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    This is Dialectic's journal. [[Dialectic Journal 1 | Dialectic Journal 1]] [[Dialectic Journal 2 | Dialectic Journal 2]] [[Dialectic Journal 3 | Dialectic …

  • Dialectic Journal 1

    Journal En Retiring to the ship's locker, I was exhausted... body resistance had shielded me from scrapes and bruises, but I was sore and pained from the battle behind me. I was also dealing with the residual shock of the ordeal, my first off-world …

  • Dialectic Journal 3

    I want to go home. This inconvenient kidnapping has turned into something of a nightmare. Stuck in space with Dr. Too-psycho, Li-Rogg (aka “Mr. Personality”), and a crew that grows more questionable with each new addition. This Rasq dude makes me …

  • Dialectic


    Dialectic is an altered human hero, and member of the Order of Singularity. It is not known how Dialectic's humanity was altered, there by granting him superhuman powers. These powers are roughly divided in strength …

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