroes. She is only able to reach Dialectic. Dialectic and Scorpion also meet up with an unknown hero, Ms. Amazing. The three come up with a plan, thanks to Ms. Amazing’s magic, to find Senyaka or his organization. They track down some sort of deal between two gangs in a hotel. They bust in and wreck the bad guys. They find that the two groups were trading cash for the Power Broker’s serum. The heroes argue over the use of the serum, but before any decision is made, Li-Rogg arrives on the scene and the heroes forget about the serum. The heroes get to see how Li-Rogg rolls. It’s pretty brutal. He snatches a dude off the street and electrocutes and beats on him till he spills a lead and from there they just beat on random members of the Acolytes till they are able to find Senyaka’s base. Where they face him down in his underground base. They are able to beat him though Scorpion nearly dies. After Senyaka is defeated, the groups splits up and the weekend comes to the end.

Finally, the evening after fighting Senyaka, Mona teleports to Li-Rogg and Dialectic and takes them to Hamburg to talk about what to do about Dr. Tomorrow

Honorable mentions: Ms. Amazing won a martial arts tournament. Dialectic made some new friends. Scorpion worked on her superhuman genetics research.


What do you mean “What to do about Dr. Tomorrow”??

A Busy Weekend

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A Busy Weekend

Username, is Ms. Amazing the girl Dan’s character saw at the dojo? And is Dialectic working with that crazy Communist villain?! The world is getting smaller and smaller.

A Busy Weekend

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