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Marvel Superheroes: A What If Story

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The date is…. June 13th, 2013.

The Timeless has created his Irish superhuman team and many of the other heroes have joined it. This team has seemingly dissolved and now many of the Irish heroes are reserve Avengers. A massive war was declared on the Earth in 2012. It resulted in the deaths of millions when Kang conquered the world. He was defeated, thankfully, by the gathered heroes of Earth but he has gone missing from the world as a whole before the scheduled day of his execution. So, having defeated Kang, the heroes relaxed for a short period of time and dealt with a whole host of minor problems that have led into a final confrontation with Fuuten. This battle involved nearly the entire Marvel Universe resulting in multiple deaths and Fuuten being slain by the sacrifice of Emet. After that, really what can our heroes do next?!?