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Marvel Superheroes: A “What If” Adventure

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We’re in universe 100,000

The date is…. July 29th, 2021. We’ve fallen behind the current date. The adventures occur at the same time in the real world and game— world till War in an All New Dimension. After that, I’ve added dates to them. This convention continued even though we’re just about caught up with the real world as of lately. Previous adventures begin with tales on the Emerald Isle, then the troubles in Tokyo, the demons in the Queen City, the travels through Eternity, the stalwart if easily swayed heroes of London, a brief sojourn to continental Europen and latest an introspective look at the lives of individual heroes, specifically one Autopsy came to an end not long ago. Years zoomed past (both in the real world, and fictional) during those years various adventures occurred some minor some major. Now we’re in the midst of the era of exploration and discovery.

Currently, we are in a period of excitement again, the heroes have formed a team yet many times the various members of the team have their own duties and as such, we never know who our stories will follow. Then, as usual, the excitement here never ends; so I wonder, what will our heroes do next?

The pictures on here were all found through a search engine. If they are yours and you would like me to take them down or credit them, let me know.