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  • Ultimate Ultra Speed

    Is it only January of the new year? It's been a month? Maybe a couple or more since I switched over to the new costume and identity. The business is going well after a slow start, the team has really come together, and we're no longer on the run. But dear …

  • Velocity Beam's Journals

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  • Ultra Speed Issue 1

    _- Chapter 1 -_ It was a hot and muggy day on the 13th, and I think this was a turning point in my life. Sure the few weeks before were hectic and crazy, but this was the moment things got really hot and heavy. Which is ironic considering the …

  • Velocity

    *Name:* Eric Wolf *Code Name:* Velocity Beam *Ethnicity:* Caucasian American *Height:* 5'11 *Weight:* 180 *Age:* 25 years, born 3/30/1991 (Aries/Metal Sheep zodiac sign) *Blood Type:* A *Hometown:* (Northwest) Portland, Oregon *Physical …

  • Riko Johnson

    Name: Riko Johnson Age: January 2, 1992 Height: 5'3" Weight: 122 Citizenship: Japanese American Bio: Riko Johnson is the ever busy niece of Mr. Tanaka of [[Tanaka's Diner | Tanaka's Diner]]. She's a long time friend of Velocity Beam.

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