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  • Hopewell Shaman Artifacts

    h3. The Pendant of the Thunderbird [[File:585936 | class=media-item-align-center | 0801131113-00.jpg]] This is similar to the center piece of the necklace. Except The Shaman's one has a Thunderbird on it. h3. The Band of Watoomb [[File: …

  • Force's Journals

    [[Journals | Journals]]
    [[:force | Force]]
    Force's journals. [[Case Log 08-13 | Case Log 08-13]] [[Force's Journal Entry 0 | Force's Journal Entry 0]]

  • Force's Journal Entry 0

    Journal Entry #0 - Cincinnati has a pulse to it, man. There is a dull thud wherever you go and not just the one emanating from the railroad tracks or by the Ballpark. This city isn’t the Big Apple, by any stretch, because it actually does sleep. After …

  • Case Log 08-13

    "The Cellar Dweller Who Turned Her Feller Yeller" The other day I was contacted by a man who had just come from locking his betrothed in their basement cellar. He was panicked and speaking quickly, panting and in shock. He told me the story of how, the …

  • Force

    *Hero Name:* Force *Actual Name:* ??? *Costume* Cyberpunk-ish cloak that is an updated model of my idol's, Doctor Strange, as well as my HelmTech retractable Helmet. *Do I have any enemies?* Sure…no cool ones though. I’d love it if Doc …

  • Shaman

    Name: Rayen Johnson Age: 27 Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 Citizenship: American Race: Native American Marital Status: Single Bio: Name: Rayen Johnson Shaman is a powerful magic user that calls it as she sees it. She's honest, blunt, and knows what …

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