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New Students at the Cork Academy
The Revenge of the Weather Master
  • 22 September, 2015

New Students show up at the Cork Academy. Six new students arrive late to the school year. They are Ms. Amazing, Wild Woman, Bright Opal, Warp Dragon, Chaska, and Featherweight. They were all recruited or came to the school for help with their mutant powers. After tests and placements for their teams and classes, the group took a power test proctored by Frank Bastion, Bradford Blandon, Professor Rakete, and Dr. Tomorrow. After the tests and their first day of school, Ms. Amazing was attacked in her room by her nemesis the Weather Master. The school was defended and the attack defeated, but not before the Weather Master could kidnap Ms. Amazing. He took her to a bridge over the bay in Cork and told her that this is what happens to those who challenge him and pushed her off to her death. At the last moment, before Ms. Amazing hit the water, Danielle Moonstar flew in on her pegasus and saved her. taking her back to the school.

Horrors in the Halls of a Mining Vessel
Vs. Horrors and the Final Leg of the Journey
  • 22 September – 13th October, 2015

The heroes step into the strange seemingly abandoned mining vessel. The heroes (Li-Rogg, Dialectic, and Scorpion) faced terror and nightmares made real in this latest adventure. As mentioned in the last adventure log, something was trapping ships in the space around the abandoned mining vessel. The heroes went to investigate the disturbance and place bombs into key points of the ship. However, the heroes found that the halls of the ship shifted and made no sense. They would travel from place to place and arrive in nonsensical locations. They planted their bombs in the center of the ship, but they decided to blow one bomb as a test when the readings from their sensors were showing it moving. They planted a second and after a trek through bleeding hallways and past skeletons being manipulated by intestine like worms, made their way to the engineering room.

Upon entering the room, they looked back and the former hallway had been replaced with a deep blackness. When they opened the doors, black arms of shadow reached for them and the terror that crept out of them damaged Scorpions psyche. They latched on to her and nearly pulled her into the doorway, but Dialetic was able to rescue her. After exploring the engineering room for a few moments, they decided to open the door on the far side, but a similar set of black hands shot out and were able to grab a hold of Scorpion once more and again, nearly dragged her away. Dialectic was able to rescue her again, but the Psyche damage was so great at this point, that she was nearly insane. When Scorpion was dragged into the portal the second time, she glimpsed some terrible dark cloaked stranger who was approaching her.

The two heroes were eventually able to escape the room but were separated when they were attacked again and Scorpion was taken by one of the creatures briefly. She escaped by blasting the monster and she tried to make her way back to Dialectic, but instead made her way to the flight deck where she planted the final bomb. Dialectic meanwhile made his way around the ship and rescued a SWORD soldier. Finally, the hero known as Harbinger entered the ship to look for his three missing companions. He was quickly lost in the ever changing structure. He was nearly taken by a set of black hands when Li-Rogg saved him. Li-Rogg and Harbinger journeyed into the ship. The other heroes come together fortuitously in front of a set of monstrous doors.

While the assembled heroes meet, the mentally weakened members of the group turn to run. The SHIELD Agent and Harbinger flee from the overwhelming sense of dread they feel. As they do, Harbinger runs into the outstretched arms, from the sickening human-like entity that has been pursuing the group. He releases his creatures from inside of his cloak and sends forth long massive arms of darkness to capture Harbinger. Harbinger dodges underneath them at the last second and then the monster releases a wave of dark blood that nearly engulfs Harbinger who slips into an alcove in the wall. Saved from the creature, the wall starts to devour him when Li-Rogg saves him again.

Returning to the group for safety, the heroes knock out the panicked SWORD agent who can not be reasoned with and enter the room. Inside is the flayed victims of some horrible ritual. Their chests cut open and their ribs pulled out to the sides. In the center of the room is some sort of ritual circle with a mass of guts and organs laid in the center. As the group steps further into the room, the terrible monster appears and attacks them. The group attacks the ritual hoping it would send away the monster, but the creature protected it. Then Harbinger released a blast of energy so great that it sent the monster reeling and forced it away. Harbinger collapses exhausted and hurt from the effort, but the heroes make the most of the time by destroying the weakened force field. As they move to attack the ritual, the monster returns, and attacks again. It’s minions and it hurt and rip at the heroes, but they are able to succeed and Li-Rogg destroys the ritual.Upon the destruction of the ritual, the creature is pulled back y monstrous arms into another dimension and the ship returns to normal.

The heroes say their good byes to the SWORD agents and head into the stars. The heroes make two stops on planets in far off galaxies. The first of which boasts nothing much in the way of adventures or anything much of interest to the heroes.

Trouble Near Jupiter
Leaving Earth But Not the Solar System
  • 22 September, 2015

The heroes leave Earth but not before Scorpion meets some members of the EDI and Dialectic gets a robot. As they head to exit the solar system, some mysterious happenings causes their engines to shut down and they drift near Jupiter. Their the heroes meet up with a SWORD ship and crew who were sent out to investigate a mysterious mining ship that was not responding to transmissions. The heroes find out from SWORD that the mining ship had claimed the lives of three boarding crews or somehow captured them. SWORD had decided to detonate the ship, but were struggling with a plan when the heroes docked on SWORDs ship and volunteered to help.

The Recruitment Drive Wraps Up
Introducing the Harbinger!
  • 14th-21st of September, 2015

This latest iteration of our heroes adventures begins with Scorpion recovering from her stay in the hospital, courtesy of Senyaka. She gets out of the hospital and returns to Reginald’s apartment. Reginald and Nadia’s relationship is expanded on in this chapter and we find that they’re a couple. Reginald develops as a serious character and Nadia’s fights against Senyaka and her pursuit of a superhuman tomorrow strains her relationships and her studies at her university. She enlists the help of the oblivious professor Dr. LaVelle Johnson AKA Harbinger. The two of them are able to make some insights into the nature of the serum, but Dr. Johnson enlists the help of a colleague, Dr. Mavise Klingenberg. Dr. Klingenberg is also the professor that Nadia is a graduate assistant for. She makes some astute observations that call into question the ethics of Nadia’s story and requests a meeting with her. The meeting goes poorly when Nadia decides to lie to Dr. Klingenberg and Klingenberg doesn’t believe her. Nadia’s in trouble for her work on the serum, hiding it, and possession of something that will likely kill whoever ingests it, along with it being highly illegal of course.

In the field of superheroics, the Scorpion does her regular patrols and harasses some Goblin gang members. They mostly just try to ignore her, but the Scorpion forces them to fight her and then beats them up while getting in trouble with the cops. She also happens to stumble upon Harbinger a few times and deduces his identity as LaVelle Johnson. Eventually, she thinks she stumbles upon a Goblin crime scene, but is getting beaten badly by a number of Goblin gangsters. Then Harbinger intervenes and breaks up the fight. When the police come, they try to arrest him. Harbinger escapes and is tracked down by Scorpion who confronts him as his civilian identity. He just pretends not to know what she’s talking about and Scorpion is arrested when some police officers arrive on the scene.

In Jail, Scorpion calls Mona and has her break her out. Mona recruits Scorpion and takes her to LaVelle Johnson where the Scorpion is very aggressive to Dr. Johnson. Mona recruits Dr. Johnson as well and gives Nadia some life advice while giving some of her own backstory. She reveals to the two new members of the group that she was a “terrorist” on Raxa III because her species have had their homeworld taken from them and the members of her species on Raxa III have been forced for an interplanetary mafia. So, Mona staged a coup and detonated thousands of their vehicles before leaving the planet. She tells the story so that Nadia would stop giving up on things prematurely and whining about how bad things were.

A Busy Weekend
Senyaka Gets Taken Down

Dialectic and Scorpion team up. Scorpion has made some unpleasant acquaintances. Senyaka attacks her university and she, scared, calls the heroes. She is only able to reach Dialectic. Dialectic and Scorpion also meet up with an unknown hero, Ms. Amazing. The three come up with a plan, thanks to Ms. Amazing’s magic, to find Senyaka or his organization. They track down some sort of deal between two gangs in a hotel. They bust in and wreck the bad guys. They find that the two groups were trading cash for the Power Broker’s serum. The heroes argue over the use of the serum, but before any decision is made, Li-Rogg arrives on the scene and the heroes forget about the serum. The heroes get to see how Li-Rogg rolls. It’s pretty brutal. He snatches a dude off the street and electrocutes and beats on him till he spills a lead and from there they just beat on random members of the Acolytes till they are able to find Senyaka’s base. Where they face him down in his underground base. They are able to beat him though Scorpion nearly dies. After Senyaka is defeated, the groups splits up and the weekend comes to the end.

Finally, the evening after fighting Senyaka, Mona teleports to Li-Rogg and Dialectic and takes them to Hamburg to talk about what to do about Dr. Tomorrow

Honorable mentions: Ms. Amazing won a martial arts tournament. Dialectic made some new friends. Scorpion worked on her superhuman genetics research.

Settling In
The Heroes Continue Their Stay on Earth

In Europe, the heroes are still waiting for their ship to be finished. A little less than a week has passed. Our newest hero, Nadia, who’s going by Scorpion discovered the hideout of the Acolytes. The drawn out fight didn’t go well for the heroes and the were forced to retreat. Also, Dr. Tomorrow angered Li-Rogg and Li-Rogg attacked the defensive Dr. Tomorrow who did not fight back. Before Li-Rogg could do any serious damage, Banshee, stopped the fight.

Relative Peace and Quiet on Earth
Only Relatively Though

The heroes are able to enjoy their time taking care of loose ends while they are on Earth. The Question takes his leave from the group and heads back to the United States. The heroes ship is taken to Hamburg, Germany where Stellianos of the EDI works on it. Meanwhile, Dialectic returns to Hong Kong and gathers his things and gets a hold of his contacts. He gets one person to make a superhero costume for him. He contacts his order to keep them in touch and he makes a trade with his contacts in the Chinese Communist party to move Zugou de Houwei from the Hong Kong airport to the mainland. However, the two come into conflict with Captain UK. After a brief skirmish, they are able to escape, but not without suffering injuries. He then returns to the group in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, Mona and Dr. Tomorrow explore Earth culture. Dr. Tomorrow annoys Mona by continuously lying to her and she leaves him. They do meet up with a young woman, Nadia (Maybe?) who is a superhero as well. The three met when they came into conflict with a supervillain, Blackwing. Who they defeat without issue. Mona is able to track her down and the two wander around the city. Nadia lso comes across some criminal activities in her nightly patrol. She is overwhelmed by them though and escapes while alerting the police. Dr. Tomorrow also contacts Seth and the two talk about Dr. Tomorrow’s past. Seth also offers Dr. Tomorrow a temporary position at his school. Dr. Tomorrow accepts and takes a tour of the place.

When the group forms up again in Cambridge, they are alerted as a supervillain of enormous strength and invulnerability breaks into a Cambridge University lab and steals some equipment. The group, and their new friend are able to defeat the criminal with little difficulty.

World War Hulk
The Hulk and the Heroes Return to Earth

The heroes and The Hulk land on the moon. After last session and the ships crashed into each other both landed on the moon. Inhuman guards escorted Dialectic, Dr. Tomorrow, and Li-Rogg to the Inhuman city of Attilan. They walk through the city and the guards lead them into the palace of the Inhuman royal family. The heroes walk into the audience room and they see Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton, and Karnak. The heroes, of course, do not recognize or know any of the Inhumans. Medusa speaks to them and questions them on their intentions and why they’ve landed in Inhuman territory. Also, why there is a member of the Kree with them. She questions them if Li-Rogg is a member of the Kree forces on the moon. As the conversation continues, Black Bolt attention is suddenly shifted to a far-off sound that he and one of the heroes hear. He stops the conversation, has Medusa send the heroes back to their ship, and leaves the throne room stopping anyone from following him. The heroes are directed to wait till he has descended and are escorted out by Karnak. Outside of the throne room, they see something that is a surprise to them all. The Hulk. He challenges Black Bolt to a fight for vengeance and the two of them move off to the distance near the heroes new ship.

The group chases after them and finds the Warbound loitering around the ship. Waiting and watching. Black Bolt and the Hulk quickly begin to fight and Black Bolt displays a number of abilities that have no effect on the Hulk. Until the Hulk goads Black Bolt into using his voice. His voice injures the Hulk and the group stays back and observes the battle. It keeps going and the Hulk presses on against Black Bolt and though grievously injured, is able to beat him. As the Hulk is about to finish Black Bolt off, Dr. Tomorrow saves him by moving him back with his magnetism. At this moment, the Inhuman forces attack the Hulk and take Black Bolt away from him. Knocking the Hulk off of the moon and towards Earth in a moment of heroism. The group starts a fight with the Warbound deciding that the Hulk shouldn’t have any reinforcements in his war against Earth. The battle is long and hard. The combatants closely matched, but in the end, the fight goes against the heroes and they are able to retreat barely. The Warbound are also injured and elect to pursue Hulk instead of trying to finish the battle. After our heroes ship is repaired, they also take off towards Earth, but with the intention to get aid in making it to the center of the universe.

As they approach Earth, they are given permission to enter and find that many of the people that they were planning on contacting for help have gone missing thanks to the Hulk’s attacks. They eventually decide on meeting up with Seth and Stellianos who Dr. Tomorrow’s SHIELD contact is able to get them in touch with. Stellianos promises to help them out and asks them for their help against the Hulk. The heroes are nervous, but agree to it and rush to Ireland and meetup with Stellianos and briefly go over the plan to drain the Hulk of energy before the make contact with the Hulk who is fighting at the Cork Academy. When they arrive, the Hulk has just defeated the final defender of the Xavier Academy, The Humbler, and is on his way to his ship with the unconscious Seth. The Warbound are waiting at the ship for the Hulk. The heroes and the European Defense Initiative spring into action with King Arthur, Stellianos, Dialectic, and Dr. Tomorrow taking on the Hulk as the other members of the EDI fight his warbound.

News Flash" Portals in the Galaxy
The News Broadcast Before "Talking About Fight Club"

This is episode four. This is our first news broadcast with a voiceover. Quality suffered a little because of some buggy processes in the video editing software.

Holo News Net

Talking About Fight Club and Making it Back to Earth
Those Poor Gladiators. They Never Stood a Chance

In this session, we had a series of combats against gladiators on the planet Danti. The heroes competed in a number of battles and were able to overcome nearly all of their opponents. This gave them enough funding to purchase a powerful ship on Danti’s notoriously open markets. After about two weeks of minor repairs and upgrades to the new ship (Including refinishing Dr. Tomorrow’s room into an English manor style room, the heroes took off. They were not far from the center of the Shiar Empire and traveled towards home. The trip took a while and, thanks to good decisions in their preparations, was uneventful. There were some appearances of ruptures in space, but the heroes were easily able to avoid them.

The group made the jump back into the Milky Way and the Shiar portal landed them close to Earth. As they made their final approach to Earth and were passing the orbit for Mars, a rocket-like ship from Sakaar scrapped past them, damaging their new ship. They made an emergency landing, at the same time the mysterious ship crash landed, in the Blue Area of the Moon. Immediately, they were approached by four Inhuman guards who told them “The King of the Inhuman’s, Black Bolt, demands your presence.”


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