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  • Stark International

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    A multi-billion dollar corporation owned and run by businessman Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, also known as Iron Man. The company appears in stories published by Marvel Comics and was founded by Howard …

  • Hammer Industries

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    Justin Hammer was born in Surrey, England, and later became a citizen of Monaco. A rival of industrialist Tony Stark (Iron Man), multi-billionaire businessman Hammer later became a criminal financier …

  • Mercury Industries

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    A large multi-industry corporation based just South of [[Dublin | Dublin]], Ireland in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. They've already expanded into other areas such as: weapons and defense contacts, …

  • Dublin Enquirer

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    The Dublin Enquirer is an Irish daily broadsheet newspaper launched on 29 May 1832. The editor is Kate Cushing. The Dublin Enquirer is published every day except Sundays. It employs 420 people. Though …

  • Cat's Eye Private Investigations

    [[Organizations | Organizations]]
    Felicia Hardy's private investigation firm. It operates out of Dublin. Lately, it has been co-operating with a much less successful investigation firm [[Containe Investigations | Containe …

  • Containe Investigations

    [[Organizations | Organizations]]
    Ralph Containe's private investigation firm. It is a barely financially stable investigation company. The owner, Ralph Containe, can only afford his own pay and that of his goldfish. Recently, the …

  • Waffle Good

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    An internationally famous chain of breakfast/waffle restaurants. It is very popular with the superhero community all over the world and is known as the best place to meet/see your local superhero. They …

  • Tokyo Shimbun

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    The Tokyo Shimbun (東京新聞, Tōkyō Shinbun, literally Tokyo newspaper) is a Japanese newspaper published by The Chunichi Shimbun Company. The group publishes newspapers under the brand name of The Tokyo …

  • Mitada Corporation

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    An absolutely massive corporation that is owned by the superhero known as [[:sensei | Sensei]]. He has retired from actively running the business and passed on his responsibilites to the husband of …

  • Fune Industries

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    This is a major Japanese based business. It got it's start in the shipping industry. Now, the business is focusing on military and other heavy industry technologies and manufacturing. The company is …

  • Advanced Future Prosthetics

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    It builds prosthetic limbs for amputees as well as parts for a new project involving advanced parts to military amputees so they can have durable limbs to get back in the field.

  • Strong Arm Private Security

    [[Organizations | Organizations]]
    A private security company that provides security guards for a variety of corporations throughout the Cincinnati area. [[:waterfall | Waterfall]] is employed at this company. They operate out of Camp …

  • Zeta Technologies

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    A major national corporation that specializes in cybernetics and especially focusing on cybernetics to improve soldiers and create super soldiers for the United States government. The business is …

  • WHiH News Network

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    This is the largest tv news network. The anchor for their most popular program is Patricia Tilby. They cover news 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are known for their focus of national and …

  • Timely Pharmaceuticals

    A shadowy medical pharmaceuticals organization. It's headquartered in New York, but has a number of divisional headquarters across the country. Including one in Cincinnati. It's well known for its impressive R&D department.

  • TriSec

    [[Organizations | Organizations]]
    TriSec which stands for Tri-Security is a security company that supplies security guards and security systems in London, Liverpool, and Portsmouth, United Kingdom. They are a long established company …

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