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  • Mandroid Armor

    Bio: The Mandroid armor is the super-suit of choice for organizations that may be going up against super-powered foes. Designed by Tony Stark and later produced by Stane International, plans have also fallen into the hands of criminal elements, and they …

  • Villains in Prison

    This is a list of villains that have been personally put into prison(or incarcerated by other means) by the Irish superheroes and famous villains in other parts of the world. [[:hobgoblin | Hobgoblin]]

    Villains at Large

    This page is to keep track of recently escaped, freed, or on the run villains. The following list is not to be considered comprehensive. [[:beetle | Beetle]] [[:bison | Bison]] [[:copperhead | Copperhead]] [[:deadpool | Deadpool]] [[:famine …

  • Masters of Evil

    The Masters of Evil are a team of supervillains. There have been five incarnations of the Masters of Evil, accumulating dozens of members in total. The Masters of Evil were primarily opposed to the Avengers, although they also battled the Thunderbolts ( …

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