Marvel Superheroes

Doom World That Was
Damocles Base Heist and Temporal Teleportation
  • November 4th, 2021

Part 1. Entering the Castle.

The heroes Eryn, Daybreak, Delilah, Umbral Knight, Polarizer, DorMagus, and Mr Fantastic have made it to the former US capital where the heroes are hopeful to find the Damocles base to try true time travel to restore reality to our universe.

As part of preparations Mr. Fantastic notifies the team that he has run the calculation and we need more help to be successful so he has sent off for Dialectic. Once Dialectic arrives in the Fantastic car Mr. Frantastic provides everyone with a communication device that also protects the heroes from the Cosmic Cube that Dr. Doom possesses.

The Umbral Knight flexes his powers summoning his dark beast to help interfere with Doom’s electronics. He discusses the effectiveness of the dark beast’s ability to interfere with electronics. They decide that it would be helpful for the initial push into the castle.

Mr. Fantastic deactivates the force field around the castle and the heroes make their way stealthily to the walls of the castle. The Polarizer was tasked with creating an entry way through the walls and successfully removed 100s of tons of concrete and steel. Unfortunately this task alerts Doom Knights who are able to see the electronic interference of Umbral Knight’s dark beast.

The heroes begin to fight the Doom Knights and Warrior Robots that were patrolling the outer walls. Robotrons also join the fray as the heroes make gains against Doom’s forces. As the heroes press forward a dome opens in the castle and Sentinels exit the building and fly towards the heroes, before one of their heads is blown off (kaboom!). The heroes look in wonder as Ishmael Troi joins the fray with Wolverine as a companion!

DorMagus and Wolverine stay behind to hold off the growing army of Doom robots. Mr. Fantastic states that he will work on the exit strategy in a nearby tower. The heroes press on into the castle knowing that the outside is secure for now.

Part 2. The Warband Splits Up

As the heroes enter the castle a mysterious plexiglass barrier separates the heroes into three groups.
EDU: Eryn, Dialectic, Umbral knight are going right.
PI: Polarizer and Ishmael are going straight.
D: Delilah and Daybreak are going left.

The PI group phases together and Ishmael and the Polarizer press forward and the traps spring but are ineffective against the phased heroes. Ishmael swings the Polarizer around like a morning star shorting out all of the traps for the return trip. They continue down their path encountering a large door. The Polarizer alters the reality of the door causing it to de-electrify and unlock long enough for Ishmael to sneak through. The spell did not last long so the Polarizer ended up needing to break the door down using Captain America’s shield. They make their way through a maze with more traps and end up severely injured. They find what they hope is the device we need and Polarizer sacrifices himself, dying inside a wall of flesh-eating nanite robots, allowing Ishmael to grab the case that houses the trans-temporal consciousness device. Ishmael, now alone, ventured back to the entry of the castle.

Cut to the EDU group. Eryn opens the ground and lets Umbral Knight absorb some amazing metal (no pun intended). This allows Umbral Knight to act like a human shield protecting the group from damage as Eryn and Dialectic clear the traps. They continue down some stairs as the sides of the walls begin to house more and more lava behind plexiglass. Eventually they come to a dome protected by magic and covered by magic curse runes. Eryn knows he can’t entirely disarm the trap but converts the curse into physical force. The curse activates and a shockwave hits Eryn, easily blasting through his shield and doing significant damage. Dialectic then reverberates the top of the dome opening it, revealing the trapped hero Force chained to the walls.

Force lets the heroes know that as soon as he is released the lava will fall into the chamber. Eryn flies the Umbral Knight and Dialectic to safety but asks Umbral Knight if he can borrow the electronic defying Dark Beast. Eryn, using his telekinesis, lowers the dark beast into Force’s chamber releasing him from his bindings. Despite the team’s best efforts Force is left dangling from a ledge. As a last ditch effort to hopefully save the dark beast and Force from the lava, Eryn launches the dark beast with full power into Force. Force is able to be grabbed by Umbral Knight and Dialectic, but the dark beast falls into the lava, perishing in fiery agony.

As the four heroes climb back up the stairs they encounter a series of serious traps until Force notices a control panel to the module that could deactivate the traps and plexiglass barriers. Force and Dialectic look at the control panel, and Dialectic, thinking of his past movie going experience, pulls the red wire severing it from the device. Eryn was shocked and surprised that not only did Dialectic pull the wire for such a reason, but also that it worked! They were free to exit to the castle entrance.

Queue the D group. Delilah and Daybreak move down their path. They struggle with their traps taking a beating as they venture forth. They continue pushing forward when a rift suddenly opens and two Asgardian Trolls climb through, grinning from ear to ear about the devastation they hope to cause. “Greetings from your brother.” the trolls say to Delilah.

Delilah and Daybreak fight with all they have, but it’s almost as if the gods of luck are actively their opponent as well. Daybreak hoping for an out goes into a berserker rage, they are able to take down one troll but it is not enough. Beaten and broken, the duo succumb to the final troll who carries their limb bodies to the courtyard.

Part 3. The Survivors Reunite

The two surviving groups reconvene; Eryn, Dialectic, and Umbral Knight with the rescued hero Force in tow, and then Ishmael with the trans-temporal consciousness device in hand.

They exit the castle gate hearing the news that DorMagus had fallen in battle, but Mr. Fantastic and Wolverine are still hard at work keeping Dr. Doom’s forces at bay. Everyone except Wolverine escapes through a gateway created by Force back to Eryn’s mansion.

Eryn previously had created a magic eye that was able to view the outcome of the siege. Although a major victory had been won, Eryn’s eye saw the aftermath. Dr. Doom arrived and disintegrated Wolverine with the cosmic cube. Shortly afterward the asgardian troll exited the citadel with the broken forms of Delilah and Daybreak in hand. Doom turned his face towards Eryn’s spying eye and destroyed it with a wave of his hand. The operation was a success, but at great cost. Wolverine, Polarizer, DorMagus, Delilah, Daybreak, and the dark beast were all presumed or confirmed dead.

Back at the base the surviving team decides that Eryn should be the one to send his consciousness back in time. Mr. Fantastic had created a special crystal that he said should be delivered to his former self. The crystal contained all the information that historical version or Mr. Frantastic would need to save this dimension’s earth from Doom-pocalypse. The issue was that the heroes needed to invade Latveria to enact the plan. The reality powers of the cosmic cube meant that the temporal device would only work where reality was initially altered. It was decided that Mr. Fantastic and Ishmael Troi would act as a diversion to delay Doom arriving as the heroes go to invade Latveria…

Part 4. The Invasion of Latveria

The diversion created by Mr. Fantastic and Ishmael was a success. The heroes Eryn, Dialectic, and Umbral Knight met with little resistance until they entered the base of the tower they needed to get to the top of. There they encountered a nefarious trio; Malak the Asgardian Wizard, Lanthanoid the robot who allowed Doom to borrow omniscience, and Benny Best the former hero turned Doom fanatic.

The encounter started with the villains cards on the table. Malak opened a portal that dropped Daybreak’s corpse on the ground, with a dagger in her back and beneath Malak was his sister, Delilah, alive and conscious much to our surprise. He threatened to end her life if we took another step.

The heroes were not a group to be intimidated or cajoled. Dialectic was quick thinking, first trying to hypnotize Malak but failing, then he solidified energy around Delilah in a sphere giving her the brief moment she needed to roll away from her captor and the battle commenced!

The first few seconds of battle were hard fought with little gained. Lanthanoid used his magnetic powers to rip the Umbral Knight’s arm from his body. Eryn attempted to take Lanthanoid’s attention with a telekinetic blast but the attack was fruitless. Eryn remembered that he needed to stay focused on the goal, this encounter was just a hurdle before the final stretch and he flew to the staircase to climb the tower. While Eryn was in the hallway Delilah decided that it was time to throw her concerns to the wind, she had to kill her brother. She began siphoning souls to kill him…

Benny Best, seeing that Eryn was trying to leave the area, intercepted him slamming him back into the room. Umbral Knight, having learned his lesson, changed his form to match that of the purple stone in his amulet and turned his attention to Benny Best who was blocking Eryn’s way forward. Not to be outdone, Force launched his black goat at Benny and ripped off Benny’s head. Much to Force’s surprise Benny’s head grew back and the battle raged on. The tide was starting to turn in the hero’s favor!

Delilah continued her rampage, dealing a heavy blow to her brother. He tried to counter attack, but it wasn’t enough to deal with her continued determination (and hundreds of consumed souls). He was felled by her grotesque claws, but not before he slid his sword into her gut. The blow was not fatal but she was barely standing.

Umbral Knight, Force, Dialectic, and Delilah knew that Benny Best had to go soon as he was interfering with the goal of the mission. The heroes pummeled the former hero until he was a shredded unconscious being in the corner. That left just Lanthanoid standing.

Lanthanoid attempted to stop Eryn from ascending the tower, but missed the mark. Eryn was flying and flying. Every second mattered and he had to ascend. The heroes on the ground floor were finally able to subdue Lanthanoid, with Delilah once again overcoming the enemy with the power of magic and over 100 souls!

The battle appeared over at first, but then the blue portal Doom used to navigate opened, but before he could step through, Force’s quick thinking landed Doom in Hell by placing his portal to hell in front of Doom’s gateway.

Doom’s power was not to be so quickly subverted though, he reopened a portal from hell and stepped through with the corpse of Sattanish and Mephisto held by their crushed throats. The heroes knew that Doom had to be stopped at all cost. The seconds were precious and few that Eryn needed. The heroes fell on Doom with righteous fury.

Umbral Knight thrashed at the villain. Dialectic blasted him with vicious notes. Force launched his power of darkness. Doom was suffering, but resolute. He finally waivered though, when Delilah consumed the souls that were left and unleashed a mountain range shattering blast that wiped out everything in Latveria as far as could be seen in the direction of the attack. Doom cried out in anger as he witnessed the devastation his country was enduring.

He responded by launching his own immense attack on the heroes. Umbral Knight shattered into ruby dust and Delilah, who could no longer stand, was destroyed. There were just two heroes left standing to confront Doom. Eryn was nearing his goal, and Doom had noticed.

“Doom knows what you have planned, it will not work,” declared Dr. Doom arrogantly. The resolve of these heroes was far stronger than he realized though. Doom went to crush Eryn with all of his force, but Force and Dialectic were not going to allow it. Dialectic, taking the symbol of Justice and Freedom that is Captain America’s shield, launched it at Doom, missing initially. Not being one to give up, Dialectic blasted the shield with sonic energy, launching it into a void dome that retarged the shield knocking Doom’s arms from Eryn’s location.

The tower began collapsing around Eryn, as his mind raced backwards in time he reminisced about the visions of his death given to him by Kang, he watched as his body was speared by the tower. His mind traveled back to 24 hours before the nukes launched, he touched his ear where the trans-temporal device reseted. The crystal from Mr. Fantastic fell out. Eryn knew what he had to do, he delivered the crystal to the Mr. Fantastic of the past. Days passed and the nukes never launched.

Eryn sat in silence for days, was he the only one who remembered the deaths of his friends, they are alive now, but he wonders if he ever will or should share with them the story of how their fates could have ended….

Starting Players:
Speed/Todsrache = Eryn
Mr. Fantastic
Rebecca = Daybreak
James = Delilah
Jordan = Umbral Knight
Alex/Aglockner = Polarizer
Paul = Dialectic

Joined part way through:
Jimmy = Ishmael Troi
Cody = Force

Dr. Doom, Kang, and the Fight to Save the Past
The Heroes Formulate a Plan
  • November 3rd-4th, 2021

Eryn and Polarizer entered Chronopolis to speak with Kang. We were escorted by a Mantis from a Universe that had been conquered by the Emperor of Time.

Kang spent some time gloating over the fact that Earth’s heroes were unable to stop Doom’s master plan. He showed Eryn and Polarizer a snapshot of our earth’s future. Eryn is doomed to die at the hands of Evil Superman attempting to get Doom’s Cosmic Cube. Doom is destined to die at the hand of Kang but the Cosmic Cube is destroyed in the process.
Kang offers the help of his time traveling abilities to defeat doom but asks for the Cosmic Cube in return as payment. Kang continues the conversation by showing us his trophy room where the heads/equipment of various earth heroes are on display. When Eryn and the Polarizer reach a place in the room where our heads are on display from another dimension. Polarizer, not being one to be outdone, uses his powers to make a head from a deceased Kang appear beside ours. Eryn being very hesitant to turn over an artifact as powerful as a cosmic cube to Kang takes some time to think about the offer.

When Eryn returns from a stroll around Chronopolis he is still at ends with either decision. Ultimately the risk of a Cosmic Cube in the hands of Kang, an entity who is hostile to earth is too dangerous so Eryn makes the difficult decision of declining Kang’s offer of help.

Setting switch to young Umbral Knight. He finds himself barely alive, forced out of his personal dimension. Unknowingly he is suffering the effects of the nuclear fallout from the blasts in Ireland. He comes across his family home where he finds his dad hanging on by a thread. The rest of the family had already succumbed to the devastation caused by Dr. Doom. He is able to get his dad to a facility for medical treatment, but eventually he passes on as well.

Meanwhile, Umbral Knight is continually getting sicker. He discovers that converting his body to metal/other materials helps him endure his injuries and prevents further injuries. He encounters a giant black mass with eyeballs on all sides slowly devouring Ireland. Initially he attempts to push back the mass, but realizes that his efforts are unhelpful. He adopts a young child that he vows to take to safety.

Umbral Knight and the child travel by sea past the Isle of Man that is completely overcome with the same black mass that was on Ireland. In his search for solace, he hears that heroes are grouping up with civilians in Scotland. Continuing their journey, a strange glimmer appears and the world is changed to a world of greenery. Umbral Knight’s companion is also gone as if they had never been there. Umbral Knight continues his journey without his companion. Eventually he makes it to Eryn’s mansion as Eryn and Polarizer are exiting Chronopolis.

Eryn, Polarizer, Mr. Fantastic, Dormagus, Daybreak, and Delilah all meet and discuss Eryn’s decision with Kang and the arrival of Umbral Knight. Umbral Knight is allowed into the conference room and is interviewed by the heroes before being considered part of the group. He undergoes a medical analysis and the radiation has done its damage. He has less than 24 hours of life left when he is in his human body.

The heroes have a meeting where the options left are discussed and voted on.
True time travel by attempting to access Damocles base from Kang war.
False time travel and creating alternative dimensions using Daybreak’s gateway
Attempting to outmaneuver reality manipulation again Dr. Doom’s Cosmic Cube.
Travel back in time to when Lanthaniod gave Dr. Doom his limited-use cosmic awareness.

Eventually the heroes decided that True Time travel should be attempted before resorting to Daybreak’s gateway. The heroes open a portal to Washington DC, the last known location of the Damocles base. There they stand ready to assault a Doom fortress that towers above the former capital of the USA. Will the heroes triumph or will Doom arrive, cube-in-hand to annihilate the heroes…

Benjamin Barton's Journey Pt. 2
  • October 26th, 2021 – October 30th, 2021

Benny enters Olympia, ends his new friendship and crosses the Black Sea and lands in Soviet Ukraine.

Benjamin Barton's Journey Pt.1
A Trip of Self Discovery Begins
  • October 12th, 2021-October 26th, 2021

Benny begins his trip with an escape from Communist Hungary and entrance into Greece. There he tours Thessaloniki and meets a new friend and a jaded hero. He leaves and heads to My. Olympus.

Surviving the Nuclear Apocalypse
The Survivors Persevere in the Face of Hardship
  • September 3rd – November 3rd, 2021

The heroes are in the nuclear war apocalypse. Or at least the beginning of it. They are scattered and work to preserve as many people as they can and fix as much as they could. This works in some cases and fails in others. The Polarizer played by Alex treks across America in the hopes of finding someone who can fix things on the east coast. He avoids nuclear wastelands, gifts food to people he meets and resolves conflicts. Then he sorts through the ruins of New York and sees the dead Avengers and collects Captain America’s Shield.
In Europe, Eryn and Daybreak fight as Daybreak is still berserk at ground zero in the island of Mann. Eryn takes her out and takes her to his house. A whirlwind of activity happens as Eryn and Daybreak prepare for the apocalypse and move to help as many as they can. Meanwhile, Delilah hides in the mirror dimension as Ireland is nuked. She leaves and goes to the Island of Mann to get Ira but finds her demonic powers have run amoke and devoured all of the souls on the island as a mass of demonic flesh and eyes. She tries to bring her back, but fails and separates her partly in Ireland. This is not successful either and the demonic mass begins to devour what remains of Ireland. She returns and joins up with Eryn and Daybreak.
Eryn leaves to fix Ira and Ireland, but gets whisked into a conflict to see who will be the next Sorcerer Supreme. He teams up with Dr. Doom and Dormagus to take down Dr. Landcaster. Dr. Doom then takes Eryn out and then Dormagus becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Eryn returns finds the books he needs and meets up with Polarizer and Mr. Fantastic taking them back to Scotland. But not before he stops Dormamu from entering through a portal with his army of Mindless Ones to take over earth. Ira is too big and Ireland is lost as well as the Island of Mann.
Meanwhile Daybreak and Delilah go south to take down Algernon Crowe who is trying to become a god on the back of a mass human sacrifice. They win, but they both lose control to their inner demons in the process. Daybreak becoming a mindless berserker and Delilah becoming Shuma-Gorath’s avatar and then co-opting Algernon Crowe’s sacrifice to increase her power. Shuma Gorath builds a spire of irradiated bones and creates some sort of magical artifact in Oxford.
They return and share all information possible with the other group and time passes when suddenly the world is remade in Latveria’s image with many people revived. Sections of the world were unrecoverable (Ireland & Isle of Mann, Siberia to the Presence, and Oxford). Then a cut in reality happens at their house and they are invited to Chronopolis once more.

Lord of the Flies Vanquished
Beelzebub vs Baphomet
  • August 12th-August 15th, 2021

The heroes defeat Beelzebub’s plans for the world and end their reign of terror.

When we last left our heroes, they had destroyed one of the five seals tying Beelzebub to Earth but alerted the evil sorcerer Tethra to their presence. He had summoned a great ball of black hellfire to rain upon our heroes and the Bartow lumber yard.

Thinking quickly, Force threw himself at the ferris wheel of human bodies and toppled it onto Tethra, pinning the vile man underneath. This had the intended effect of throwing off his aim, causing the hellfire orb to land wide of his targets and burn away on the ground. Force got a couple punches before fleeing from the horde of demons Tethra sent after him.

Meanwhile, Autopsy managed to snag the children among the crowd of brainwashed townsfolk and stashed them in the abandoned well where they would be out of harms way. He then made his way back to the lumber yard, slammed some demons with a telephone pole, then fled to find Force and the next seal.

Force did some investigating while avoiding roving bands of demons and ascertained that another seal could be found on the mountain. He ventured into the woods and made his way towards a flicker of firelight. He came upon a scene of terrible debauchery and vileness. A handful of the American Satanists were sexually abusing brainwashed townsfolk in a giant orgy, overseen by three Gianthic Guardians, the neigh-invulnerable one-eyed demons Autopsy had encountered fighting Dr. Lancaster.

Force consulted the raven god statue Shaman had given him and it gave him the ability to enter the mind of one of the townsfolk. He was able to get close to the cultists and then command the other Bartow residents to attack. They viciously struck down the cultists, hurling their bodies into the bonfire. The guardians immediately retaliated, squashing the attackers and destroying the seal hidden underneath the mound of rugs and blankets the cultists had turned into their rape den.
Force narrowly escaped with his life and fled back towards town, the guardians hot on his trail.

Autopsy stealthily made his way across town, looking for any sign of the next seal, pausing when he heard the Guardians destroy the mountainside. He attention was arrested again by the sound of a tremendous battle. coming from the direction of the local ranger station. He approached the source of the noise to find the Doombot battling an army of possessed creatures. Wolves, foxes, cougars, raccoons, and possums were throwing themselves at him, their eyes blazing with foul sorcery. The Doombot decimated them with energy and magical blasts of his own, giving no quarter. An enormous raging bear came charging from the inside of the ranger station, hurtling towards the Doombot. He met its charge head-on and self-destructed in a gigantic explosion of magical energy, decimating the remaining animals and the front of the ranger station.

Into the smoking wreckage Autopsy crept, looking for evidence of the next seal. He saw a dark shadow pass overhear, blotting out the moon. It was Tethra! He landed on the other side of the station and entered., Autopsy snuck to a window and listened as Tethra and a female voice on the otherside argued with each other, discussing the damage wrought by Force and Autopsy and the ineffectiveness of the cultists in stopping them. Tethra left furious while the female voice mocked him. Autopsy peeked into the room and saw a woman in red wizards garb, with a bound and charmed ranger serving as her foot stool. Autopsy snuck to the wall opposite her and smashed into the room, destroying her barrier shield and grabbing her in a chokehold. He was caught offguard by her lack of fight and even more surprised when she offered to destroy the seal in exchange for her freedom.

He agreed and she cast a spell revealing the seal buried below the station, before wiping it out using her wand. She then looked to Autopsy questioningly. He nodded and she departed quickly. It was only then that Autopsy noticed the body of the ranger, killed by the debris when Autopsy burst into the room.

He and Force met up and quickly compared notes, determining only one seal remained. They then had to flee as the guardians began pursuing them. Autopsy led the guardians away while Force sought shelter in a home, finding a priest and a mother with small children. The priest, thought terrified, offered his help and gave Force his rosary and prayer beads, telling him he had overheard the demons speaking of the ski lodge to the north serving as their HQ. He set out for it, singing Dio’s Holy Diver under his breath.

Meanwhile, Autopsy leapt from guardian to guardian, trying to avoid being pulverized. He narrowly escaped by fleeing underground and digging a tunnel, to avoid the paralyzing gaze of the demons. They lost him and he too headed towards the ski lodge, following Force’s guidance.

They arrived at the lodge, a deep unease settling upon them as the evil and darkness they had been feeling intensified tenfold. Force detected a seal of warding and detection upon the doors and using his own spellcraft, was able to dismantle it. The snuck inside and came upon a rune circle, ten small circles, forming the larger one. all but one had been dimmed. They heard footsteps upon the stairs and into the room came the final cultist, a giant of a man, bearded, robed in red and cruel in countenance. Spells were cast, blows were traded, and then a young girl came into the room, dressed in white and both Autoppsy and Force were more afraid of her than anything they had yet encountered. She spoke and her voice was not that of a child, but a being of great evil and malice. Baelzeebub taunted Force and Autopsy and Force replied that he would release Baphomet if she didn’t surrender and go back to hell.

She laughed and moved to attack. but Baphomet seized control of Force and hauled himself out of Force’s body. The two hell lords began attacking each other. Force and Autopsy laid into the cultist, realizing if they defeated him, Baelzeebub’s tie to the earth would be disrupted. Force, fueled by passion and rage, struck a killing blow, snapping the cultist’s neck. Baelzeebub, shrieking, was drug back to hell as his final seal was destroyed. He left the young girl who collapsed unconscious.

Baphomet however, would not go quietly. He seized Force and tried to separate from him permanently. Autopsy, seizing the rosary and crucifix, dealt great blows to Baphomet and forced him back into Force, sealing him away. Exhausted and worn, our heroes looked about them, realizing they had finally defeated the forces of hell and thwarted the schemes of Tethra and his ilk. Bartow, Dublin, and the world were safe once again. For the time being..

Autopsy thanked Force and gave him an open invitation to his home, telling him to visit when the toils of his job and life became too much. They parted as friends and vowed to support each other through whatever life next threw their way. Our heroes then went their separate ways, Autopsy to his family and Dublin and Force, back to the road and his thankless job standing against the darkness that seeks to enter our world. Until next time!

Fall of the Reefer Empire
Drugs flood Melbourne and the heroes stop the flow
  • 2020

The heroes, Herald and Dark Matter, face off and stop the actions of the Reefer King, Steel King, Big Jim, Deathstalker, and the Dictator. This new super drug based on a variant of weed proves to be a mind control drug in disguise and the villains are using it for vast wealth and the control of their victims. An investigation leads the heroes away from Melbourne to their secret farm. Herald is kidnapped, and frees himself, and then Dark Matter arrives to rescue him and take down the evil doers.

Doom World P.1
Apocalypse Now
  • September 3rd, 2021

So, recap for everyone who missed. The group fought Dr. Doom and his robots. The defeated like 7 Doombots and 120 or so warrior robots. But it wasn’t enough. They were overwhelmed then Dr. Doom had them nuked. Pangaea and Valchire died in the blast. Daybreak and Eryn barely survived. Autopsy was dying and taken to a hospital in Ireland, but died there. Delilah escaped barely surviving the shockwave of the blast. Gadgeteer was bombarded by Doom missiles and died before the bombs fell. Then nuclear war annhilates 90% of the worlds population.

I should also mention for the older members, Dr. Doom created his plans from when you all let him have omniscience after Fuuten died. And he told Eryn as much.

Into the Dark
Now Entering Bartow: Demon Capital, USA
  • August 12th-15th, 2021

When last we left our determined devil-detecting duo, Force and Autopsy had entered the mysterious mists surrounding the land near Bartow, WV, leaving Eryn behind. They reviewed the copy of El Berith’s contract with the Irish sorcerer Tethra and gleaned valuable insight concerning the boons granted to Tethra by the devil and what he must do in turn to earn/keep them. They discovered a possible angle of attack they could take to void the contract and lose Tethra his boons.

They made their way though the weirdling mists, their purplish hue casting an ominous pall over the valley. Murmurs and low cries came from the forests around them and they stuck to the road into town. A sign directed them to the Yeager House and after syncing EVI up with Force’s helmet, they approached the dwelling. There they found it to be an inn and the proprietess, Melissa Yeager, was eager to share history about the building and her family’s history with it. Force and Autopsy took rooms at the inn and met the only other guest, a dour man named Victor Crowl. Force was suspicious and did some investigating of him while Ralph ran interference with Miss Yeager, learning that a number of odd folks had been seen in town and were at the larger of the town’s two lumber mills. Victor caught Force and Autopsy rummaging through his car for clues and informed them that he was a sorcerer, looking for the artifact responsible for the mist permeating the valley and keeping our heroes trapped within it. Victor, referring to himself in the third person, stated he cared not for the inhabitants or the citizens of Dublin, only that he find the Mists of Munnipor. He did agree to help Force and Autopsy stop the cult if they provided him with the artifact. He also gave them the location of two of the remaining 4 seals tethering Beelzebub to this realm and that he believed a third was located in town.

Force and Autopsy set off, exploring the town. They chatted with a few locals and determined they were under some form of spell, the Charm of They Asmodeus most likely, based upon the terms in the El Berith contract. They set out for the graveyard, to investigate. On the road to the cemetery, they noticed the local Catholic church and that the weird mists did not seem able to approach it. They also began to feel a great tiredness overtake them. Fighting it off, they entered the graveyard and some detecting led them to a recently disturbed grave, the headstone of which read “Melissa Yeager, Died Aug. 12, 2021” that very day! Feeling thoroughly spooked, the heroes unearthed the coffin within the grave and opening it, found a glowing mystical orb. The Mists of Munipoor! Thinking quickly, Force took the orb to the church, where upon entering the sacred grounds, the orb was purged of its ominous purple light. The tiredness and fatigue afflicting Force and Autopsy dissipated. They debated what to do with it shortly, both feeling suspicious of Victor, but decided they needed his help.

Returning to the road, they saw a crowd of townsfolk being led by a stereotypical devil with a pitchfork towards the lumber mill. Looking behind him, Force saw a terrible sight- bodies and pieces of bodies adorning the lumberyard’s wall and the makings of a demented, demonic carnival. Rather than tell Autopsy, he turned away and together they meet with Victor.
After some more negotiating, questioning, and threat exchanging between Victor and Force, they gave him the orb and he shut down its power, allowing others to enter and leave the valley. He also did some high level spell work and determined the loss of the heroes’ powers was a result of Beelzebub’s influence. He had been summoned but not fully allowed into to enter this realm due to Force’s tampering with the first seal. Our heroes and Victor head back into town, towards the lumber yard. Force is able to determine it is none other than Dr. Doom who is with them and feels very hostile due to Doom’s mistreatment of him years ago. But he keeps his temper in check, frees the ghost of a little girl from a well they find on the way, and they sneak up to the lumber yard.

It is a horrible sight to behold. A Ferris wheel made of bodies, a log flume ride that saws participants in half, giant presses squishing people, all done up with a sickening carnival flair. Enchanted townsfolk stand in line to enter. Autopsy moves to rescue the townies while Doom and Force sneak up to the viewing tower in the yard and confront the cultist overseeing the gruesome spectacle. The ghost girl blows their cover but Force makes short work of the cultist, snapping his neck while Doom seeks to disrupt the seal. Ralph rushes townsfolk to the church only for them to wander back and stand in line. The seal is destroyed and the demons about to attack seem to fallback and look confused. But then! Tethra arrives and makes a grand speech about the folly of Autopsy and Force before dropping a massive blast of energy upon the entire area.

Will our heroes survive and be able to find the remaining seals in time? Can they trust Doom? Until next time..

Multi-Dimensional Madness
Eryn's House Found! Oh, and Dr. Doom
  • August 12th- September 3rd, 2021

The group went about their daily lives. Delilah studied, Pangaea managed his business, Eryn though followed through on his promises. He pursued his house tracking it down to an alternate dimension and also rolled well on tracking the number of kids who left Latveria. Turns out they were not all sent back to their home countries. But Eryn led the group after his house first. The entered into a Nexus dimension, the Marine Vivarium. And tracked the house. Pangaea got separated and fell in the Archipelago of Anguish and redemption. Delilah and Eryn snuck past a giant blue wolf and literal giants and got to the house. The doubled back and then those two got split up and Eryn made it back and rescued Pangaea. Meanwhile, Daybreak tried to help, but failed her dimensional portal roll and went to Alfheim the land of the Light Elves which has been conquered by Malak, the brother of Delilah and the Enchantress. The Enchantress ordered her killed, Delilah attempted to rescue Daybreak but was stabbed to near death and chose unconsciousness. Daybreak grabbed Delilah and tried to escape from certain death and did by successfully teleporting away from Alfheim using her powers on their rainbow flower-bridge.

Everyone was back at Earth, so Eryn decided that Dr. Doom needed to know that he was a bad kidnapper and teleported thousands of letters of Latveria spreading that news to the citizens of Latveria. Dr. Doom didn’t care for Eryn’s continued threats and his subversion so he then blew up a section of the base and attacked the team.


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