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EDI vs. Ankrah vs. Seth vs. Demons
And Dr. Strange and Pals Too!
  • June 28th, 2017

The game started right before the battle. Evil mages sent a few demon servants to inspect, the heroes were the EDI, Clea, Dr. Strange, and Brother Voodoo. Seth way outnumbered everyone with many of his servants and Grog as well as himself.

Ankrah announced godhood for grabs and tossed a sceptre to a demon and created a force field to protect herself as she casted. (A necessary addition for a chance of success.) The heroes split with the EDI focusing on Ankrah and avoiding conflict with Seth and the mages mostly focusing on Seth. No one other than Dr. Strange really tried to take on Seth and for good reason.

Nekros, Ankrahs servant, was destroyed with three attacks. Meanwhile more demons arrove as the heroes took them down and weakened Ankrah. In outerspace, Technomeleon took over a defunct satellite to crash into the temple. The demon familiars devolved into madness as the slew each other to get the Was Sceptre. Ankrah’s spell started to activate, and would have shared the power to the demon or its master, but Seth was unhindered by the heroes who mostly avoided him and he marched to and wiped out Ankrah with an enormous display of power visible from space. The heroes injured from the fight with demons and Seth’s servants decided at this point that Seth would probably go home on his own, but were surprised when he raised Ankrah as a zombie and tried to extract information on her souls location from her corpse. Figuring this was bad, Right of Way formed a giant middle finger at Seth and stabbed Ankrah and teleported away with the corpse in hopes of foiling his plan in case he survived when the satellite that came crashing down from orbit landed on Seth’s face. This dis prevent Seth from keeping the corpse and the satellite dealt a noticeable amount of damage to the Death god.

Returning to the scene of their orbital strike, the found Seth standing there still. He was quite annoyed with them and tried to incinerate them, having most of their team go down in a single strike, the heroes fell back and observed Seth who searched the ruins for about 20 minutes and grabbed the Was Sceptre before returning to Abydos.

The EDI Discover Ankrah and Another Mysterious Villainess
  • June 20th- 28th, 2017

EDI faced off in Amsterdam and Egypt.

Basically, while Technomeleon was building the radiation sensors to track Isotope, Erynn researched how a named giant dragon had become Ankh Rah’s familiar. The red dragon we killed should not have been her familiar but was.

While he did that Right of Way and Autopsy tracked down Egg Head. We tracked him to a park and learned he was running from a woman in a power suit. Our EDI operative recorded her damaging him with a laser rifle. Before we could find her or egg head, she killed the operative.

Right of Way’s detect crime ability came in super handy and we tracked the can down. She had killed egghead and before we could stop her, she teleported away with his body. But Right of Way was able to track her and we teleported into an old Hammer basement, where she was dismantling him. Right of Way grabbed the robot and teleported away. Autopsy got destroyed by the woman’s laser weapons that she pulled from a dimensional pocket, making us think she works for Kang. Right of Way came back, saved Ralph, and returned to the EDI base.

And Erynn responded to the Hammer base situation just as Right of Way teleported away with Ralph. He got destroyed by the lady’s laser blasts, but he held on for three rounds! He recovered as well

As we got there, Ralph’s danger sense went ballistic and he told Right of Way to get the right and go. As she did so, the base blew up and Technomeleon almost died.

What proceeded was right of way teleporting all over Europe, with this woman following. She then decided to threaten to throw the robot into an Italian volcano. The woman explained that she wanted to use the robot to fight Ankh Ra. Right of Way asked EDI bosses if she could negotiate with the woman to get help for the wounded heroes. They said she couldn’t do so unless the woman have something else in return. The woman seemed untrustworthy and Right of Way tossed the robot in!

After a couple days, the team was mostly healed up and we got an alert from the Egyptian government. We rushed to the desert and find Seth, the evil god, and Ankh Ra squaring off. Another giant dragon was there too. Dr. Strange and his wife and Mr. Voodoo showed up. We took fighting stances. That’s how we ended!

EDI Overwhelmed
Mala, Arumtec, and More
  • June 17th-19th, 2017

Overwhelmed by crisis, the EDI struggles on. The team divides to deal with the problems facing Europe and Autopsy meets Captain America. They get some solid combat training in and Cap gives Autopsy a run for his money, but goes down first.

Afterwards, Autopsy and Technomeleon go to face the threat of the Mala terrorists, Barracuda and Mako, in the Aegean sea. There they met an old Greek man who owned the only house on the island and directed them to the Mala. A failure to talk them down from their independence stance leads the villains to unleash an ambush on Technomeleon and Autopsy claiming that holding them captive would help them get their demands. The heroes fought bravely, but the fight was going against them when the Greek Navy arrove to bombard the attackers. Both the heroes and the Mala escaped unharmed.

Immediately afterwards, the heroes are all called together to face a ferocious Red Dragon who called himself Arumutec and was besieging a Hammer Industries research facility. The heroes defeated Arumutec who vanished, but not before noticing Ankrah was at the same facility.

Meeting afterwards, they took stock of the threats facing them. A crime spree by Express, a sociopathic murdering robot known as Egghead, Ankrah loose and potentially connected to a dragon, not to mention the undersea terrorists, and Isotope the living atomic bomb. All while more of the EDI villains come out of the wood work.

London TImes and Social Media
Issue 21

New Issue of the London TImes will go here and a twitter section inspired by the latest Spider-Man game.

The London Times

EDI Assemble!
A New Team Comes to the Fore
  • June 14th-15th, 2017

We had our first game of the new campaign. The EDI went missing in a mysterious attack that damaged their base. Europe needed heroes, so Stellianos set Eryn and Autopsy to make a team. The new team met in resppnse to an attack by Isotope(nuclear villain in Europe) on a nuclear power plant in Portugal. Right of Way and Technomeleon rushing to the scene to join Eryn and Autopsy. The combined heroes were able to defeat Isotope in battle, but he escaped them. They agreed to come together in the future and Autopsy and Technomeleon went to Hamburg to briefly oversee the new base. Which is pretty dumpy at this moment. However, the European Union recognized them and they are now the official protectors of Europe.

The Battle of Chronopolis
Chronopolis Destroyed and Ankrah Defeated
  • February 5th, 2017

The fight begins, the heroes join Kang against theAnkrah alliance and it quickly goes in their favor. The heroes make a push for Ankrah before she challenges Kang and Titus, some far flung gladiator with Thor like powers is used there to hold them off. Ankrah uses the distraction to rush Kang and initiate a duel. The fight goes against her, but then summons new power as an avatar of Chaos and throw Kangs armor out of loop. During this time, time fluctuates thanks to their actions and Ankrah manipulates it to arrive once more with a new army.

Kang’s armies clash with Ankrahs again. Kang forces worn down and ragged are still more than a match for the villains and alieans brought by Ankrah. Then she releases some sort of chronal storm. The chronal energies rip out of control and other pieces of the multiverse leak into limbo. Kang falls back, and surprisingly destroys Chronopolis himself pulling a crystal from its remains. The villains and the heroes are nearly thrown back to Earth, but Thor holds open a portal with Mjolner and the UK heroes stay with Iron Man and Captain America. They push forward with Kang who seems oddly calm.

Kang admonishes Ankrah because her actions threaten the destruction of all of time. He says that she’s released Alioth who he had kept imprisoned. The heroes notice at this point that two Ankrah’s are now here because of her chronal manipulation. Ankrah 2 turns and begins to flee leaving the rest to her counterpart as Alioth starts to enter the dimension when on a backdrop of a multiverse of worlds crashing together throughout the vastness of time, the heroes catch her. Ankrah calls on her warrior, Titus, and they all fight once more but you’re outmatched by heroic efforts and is knocked into another dimension or time.

At this point, a time devouring monstrosity comes into limbo to eat limbo and all of time. The Living Tribunal appears and begins to lay judgment on Limbo. The heroes spring into action and contain Alioth with the help of Kang. Saving Limbo, time, themselves. However, during the process, Ankrah the second battles them as they fight back Alioth and Kang and the heroes beat her back and Kang blasts her into Alioth where she is devoured.

The End of Wyvern
The Beginning of the Battle of Chronopolis
  • February 3rd & 4th, 2017

The hero known as Dr. Tomorrow arrived on Excalibur’s doorstep with a mystery woman. The two people, Dr. Tomorrow and Delilah arrived because Delilah found Dr. Tomorrow to stop the revival and possession of her brother Lucas. It was revealed that Delilah, Lucas, Malak, and Ebony were all children of Ankrah and that Wyvern, in desperation, was going to try to bring back Lucas. Though the heroes doubted the information that came in, they ultimately discovered the truth and went to Wyvern’s mother’s home. There, with the help of Delilah, Clea, and Dr. Tomorrow, they track down Wyvern and find her as the revived and possessed Lucas comes too. Captain Britain arrives at this point and comes to help as well. Possessed Lucas turns out to be a powerful opponent and he defeats many of the heroes. Leaving only two heroes left as outside of the secret lab, Agammemnon/BC casts a spell that would send the demon back to hell. The demon holds out from being sent away, but a powerful move by Dr. Tomorrow and Daybreak knock the monster into the portal. The demon, bitter about its defeat tries to wipe out the remaining heroes. Daybreak and Dr. Tomorrow try to save everyone, but fail to save Wyvern who dies and Captain Britain becomes seriously injured.

After this, the heroes begin their investigation into Kang and Ankrah. They run into conflicting information and the Avengers inform them that they are going to side with Kang to bring the fight to Ankrah. The heroes are very self-effacing and make the Avengers doubt Exacalibur’s effectiveness despite the fact that the Avengers called to ask for help to stop Ankrah. It seems as though Ankrah’s plan is revealed and her effects on causing the temporal shadows. Another of Ankrah’s daughters, Cassandra, shows up and tries to convince the heroes to join Ankrah and destroy the warlord of Kang. The heroes decide to work with Kang because it seems that is their best chance to stop their dimension from being destroyed. They plot about turning on Kang, but no real decisions are made, and they quickly move on to the Battle of Chronopolis. There, they see Ankrah leading an army of villains and monsters to attack Chronopolis.

London Times Issue 19 & 20
Issue 19 & 20

Issue 19 will be up and 20 up soon.

The London Times

Breaking Day
Agammenon, and a Lesson in Righteousness
  • January 21st-February 2nd. 2017

The story begins with an investigation of Kang and his previous actions. Daybreak visited the hospital to look into her family’s well-being and found flowers left by a mysterious person, who she found out was Loki. Captain Righteous was invited by his sister to catch up since she was in town working for clients of her law firm. BC has a dream about Death speaking to him about the end of the cycle.
Later, Captain Righteous goes and meets his sister. Afterwards, he goes tocan abandoned brick building under compulsion where he meets his archnemesis, The Battersea Bomber. However, the bomber is under some sort of compulsion as well and hands him an exlosive of enormous potential and Captain Righteous takes it and walks back to Battersea and Excalibur HQ. He’s stopped by Battersea local, June Paige who speaks to him and nearly shakes hin from his stupor but is sent forward to Excalibur HQ to warn them. She does so and with a timely EMP blast from BC, Captain Righteous is able to break free and fly the bomb out of the way. As it nearly explodes and would destroy Captain Righteous, a suit of armor protects him from Stellianos.
After that, the heroes deal with Temporal Shadows. The remnants of another time overlapping with their own reality. These result in a nuclear bomb nearly destroying London from another reality that battled Kang. The heroes are able to stop it however.
Next, while on patrol, BC runs into the tent of Madame Traylan. As he enters once more, he sees the woman and theirs something familiar about her, but he can’t place it. Suddenly he turns from the haggard old woman and sees a girl in her teens. Cassandra. As he turns back to the old woman, he realizes she is also Cassandra. They give him a prophecy of 5000 years of torment for his sins. A cycle that endlessly repeats is coming to one violent conclusion. A cycle of duty and vengeance and blood. As BC stumbles from the tent, he returns to his home. The home of Brandon Minton with his two sons and Cassandra his wife. He goes there and talks to Cassandra who warns him that he shouldn’t leave. They talk for a while, but ultimately BC sees nothing wrong even with the assistance of Captain Righteous on patrol. So he leaves and when he does, he battles AD and Kang. The fight goes badly for BC and he is destroyed the final time. Int the realm of Death, he is greeted by her and rold that he, Agamemnon, is freed from his curse and that next time his death will be true. He reincarnates as a human once more. He surges forth and finds his son has killed AD. Safe, he speaks to them for a moment before returning to Excalibur HQ.
Meanwhile, while this going on, Daybreak visits her injured family that she hospitalized when controlled by Loki. Loki visits and a tense conversation occurs. Daybreak is controlled and empowered by the Norn Stones and sent to battle Excalibur as Loki arms his forces to battle his brother Thor. The battle breaks out and it’s a challenging battle, but they’re able to beat Daybreak and Thor overcomes Loki. The Asgardians retreat and Thor offers Excalibur a Norn Stone to reempower Daybreak. They take it and give it to her. She gains her full powers.
Afterward, at Excalibur HQ a few days later, Dr. Tomorrow and a young woman arrive. Dr. Tomorrow says to them, “My daughter is looking for her brother.”

London Times Issue 18
Issue 18

The latest and greatest (and still behind) issue of the London Times is up.

Here it is.

The London Times


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