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  • Force's Journals

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    Force's journals. [[Case Log 08-13 | Case Log 08-13]] [[Force's Journal Entry 0 | Force's Journal Entry 0]]

  • Journals

    This page links to all of the characters journal pages. Make sure that you include an in-game date for your journal entries.

    To create a journal, first, create a journal page. You do this by clicking new at the top and creating a wiki page labeled " …

  • Force's Journal Entry 0

    Journal Entry #0 - Cincinnati has a pulse to it, man. There is a dull thud wherever you go and not just the one emanating from the railroad tracks or by the Ballpark. This city isn’t the Big Apple, by any stretch, because it actually does sleep. After …

  • Case Log 08-13

    "The Cellar Dweller Who Turned Her Feller Yeller" The other day I was contacted by a man who had just come from locking his betrothed in their basement cellar. He was panicked and speaking quickly, panting and in shock. He told me the story of how, the …

  • Dialectic Journal

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    [[:dialectic | Dialectic]]
    This is Dialectic's journal. [[Dialectic Journal 1 | Dialectic Journal 1]] [[Dialectic Journal 2 | Dialectic Journal 2]] [[Dialectic Journal 3 | Dialectic …

  • Dialectic Journal 1

    Journal En Retiring to the ship's locker, I was exhausted... body resistance had shielded me from scrapes and bruises, but I was sore and pained from the battle behind me. I was also dealing with the residual shock of the ordeal, my first off-world …

  • Dr tomorrow's Journals

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    [[:dr-tomorrow | Dr. Tomorrow]]
    Dr. Tomorrow's Journals [[Chronicles of Tomorrow 1 | Chronicles of Tomorrow 1]] [[Chronicles of Tomorrow 2 | Chronicles of Tomorrow 2]] [[Chronicles of …

  • Dialectic Journal 3

    I want to go home. This inconvenient kidnapping has turned into something of a nightmare. Stuck in space with Dr. Too-psycho, Li-Rogg (aka “Mr. Personality”), and a crew that grows more questionable with each new addition. This Rasq dude makes me …

  • The Question's Journal

    [[:leero-pocle | The Question]]
    [[Journals | Journals]]
    These are the Question's journals. [[Journal entry one | Journal entry one]] [[The Question Journal 2 | The Question Journal 2]]

  • Journal entry one

    [[The Question's Journal | The Question's Journal]] [[:leero-pocle | Leero Pocle]]

    Psychiatrist's log, Post Sleep, Entry #1, 1/14/14.

    Did you ever have a lucid dream that you could swear was real? The vividness of it and details …

  • The Journals of Ralph Containe

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    [[:jordan-s-hero | Autopsy]]
    These are the journals of Ralph Containe, the hero known as Autopsy. [[The Road to Autopsy | The Road to Autopsy]] [[A Parting Gift | A Parting Gift]]

  • A Parting Gift

    27 Sept. 2013 Shewww. The last 6 months have been a roller coaster. My body started shutting down. It’s terrifying to feel yourself slowly dying. I’ve come close to punching out a couple times; Kang War nearly did me in and the same for my first …

  • Harbinger's Journals

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    [[:harbinger | Harbinger]]
    Harbinger's Journals (note: Anomaly Logs #1-4 would have covered Dr. Johnson's first outings as a vigilante) [[Anomaly Log, Entry 5 | Anomaly Log, Entry 5]] [[ …

  • Anomaly Log, Entry 7

    I don't much care for feelings. They muddle the concise clarity of an otherwise orderly life. Fortunately, I'm quite adept at putting feelings aside, and calling upon them only in circumstances in which social etiquette dictates that I display the …

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