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  • Jones House (Xavier Academy)

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    This is the main building of the Xavier Academy. The building is named after Angelica Jones, A.K.A. Firestar. This building is where the faculty and the students lived and the offices were. After the students …

  • United Nations Building

    [[Locations | Locations]]
    The United Nations building is located in New York City, it was destroyed in a demonstration of power by Kang when he declared war on Earth. After Kang War, the building was rebuilt as it was before. A …

  • The Master's Base

    [[Locations | Locations]]
    The Master's base is located in the Artic circle. The Master was defeated by the Avengers when they assaulted his base during Kang War. This led to the Master's death and the base was then subsequently …

  • South Wales Hospital

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    This hospital was built on the outskirts of Dublin in September the 30th, 2012. The hospital was made possible by the work of Dr. Shen Di and his promotion of his grandfather's dream. Since Dr. Di's …

  • Tanaka's Diner

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    [[File:588043 | class=media-item-align-center | Tanaka_s_Diner.jpg]] The name of the dinner is actually Kent Dinner, but throughout Cincinnati, it is more affectionately known as Tanaka's dinner. …

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