Marvel Superheroes

Some Assembly Required
The Beginning

This adventure take place on the Emerald Isle. Otherwise known as Ireland. Our story begins with two heroes combating robots that have been unleashed on the city. These massive robots known as Dreadnaughts are fought by two heroes, Boltine and The Humbler. After considerable troubles they are able to defeat the robot menace. The two heroes then proceed to disassemble a robot to try and discover who was controlling it. Boltine happens to stumble upon a small insect like robot that comes to life and through it a voice insults them about destroying his robots.

The two heroes proceed to destroy the small robot. Afterwards, they introduce themselves during this exchange The Humbler accidentally lets slips his secret identity. So, after much laughter on Boltine’s part the two heroes go their separate ways. The Humbler discovers a small insect following him home which he proceeds to destroy, Boltine does not discover the one that follows him leading the villain behind the robot to discover his secret identity. This leads to more robotic forces attacking Boltine at his home. Boltine is able to defeat this first wave but is badly injured and has to go to the hospital. Upon his release from the hospital Boltine and The Humbler notices police sirens which the two heroes fall to Boltine’s house. There they notice many more robots destroying the neighborhood the heroes and the Police proceed to fight and defeat the monstrosities but only barely. After defeating the robotic forces of the evil villain the two heroes decide to build communicators so they can call the other one for help if they need to.

The Beetles Prey
An Identity Discovered

After the defeat of the robots, the heroes parted ways. On their way back to their respective homes they were followed by robotic beetles. The Humbler heard the beetle following him and destroyed it. Meanwhile, Boltine flew across town changed into his civilian identity and rode the bus to his home, all without discovering the beetle. Needles to say the master of the robots was pleased to find out the identity of the man who had a hand in the destruction of his robots. This man then sent a squad of Content Not Found: mandroids to destroy Boltine. Boltine was able to defeat the squad single-handedly but was hospitalized in the process.

Not long after Boltine’s release from the hospital, he noticed police sirens headed towards his home. Concerned, he followed them. The Humbler also heard these sirens and pursued them arriving at Boltine’s home. At Boltine’s home there was a large group of robots attacking the neighborhood in search of him. The two heroes teamed up and the police dispatched the villains and saved the day…for now. With Boltine’s identity is still known by the mastermind of these attacks he may never be safe again.

An Assassin, a Success, and a Lead
Discovery of the Villain

After the defeat of the second robotic force sent to eliminate Boltine. The heroes rest at their homes. The Humbler is able to find a job, after many weeks of searching, in his civilian identity of Frank Bastion. The company he is hired by is Advanced Idea Mechanics. Not long after the defeat of the second robotic strike force an assasin that goes by the name of Boomerang knocks on Mike Glidewell’s-the hero better known as Boltine-door. A fight ensues and Boomerang is nearly defeated but he manages to escape. A small contingent of robots facilitate his escape and the villain returns to his leader.

Boltine makes a call to his contact Tony Stark and finds out that the villain who has been hounding him is the Beetle. During this time The Humbler starts on his career as Biologist for A.I.M. his first task being to resynthesize a partially recovered disease for them. A.I.M. says it wants him to cure the disease. Also Boltine gets in yet another fight with these villains and is knocked out and kidnapped. Boltine awakens tied to a chair with chains unable to escape Beetle talks about the cliches of heroes and villains and leaves Boltine tied up with the building about to be destroyed. Boltine through taking over a robot escapes from his bonds and barely scrapes out of the building before he is destroyed in the explosion. Across town The Humbler notices this and meets up with Boltine who once again barely survives. Boltine seems at this point to have developed a bit of a grudge against The Beetle and the Boomerang at this point.

Final Confrontation
Battle with the Beetle

The Humbler and Boltine find out that the Beetle is operating out of a warehouse downtown from Tony Stark. The Humbler and Boltine decide that it would be best to rest and go take him on the next day. The next day Boltine and The Humbler bust into the warehouse to find The Beetle, Boomerang, and many robots inside. A massive fight starts between the two groups, with the tide of the battle quickly falling to the enemies side.

At this point in time War Machine busts into the building and takes The Beetle outdoors to battle him. this evens the battle. The fighting continues and The Humbler and Boltine are taking down the enemies. Boomerang notices that they are losing and escapes. Not long after Boomerang runs away War Machine knocks The Beetle back into the room and he and Boltine take The Beetle down. The Humbler finishes off the robots and Boltine grabs The Beetle and talks about killing him. War Machine has a stand off with Boltine threatening Boltine if he harms The Beetle. Boltine promises to take him to the police and War Machine lets him go. Boltine leaves the Beetle, in his destroyed power suit with the police and they take him into custody.</P

Introduction to Gobannos and Nor'Easter
The Rampaging Rhino

At roughly the same time that Boltine and The Humbler turn in the Beetle, two new heroes enter the scene in Dublin. The first of these new heroes Nor’easter is a young man who is a student of Moira Mac Taggert at Muir Island known as Liam. He had travelled to downtown Dublin to contact the food supplier to Muir Island. After making contact and picking up some groceries, Nor’Easter began to head back to Muir Island. On his way to the port he sees The Rhino destroying parts of downtown.

Nor’Easter takes it upon himself to stop the villain’s rampage and does battle with the Rhino. After a vicious battle, Nor’Easter comes out the victor and turns him over to the police. Meanwhile, across town in a bar, a man known only as Gobannos sees the news footage of Rhino’s rampage and decides to stop him. He takes one mighty leap and arrives on the scene to find out The Rhino had already been defeated. He decides to inspect the facility that can hold such a man and leaps to the prison and sees the Rhino escaping. Gobannos pounds Rhino into submission and decides that the mortals of Ireland could use his assistance.

He then proceeds to bust into a meeting of the Irish legislative branch. He offers to build a superhuman prison and refuses to be escorted out of the building. Finally, the officers are able to convince him to leave and he is taken to the police station. They release Gobannos saying that they have no way to hold him and he doesn’t seem like a bad guy but before he leaves they extract a promise of assistance from him.

More Heroes: Another Hindrance
Meeting The Mongoose

A new hero appears on the streets of Dublin from the United States. This young woman known to many as the comic book artist Olive Owens has a secret, she is also the young heroine known as Hindrance. Not long after she exits the airport does she encounter a man dressed like what Olive says is a cat robbing shops in the downtown area. Olive quickly dons her mask and goes out to confront the villain. After a battle throughout the streets of Dublin, Hindrance is defeated and the villain that is actually known as Mongoose escapes. Hindrance is recovered before the police get to the scene by The Humbler who takes the wounded woman back to his apartment.

After she recovers and demonstrates her powers they go together to defeat the Mongoose. At a shipping dock on the waterfront the two heroes find the Mongoose inside the building surrounded by the police. The Humbler is able to convince the police to allow them in. Inside the building they combat the Mongoose for the life of a criminal. The Mongoose is barely able to take them down and is about to kill the criminal when Boltine and Captain Ultra bust in and take down Mongoose and save the other two heroes. This is the first time the heroes meet Cpt. Ultra. After this Olive Owens moves in with Frank Bastion.

Traitor in the Paper
The Hobogoblin is Spotted

A few days after the heroes fight and defeat the Mongoose. Hindrance is out on patrol, while The Humbler follows silently behind. Hindrance while surveying the city notices one of her coworkers from the Dublin Enquirer and gets the feeling he may need her help tonight and follows him. As she follows him he sneakily ducks into an abandoned building. Hindrance investigates the strange behavior of her colleague and upon entering the building finds out he was meeting The Hobgoblin.

The Final Piece
Seth Joins The Story

This story line begins with Boltine, Hindrance, Captain Ultra, and The Humbler being contacted by Banshee. Banshee, Sean Cassidy tells them that they need to save Illyana Rasputin from East Germany. Not long after Banshee contacted the three heroes, Moira Mac Taggert told a contact of hers that he was needed to save Illyana Rasputin from East Germany. The heroes make it to West Berlin easily and have some trouble sneaking across the border, as robotic soldiers fly around the top of the wall. Boltine tries to sneak across in the cloud cover but is spotted and chased away.

Recruitment Drive
The New Mutants

Seth returns with Illyana Rasputin to Muir Island and leaves her there with Banshee andMoira Mac Taggert. Seth is then asked by Banshee to recruit another child for a new school that Charles Xavier and he are planning on building. Seth and Nor’easter then leaves to upstate New York where a young woman known as Angelica Jones (Firestar) lives. After some discussion with the father he is invited back to talk to Angelica the next day. As the pair make their way back to the house they see a giant robot landing in front of it.

Seth recognizes it as a Sentinel and attacks. The two heroes defeat the Sentinel handily and go to talk to Angelica. Angelica is willing to go and with Seth’s help is able to convince her father to let her. Seth flies with Angelica back to Muir Island and leaves her there with Moira and Sean. Seth after returning with Angelica and completely impressing Moira and Sean with his recruiting skills is asked to recruit multiple students for them. Seth accepts the job and is sent back to the United States and lands in Baltimore to recruit a young man named Rusty Collins. After much convincing and gently telling Rusty’s parents he is a mutant, Rusty is also recruited to the Xavier Academy Cork.

An Experiment Gone Right
The Villain Known as Eclipse

A few weeks after the defeat of rescue mission to save Illyana something startling happens. As the heroes are going through their normal everyday lives they hear about a rampage going on in downtown. The heroes go to the downtown area and notice this is a true rampage the likes of which they have not faced before. So the four assembled heroes, Boltine,Hindrance,Seth, and The Humbler decide to stop the masked marauder.

The group can not discover the reason for his actions and soon realize that there will be no reasoning with the man. So, they spring into action. During the first round of fighting Hindrance is grabbed and nearly killed. Her fate seems certain till the other heroes manage to get the villain to release her. Seth, desperate in the face of overwhelming odds, tries to convince the man to leave and it nearly works! As he is flying away, Hindrance frustrated and angry, attacks the man in revenge. He roars with anger flys straight back into the fray. Boltine, while fighting him, asks who the masked man is and he is barely able to respond with the name Eclipse. Eclipse quickly defeats the group and as he grabs Hindrance to kill her, the powerful Gobannos flys onto the scene causing Eclipse to step back. He stares off with Gobannos and weighs his options and then takes off leaving our heroes alive.


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