Marvel Superheroes

The End of Wyvern
The Beginning of the Battle of Chronopolis
  • February 3rd & 4th, 2017

The hero known as Dr. Tomorrow arrived on Excalibur’s doorstep with a mystery woman. The two people, Dr. Tomorrow and Delilah arrived because Delilah found Dr. Tomorrow to stop the revival and possession of her brother Lucas. It was revealed that Delilah, Lucas, Malak, and Ebony were all children of Ankrah and that Wyvern, in desperation, was going to try to bring back Lucas. Though the heroes doubted the information that came in, they ultimately discovered the truth and went to Wyvern’s mother’s home. There, with the help of Delilah, Clea, and Dr. Tomorrow, they track down Wyvern and find her as the revived and possessed Lucas comes too. Captain Britain arrives at this point and comes to help as well. Possessed Lucas turns out to be a powerful opponent and he defeats many of the heroes. Leaving only two heroes left as outside of the secret lab, Agammemnon/BC casts a spell that would send the demon back to hell. The demon holds out from being sent away, but a powerful move by Dr. Tomorrow and Daybreak knock the monster into the portal. The demon, bitter about its defeat tries to wipe out the remaining heroes. Daybreak and Dr. Tomorrow try to save everyone, but fail to save Wyvern who dies and Captain Britain becomes seriously injured.

After this, the heroes begin their investigation into Kang and Ankrah. They run into conflicting information and the Avengers inform them that they are going to side with Kang to bring the fight to Ankrah. The heroes are very self-effacing and make the Avengers doubt Exacalibur’s effectiveness despite the fact that the Avengers called to ask for help to stop Ankrah. It seems as though Ankrah’s plan is revealed and her effects on causing the temporal shadows. Another of Ankrah’s daughters, Cassandra, shows up and tries to convince the heroes to join Ankrah and destroy the warlord of Kang. The heroes decide to work with Kang because it seems that is their best chance to stop their dimension from being destroyed. They plot about turning on Kang, but no real decisions are made, and they quickly move on to the Battle of Chronopolis. There, they see Ankrah leading an army of villains and monsters to attack Chronopolis.

London Times Issue 19 & 20
Issue 19 & 20

Issue 19 will be up and 20 up soon.

The London Times

Breaking Day
Agammenon, and a Lesson in Righteousness
  • January 21st-February 2nd. 2017

The story begins with an investigation of Kang and his previous actions. Daybreak visited the hospital to look into her family’s well-being and found flowers left by a mysterious person, who she found out was Loki. Captain Righteous was invited by his sister to catch up since she was in town working for clients of her law firm. BC has a dream about Death speaking to him about the end of the cycle.
Later, Captain Righteous goes and meets his sister. Afterwards, he goes tocan abandoned brick building under compulsion where he meets his archnemesis, The Battersea Bomber. However, the bomber is under some sort of compulsion as well and hands him an exlosive of enormous potential and Captain Righteous takes it and walks back to Battersea and Excalibur HQ. He’s stopped by Battersea local, June Paige who speaks to him and nearly shakes hin from his stupor but is sent forward to Excalibur HQ to warn them. She does so and with a timely EMP blast from BC, Captain Righteous is able to break free and fly the bomb out of the way. As it nearly explodes and would destroy Captain Righteous, a suit of armor protects him from Stellianos.
After that, the heroes deal with Temporal Shadows. The remnants of another time overlapping with their own reality. These result in a nuclear bomb nearly destroying London from another reality that battled Kang. The heroes are able to stop it however.
Next, while on patrol, BC runs into the tent of Madame Traylan. As he enters once more, he sees the woman and theirs something familiar about her, but he can’t place it. Suddenly he turns from the haggard old woman and sees a girl in her teens. Cassandra. As he turns back to the old woman, he realizes she is also Cassandra. They give him a prophecy of 5000 years of torment for his sins. A cycle that endlessly repeats is coming to one violent conclusion. A cycle of duty and vengeance and blood. As BC stumbles from the tent, he returns to his home. The home of Brandon Minton with his two sons and Cassandra his wife. He goes there and talks to Cassandra who warns him that he shouldn’t leave. They talk for a while, but ultimately BC sees nothing wrong even with the assistance of Captain Righteous on patrol. So he leaves and when he does, he battles AD and Kang. The fight goes badly for BC and he is destroyed the final time. Int the realm of Death, he is greeted by her and rold that he, Agamemnon, is freed from his curse and that next time his death will be true. He reincarnates as a human once more. He surges forth and finds his son has killed AD. Safe, he speaks to them for a moment before returning to Excalibur HQ.
Meanwhile, while this going on, Daybreak visits her injured family that she hospitalized when controlled by Loki. Loki visits and a tense conversation occurs. Daybreak is controlled and empowered by the Norn Stones and sent to battle Excalibur as Loki arms his forces to battle his brother Thor. The battle breaks out and it’s a challenging battle, but they’re able to beat Daybreak and Thor overcomes Loki. The Asgardians retreat and Thor offers Excalibur a Norn Stone to reempower Daybreak. They take it and give it to her. She gains her full powers.
Afterward, at Excalibur HQ a few days later, Dr. Tomorrow and a young woman arrive. Dr. Tomorrow says to them, “My daughter is looking for her brother.”

London Times Issue 18
Issue 18

The latest and greatest (and still behind) issue of the London Times is up.

Here it is.

The London Times

An Old-Fashioned Prison Melee
A Herald from the Heavens Arrive
  • December 21st-January 21st, 2017

Excalibur Blue has become skilled in dealing with dealing with villain plans. They came up with a good plan to guard the prison and prevent an expected prison break. The very first thing they did was setup patrols in the prison area where Plague Doctor and Pulse were imprisoned and left Hawk to guard the prison.

The villains were still able to sneak in through a secret tunnel entrance they made dug by Tiger Shark. The battle quickly began when alarms were sounded and Daybreak and Autopsy were first on the scene. They saw the villains arrive and lept into action.
And it turned into a crazy four way battle. Excalibur split the party which proved to and two villain groups tried to flee. Wyvern and Lucas and Pulse ran into the Hobgoblin and Bloodaxe who were there for Pulse too. They were pursued by Daybreak and Captain Righteous. The other group of Tiger Shark, Emerald Shogun, Mongoose, and Plague Doctor were pursued by Autopsy, BC, Hawk, and Red Reactor.

Shogun and Tiger Shark blocked Autopsy from pursuing Plague Doctor and Mongoose who tried to escape. The remaining Mandroids aided Autopsy. BC and Captain Righteous were the next to arrive on scene and since BC didn’t know about the tunnel so he went to the back where he thought Mongoose would run out, however, Mongoose didnt appear. There he ran into a poorly disguised Levin Glockner who treates his Primus identity as an annoyancd. BC asked Glockner where Plague Doctor was and said Levin replied that he hadn’t noticed them come by, so they must have come from underground. Autopsy used EVI to get a map and directed BC to the basement. Hawk got in Plague Doctor’s and Mongoose’s way at that point, but they evaded her. In a clever move, BC told Red Reactor to find the tunnel exit and block it. So, he flew off to find it and it proved to block the villains escape at a crucial moment. The villains doubled back and tried to make a fighting escape. Mongoose’s speed still nearly got Plague Doctor out of there, but they were beaten unconscious quickly when Mongoose was grappled and everyone took a turn beating him up. Tiger Shark lost too and Emerald Shogun made his escape.

On the other side, Wyvern and Lucas lost bad. Daybreak fought and managed to keep herself in check, but lost control when Hobgoblin appeared and killed Lucas. Wyvern nearly died, but escaped with Lucas’ body. Daybreak went into berserker invincible mode and pummeled the injured Wyvern before she could escape then turned and went tocthe other side of the prison. Hobgoblin escaped and captured Pulse, but Bloodaxe was killed by Levin Glockner who took her axe when Hobgoblin left her behind. Captain Righteous followed the Hobgoblin back to his mansion base sneaking behind after hiding in the cover of the rain storm.

Captain Righteous made his way to Hobgoblin ‘s base and then found out Hobgoblin discovered he was being followed. A fight ensued and he was psychicly controlled and manipulated. His memories sorted through and stolen and a false memory of a sister he didn’t have implanted. They dropped him off in the river in a iceberg which technically killed him. Though by this point the heroes were free of the battle, except BC Daybreakcwho fought each other, the heroes were tricked by mind controlled Capt Righteous so they didnt find Hobgoblin’s base and walked into a trap vs. Atlantean employees of Hobgoblin. The forces were overwhelming and they were badly injured, so they tricked the Atlanteans and rescued Captain Righteous ans escaped.

Meanwhile, it was revealed berserker Daybreak was controlled by Loki by BC and he couldn’t stop her. She warped away fron him and she went and nearly killed her family. All for the purpose of stealing the Norn stones and handing them to Loki. Daybreak called in BC to help save her family and afterwards, the team met to discuss the situation.

Then they covered a lot of ground. They trained some new skills. And visited their families and friends. They also made plans to infilitrate the Hobgoblin and made plans tocsend Daybreak undercover with Wyvern, but the trail went cold. Mr. Brown and BC discussed what they ahould do about the team. They rescued BCs son from Oberon with a clever plan and the help of Eryn. They traded AD who was a simulcrum of BCs wife to Titania who was jealous of the attention BCs son was getting from Oberon and proud of the effort BC was going through to make amends for his wrong to his son. A sweet poem on BCs part also helped. Then the session ended with Egyptian style city crumvling down from the heavens on top of London. The heroes were able to stop it and another Egyptian style BC arrove as well. His final words were a warning. He warned them that Kang is coming.

London Times Issue 17
Issue 17

A much belated issue of the London Times.

The London Times

12 Hours till the End of the World
Also included: The Embarrassing Defeat of Wyvern's Gang
  • November 21st-December 14th 2017

Daybreak faced off against Zaran the Weaponmaster in a jewelry store heist and he escaped. In addition, one of the meetings saw the group see Lucas spy on them. BC and Patricia Caspian hunted for AD. BC also investigated his wife and family. They turned out to be fine except for the fact that they were upset that their son/brother was missing still.

Then the fallout shelter sirens went off and the heroes saw that a bomb had gone off at the border of Poland and Germany. The slow-moving cloud of black death floated inwards towards Warsaw with people dying every minute bomb went off. Glasgow was infected with another disease bomb. The instigator, Plague Doctor, killed like 15,000 Polish citizens in the next 12 hours and a few hundred Scottish men and women. In 12 hours. This resulted in Soviet Superman raiding Excalibur base. The heroes came up with a plan to trick Plague Doctor that they could cure it. Which succeeded and Plague Doctor congratulated them on solving his puzzle. The heroes pushed it further and tried to get Daybreak recruited by the Plague Doctor, but instead, they gave away they didn’t know how to make a cure. After this while deciding on what to do they faced off against a fake Plague Doctor who was revealed to be a mind-controlled Reginald Spaulding. Red Reactor went to Glasgow to find Plague Doctor’s base at this point

Then they tried to create a fictional Disciples of Harbinger to trick the Plague Doctor into recruiting them while they stopped his disease. As the first 6 hours ticked away, the heroes started to looking into the bases that they knew about. The first was in Hamburg and it showed the scenes of a battle and was apparently damaged by the Red Sun. They then returned back and found Plague Doctor’s London base where they disarmed a disease bomb.
Running out of ideas, BC made a deal with Levin Glockner to help find Plague Doctor. Shortly after, Glockner and Red Reactor gave them important information. One gave the location of a base near London and the other the headquarters location in Glasgow. The team split up and half went to Glasgow and half chased after Plague Doctor. In Glasgow, Red Sun cured the disease first as he had found the pieces earlier. Daybreak harrassed him while he was trying to save millions and he punctured her suit with laser vision allowing her to be infected. This nearly killed Daybreak. Red Sun left the cure information for them. So they could cure people.

Plague Doctor was confronted by the other heroes and nearly escaped in a long chase scene, but BC was unaffected by diseases. Plague Doctor realized he couldn’t escape and his diseases didn’t work on BC. So, he called Hydra to escape. The heroes caught him right as the helicopter was arriving. The helicopter was able to escape.

Wrapping up the scene, Excalibur ‘s science team solved the disease puzzle with the information gathered in the last moment.. Reginald Spaulding got off with relatively minor penalties because of Plague Doctor’s mind control. So, he was given community service as penance for being mind controlled. His murder went to Plague Doctor, but he was still an accessory to the crime. So BC hired him for the science Excalibur team. Afterward, Plague Doctor was held with the intention to be extradited to the USSR to be executed.

After this battle, it seemed as though a strange psychotic Hobgoblin appeared and threatened to blow up London Bridge to kill Lucas. Wyvern’s partner. When the heroes arrived on the scene, they saw Living Laser standing guard and a group of Wyvern’s assistants coming. They rushed forward to rescue Lucas, but he escaped by shrinking down. The battle began and the group suspected this to be all of a trap. Living Laser went down in one round before even getting to act. Daybreak nearly beat him alone and then Red Reactor absorbed him and that amount of energy was bad for the villains. Lucas and Artrume escaped, but Pulse was arrested and Living Laser was evaporated. Pulse was dropped twice in rescue attempts. The whole fight took 3 rounds. While this was going on, Captain Righteous, thanks to the Excalibur science team, disarmed the bombs.

The session ended with a tense discussion between Eryn and BC with Eryn leaving to go rescue BC’s child.

A Victory and a Moment of Respite
Officer Brent, the Secret Hero of London Strikes Again
  • November 4th-November 21st

The heroes return to Excalibur tower and find a group of heroes sitting in for them. The replacements mostly have many other responsibilities and were temporary hires until a more permanent team could be assigned they leave quickly.

The heroes reorganize their lives. They meet families and friends.

Excalibur meets multiple times. They discuss threats when the police and information officer come to debrief them. After the debriefing, they are attacked by Adam Jenson, Wyvern, and Harbinger. They win.

Adam Jenson in Seth’s domain frees Ankrah, but is killed by Seth’s powers.

Back on Earth, the heroes meet again and wait for Excalibur HQ to be rebuilt. They reorganize the team and BC becomes the team leader. Begrudgingly.

While each is out on patrol they run into their own separate issues. Daybreak faces off against Dragonfly without her costume. BC faces off against a statue person called AD who claims to be his wife. Captain Righteous faces off against the crazed Battersea Bomber. The plots are foiled, except Dragonfly who steals the cash, but the villains all escape.

London Times Issue 14, 15, 16
Issues 14, 15, 16

Here are the new newspapers. There are three. I will post them as I finish. The first will be up as I post this and I will note it in the comments when I add more.

The London Times

The Fey War Ends
The Six Day World War
  • July 31st-November 14th, 2016

The heroes make their way back to Excalibur base. Badly injured, but alive. They take a rest and decide to meet up afterward to discuss their course of actions. The meeting takes place and the heroes discuss the missing Adam Jenson. Daybreak had spotted him leave and agree to Seth’s deal. So, they move to remove him from the team and disable his communication device. next, they go over the results of the battle and discuss what actions they can take against Oberon’s armies. They also look over incoming operations data from other teams around the world. The situation rapidly stabilized as heroes took action. The combined forces of the heroes and national armies are holding the fairies at their beachhead around the portals to their realms. Casualties have hit about 4000. Many in places with less of a superhero presence.

Reports are sent and Captain Righteous encourages everyone to go out and look over the community to let them know that their heroes are among them. The team ignores that request and BC stays-in to research means to battle the fey and information on their new enemies. Daybreak goes and checks in on those closest to her and her dojo. Captain Righteous goes on patrol. Adam Jenson is presented with a power-up and prepared to return to Earth. Captain Righteous’ patrol is encouraging. Though some Londoners seem to be against the team’s actions that led to Oberon’s invasion. Most seem to have an air of defiance. Londoners seem to be tired of being pushed around.

Returning to Excalibur Blue HQ, Captain Righteous meets the new liaison from the government to Excalibur. Clifford Brown. Clifford Brown is waiting on authentication to enter from overworked Excalibur staff when he Captain Righteous meet. The two discuss what’s up and enter the building. Mr. Brown has the equipment the team ordered and presents further information to the assembled team. He also alerts them to an inquiry headed by the MPs in Parliament. They are going to question the group about their actions. He is supportive of them and provides all of the information he has. This leads to two things, first, the team calls in reserve member Red Reactor. Second, it leads to BC questioning what the symbol Oberon was designing did. BC investigates it and discovers that a local collector has a book that could give further information on it. He goes to investigate with Captain Righteous when Adam Jenson arrives to destroy the heroes. A battle ensues that see Adam Jenson lose and his god allies whisk him away with a victory under the belt, BC steals a book from the severely injured owner who was hurt in the conflict.

The book gives BC enough knowledge to determine that the spell was a summoning spell keyed to his dimension. Intuiting that it was for Puck, the person Oberon came looking for, the heroes go and recreate the circle in Battersea Park as Oberon himself attempted to do a few weeks ago. However, the war is going worse and Oberon has called in the Wild Hunt. These spectral horseman come after the heroes and though Daybreak throws up a barrier of light, some of Oberon’s forces break in. The heroes are able to fight back the hordes long enough for the spell to fire and it does, in fact, summon Puck to their location. Puck stops the conversation by pronouncing himself their sponsor to the Seelie Winter Court. Respecting traditions and law. The Wild Hunt is stopped to allow the offenders to journey to court. They travel through the a rift and sneak through the dark forest where they arrive at the Winter Court. Beseeching Oberon on the heroes behalf, they are able to offer a deal to end the war. They offer Oberon the same experience to each offender that he had. Some hours trapped in his realm and to be beaten unconscious.

Forced to accept the offer because of the rules of the court, Oberon imprisons the heroes. Red Reactor is excluded from this deal and sent back home. Upon their release, the other heroes quickly return back, but BC makes a secret deal with Oberon. He asks for a trade. His son for additional power. Oberon accepts and BC glimpses his son for a brief moment, terrified and confused he looks at the hero before BC fades back to Earth with enhanced abilities and new powers from Oberon. When they return, they realize that the world thinks them martyrs and that it is now nearly three months later


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