Case Log 08-13

“The Cellar Dweller Who Turned Her Feller Yeller”

The other day I was contacted by a man who had just come from locking his betrothed in their basement cellar. He was panicked and speaking quickly, panting and in shock. He told me the story of how, the same night I fought those demons on the Ohio with VB and those others, a black smoke wafted into their home in Hyde Park. His wife began to act crazily and was becoming violent so he locked her up. I arranged a price to do a proper exorcism, if that was to be the case.

When I arrived, I walked around back to find the cellar closed with a tire iron through the handles of the metal double doors. The doors were bent and bruised, seemingly from the prisoner within. I knew that this one wasn’t going to be an issue. I calmly walked over to the cellar, bent down and knocked on the door. I demanded the demon name itself. It laughed at me and threatened to destroy me. Well, let’s just say that I didn’t like that and I got pissed. I jumped back and and use the the darkness to blow the doors opened.

Out walked a beautiful woman surrounded by demonic presence. Then shit got very real. A twelve foot demon stepped out of her fucking mouth. I couldn’t figure out it’s realm of origin but I knew that this was definitely a fell beast, stronger than the ones we faced the other night.

A fight broke out and I got my hits in but that giant sonuvabitch was powerful. He was beating me like no one ever had. I honestly thought that I was done in, when out of seemingly nowhere came a woman through a portal. This woman was breathtaking. Dark complexion, dark hair and mesmerizing purple eyes. She popped out and started fucking flirting with me. She then proceeded to start to kick the demon’s unholy ass. We teamed up on him and brought him within an inch of his life.

He took his final rage out on us in the form of a giant fire blast. The mysterious female leapt for the woman while I just stood there in shock. The blast hit the stranger full – on but we both survived it. I took a shot a the beast, but ultimately it was the stranger who killed the beast with a giant vine that came from the ground and snapped the beast;s neck.

I called an ambulance and we waited or it to arrive while circling the block on my bike. I called the husband and refused payment, due to my actions that caused his wife to get hurt. The stranger and I went for coffee, where she introduced herself as Shaman, the Native American avatar to the old spirits. Rayen Johnson was her real name. She invited me out to be her date to an exhibit opening up Friday. This woman is asking me to…date…her…in public. This should be interesting.

Case Log 08-13

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