This page links to all of the characters journal pages. Make sure that you include an in-game date for your journal entries.

To create a journal, first, create a journal page. You do this by clicking new at the top and creating a wiki page labeled “Your Character’s Journals”.

Then you create another page with the details of your first journal entry. This should somehow be titled first journal entry.

After that, you go back to the first page created and put a wiki link there(your character’s journal) to the journal entries you create. When editing a page, the button to add wiki links will be on the right-hand side below character link.

Finally, you put a wiki link on this page linking to your character’s journal page and another wiki link on your character page in the character tab. As a note, writing a journal entry before th next session will get you 50 karma.

Characters who have journals are as follows:

BC’s Diary

Confessions from a Dragon

Captain Righteous’ Hero Log

Daybreak Diaries

Dialectic Journal

Dr Tomorrow’s Journals

Force’s Journals

Harbinger’s Journals

Issues of Ultra Speed

Mutant Rights and Advisory Panel

Scorpion Chronicles

Silver Syren’s Journal

The Question’s Journal

The Journals of Ralph Containe

Wyvern Chronicles


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