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Marvel Superheroes Berlin: A “What If” Adventure

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The date is…. August 14th, 2017. We’ve fallen behind the current date. The adventures occur at the same time in the real world and game— world till War in an All New Dimension. After that, I’ve added dates to them.

After the adventures on the Emerald Isle, the troubles in Tokyo, the demons in the Queen City, the travels through Eternity, and the stalwart if easily swayed heroes of London, we’ve turned our eyes to the continent and the heroes were briefly the new EDI, but the pressures proved too much for them and now we’re watching the action of brave protectors of a little slice of heaven known as the Berlin Mutantown slums. So, as usual, the excitement here never ends; so I wonder, what will our heroes do next?

The pictures on here were all found through a search engine. If they are yours and you would like me to take them down or credit them, let me know.