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Warzone: Part 4
A Rollercoaster Ride Towards Confrontation
  • Date: September 4th, 2014

After Fog’s heroic victory over Crossfire in his final moments. Crossfire was put in prison and the city of Cincinnati prepared to ship him cross country to a more secure facility, but, while in transit to the other facility, the convoy was attacked east of Batavia and west of Portsmouth. The convoy was guarded by soldiers and APCs. Also, the Thunderbolts were officially escorting it. The superheroes Waterfall and the new hero, Dynamic Disc, were following behind too. So, this led to an epic giant superhero brawl in suberbia. After a grueling battle, The Eleven won. They busted out Crossfire and nearly killed another of Mikie’s characters. (Sorry Mikie!)

Towards the end of the battle, Velocity Beam rushed on to the scene and fought Bullet. He returned to learn that The Eleven had accomplished their goal and were willing to declare a temporary ceasefire while both sides go home. Both sides are able to agree after a little conflict (Because no one wants to go to jail or die.) and split ways. Moments after The Eleven had left, Hyjinks leaps on to the scene. He makes fun of, a now gone, Crossfire and quickly realizes that his opponents are gone. The group heads back to the base to make plans and try to figure out The Eleven’s motives.

After the group made it to the base, Hyjinks, Waterfall, and Velocity Beam investigated the Fisk Industries attack, thanks to a tip from Silverblade. Tabun gas was used to kill and then explode the building. Another, abandoned, building was also destroyed.

The heroes put there heads together and investigated the attacks. They found almost nothing in common with the buildings. They then mapped all of the buildings and two thing stood out. The buildings were completely destroyed and they were all the same distance apart. Hyjinks thought that since there were no other connections that they should investigate a magic connection. The group tried to contact their long missing magic specialist Force. It failed. Then Velocity Beam decided to whip up a tracking device for Force’s communicator. They found his location in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. He was near the Afghanistan border. Waterfall went astral and flew there. It was a military compound. Waterfall decided to investigate the military-looking base.

It turns out to be a Soviet Command Post. He narrows it down to one building, but it has some sort of magic barrier around it. When he makes a hole in it, two Supreme Soviets fly onto the scene. The magic user, Fantasia, tells him to leave. Waterfall returns to Cincinnati empty-handed and the group ponders what to do that’s when Velocity remembers a name in the paper. Waterfall and Hyjinks go and investigate.

They find the professor and talk to him. Despite his unhelpful attitude and Hyjinks basically giving away his superhero identity, they got useful information. They found out the sites of destruction caused by the Eleven were placed on lay lines and that the Eleven could potentially tap into those lay lines to effect the entire world. So, our heroes rush out to stop the villains, but they’re trapped in the building when demons and a magic shield surround the place. They make a heroic push and bust through the demons and the force field and leap back to Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is battling the demon hordes with no idea what’s going on because team communications have been jammed by Iron Mask!

Now, the heroes have to save the world from The Eleven, demons, and whatever their plan is.

WHiH News at 8: 3rd Show
World New at 8

September 2nd

“Hello, this is Patricia Tilby with WHiH News. This is another segment of news at 8. In the news today, Thunderbolts are Stationed in Cincinnati, Mercury Industry’s Monopoly on ATP Drug Comes to an End, Warsaw Pact Countries Seek Trade Deal with EU, and TMZ Airs Commercials About NFL Scandal.

  • The Thunderbolts are, beginning today, stationed in Cincinnati. The crime wave and recent death of a local hero known as Fog has prompted SHIELD to act.
  • Mercury Industries’ long control of the ATP drug production is coming to an end this month. Timely Pharmaceuticals is ramping up production and hopes to roll out their drug in October. The ATP drug industry has been lucrative, but mired in controversy over the side effects of the drug. Mercury Industries has issued a statement that they will review Timely’s findings and may seek a patent lawsuit.
  • Warsaw Pact nations lead by East Germany, have sought a trade deal with the EU. Both groups have close interconnected economies and the Warsaw Pact countries are hoping to expand their market by entering the EU. The Communist nations in Eastern Europe have had an economic boom as of late. This is heralded as a monumental thaw in relations at a time when international conflict is at an all time high. Some political scientists see this as the beginning of the end for Communism.
  • TMZ has aired a commercial about a scandal in the NFL. This channel’s correspondents suggest it’s about crimes committed by a NFL player.
Warzone: Part 3
A Death of a Hero

This story begins with The Fog. He was pursuing Crossfire for his own reasons and had tracked him down to Over The Rhine. After chasing some leads, he found Crossfire and tried to take him down. The fight was brutal and both sides struggled. As the final blows were about to be thrown, Madame Masque came onto the scene. She appeared wielding two pistols and Fog shouted for her to take a shot at Crossfire. She shot, but it was at Fog. That attack put him under and he started to lose consciousness. It was at that point, Madame Masque said “Here’s a hint, we’re working with The Eleven.”

The next day, on the 1st of September 2014, The Eleven let it leak that they were planning t execute Fog as an example of their power. The heroes didn’t take kindly to this and went to the location to faceoff against them. This turned into a large superhero brawl near the river. Borg, Gamma, Fog, Hyjinks, and Waterfall fought Flashback, Crossfire, Frostbite, The Adept, and Red Devil as they planned to publicly execute Fog. The Eleven had come anticipating and hoping for resistance, but the heroes were stronger than expected. The fight began with The Adept attempting to execute Fog, this appeared to work till Crossfire passed by Fog. Fog was faking his death and couldn’t allow his enemy to pass by. So, he revealed his deception to insult Crossfire. Crossfire, surprised, turned and fired a series of rounds into the helpless Fog nearly killing him.

Meanwhile, a battle of epic proportions occurred. Superheroes punched at villains with titanic forces. Blasts of energy were fired. Grapple lines shot. A giant ice golem fought a giant water golem. Heroes and villains were badly wounded. Fog seemingly made a run for it with his sliver of remaining health, but it was a ploy to turn around and charge into Crossfire at hundreds of miles an hour. The battle went on. Gamma joined the fray late. His entrance helped turn the tide. At one point, Waterfall was nearly killed by Flashback and Red Devil. To save his friend, Fog charged at Red Devil, but Red Devil was prepared and struck Fog knocking him unconscious, but giving Waterfall the chance to escape. Crossfire wasted no time though and sought to end his nemesis and fired into the incapacitated and badly wounded Fog. As the remaining heroes fought the retreating members of The Eleven, Waterfall attempted to save Fog, but was unable to. Fog died on the streets of Cincinnati. He went out as a true hero because with his last breath, he summoned a thunderstorm which put out a fire accidentally started during the battle and cutting off Crossfire’s means of escape. The remaining heroes took Crossfire down and turned him over to the authorities. In the confusion at the end of the battle, the young hero, Hyjinks, made off with Crossfire’s pistols.

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 6
Issue 6

The latest issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Covering the latest of the news!

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Warzone: Part 2
The Battle Against the Eleven Continues

The heroes continued to deal with organized crime in Cincinnati. The Eleven made a series of moves on the 31st of August, 2014 to distract the heroes from their true motives. They hired a group of mercenaries to perform a high-tech robbery, caught fire to some buildings, and took advantage of a gang war. The group split up to deal with the problem. The Fog and Waterfall went to the fires. Velocity Beam and Hyjinks to the gang fight. Gamma and Borg to deal with the high-tech robbers.

As the group were wrapping up these problems, supervillains showed up. It seems likely that they were all members of The Eleven. The villains were The Adept, Bullet, and Demon of the Mist. These all turned out to be distractions. While those events were going on, two members of the Eleven attacked city hall and stole something. While they were escaping, the heroes pursued them. Velocity Beam, Waterfall, and Fog tracked them down thanks to Velocity’s super-hearing and they found Bishamon and Silveblade, the two attackers. They fought the two villains and nearly won when another member of the Eleven appeared: Iron Mask. Iron Mask’s power proved to be too much when combined with the other two and they were able to escape while everyone fled SHIELD and the Thunderbolts.

Saving Captain America
A Trip to Indianapolis and Back

Immediately after the heroes return to Cincinnati, they over hear news that Captain America has been spotted in Indianapolis. He’s, apparently, causing a panic by damaging property. The group teleports after him and Hyjinxs arrives as well. Captain America releases a number of animals out of the zoo. Some of the animals attack the heroes and are a distraction for Captain America to pick the group off one by one. Force is able to track Captain America down and confronts him. Meanwhile, Kang the Conqueror hacks the US’s telecommunications and transmits a message to the USA. He says that he’s returned Captain America so that Earth will prove to be a suitable challenge when he chooses to conquer it again. Force confronts Captain America and is able to help him shake off the brain-washing that Kang had done to him. Captain America thanks the group and promises to end Dr. Doom’s reign as SHIELD Director. At that point the group and Captain America split ways.

WHiH News at 8: 2nd Show
August 29th, 2014

August 29th, 2014

“Hello, this is Patricia Tilby with WHiH News. This is another segment of news at 8. In the news today, Crime Strikes America’s Heartland, Director Doom Outlines Multiple Agency Plan to Combat Crime, Search Intensifies over Airplane Missing in the South Atlantic, Soviet and Chinese Stock Markets Surge, Referendum for Scottish Independence Approaches.

  • Cincinnati is being struck by a crime spree. Violent crimes are up and the citizens of the city walk in terror at night. Police, FBI, and SHIELD are investigating the situation.
  • Director Doom outlined a multiple agency plan to combat organized crime in the coming months. He’s going to transfer agents from the Superhuman Registration Division into the crime division. This move is met to widespread approval, but Doom’s PR Officer said “It required quite a bit of intense negotiations with Congress. They were against Director Doom’s plan, but came around.”
  • The missing United Airlines flying from South Africa has gone missing after it was hijacked by terrorists in mid-flight. After a scuffle, contact was lost and the plane is believed to have crashed into the sea.
  • Soviet and Chinese stocks are raising as a combination of raw materials and low-quality manufacturing demand rises.
  • Scotland has posed a referendum fo independence in early September. Predictions vary on whether the Scots will break the UK.
Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 5
Issue 5

The latest and greatest issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer is out. Like before, I’ll have a superhero profile released in the comment section.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

WHiH News at 8: 1st Show
August 25th 2014

Ok, so I’m going post any interesting world facts that would make the news, but aren’t directly related to gaming stuff. Feel free to comment as much as you want. From here on out, I’ll write it out as a news report and summary. I’ll probably post them as headlines and clips from stories. Kind of like on the radio. It’ll be so we get an idea of what’s going on in the world. Superheroes will be a big deal for this though. They’re like the police, army, natural disaster, economic stimulus, and celebrity rolled into one.

August 25th

“Hello, this is Patricia Tilby with WHiH News. This is another segment of news at 8. In the news today, Captain Marvel Clashes With the Media Again, Where Is the Hulk: One Year in Review, US Shows Tremendous Economic Recovery, Finally an Answer to Beyonce and Dazzler’s Feud in an Interview with Beyonce Herself, and Thor’s Return?

Captain Marvel threatened the reporter who asked her about her workout routine and how she’s preparing for the beach season at a White House Correspondent Dinner. She replied “You fucking ask Thor that too? Huh?!? Say anything else that stupid and I’ll shove that camera up your ass. Trust me, I can make it fit too.”
Hulk is still missing. Despite “sightings” that show the Hulk in grainy photos, no one has seen him, thankfully, for over a year.
USA GDP is shooting up thanks to a strong year of recovery and redevelopment after the nation was occupied.
Beyonce denies there’s any conflict between the two pop stars. She says they’re on friendly terms. (It’s a lie.)
Thor has been seen working for the Initiative at their training camp.

Enemies on All Sides
On the Run

While the new yet to be named team of Cincinnati superheroes met in their hidden base, a new villain attacked a payday loan place across the street from them. The heroes fought the villain, but quickly realized it was a trap. The enemies used knockout gas on them, and knocked the group out. However, Velocity Beam was able to whisk some of the group away. Then while the heroes were being loaded into the van, Velocity Beam, The Fog, and Waterfall returned. They fought the criminals led by Bullseye and did well. Then Bullseye threatened Gamma. Velocity Beam rushed Bullseye to get to Gamma, but Bullseye held him off. This resulted in Gamma getting shot through the chest. Bullseye made his escape during the confusion.

At this point, the police came. As they were cleaning up the situation, one of the police officers, Officer Dimitrov, reported the heroes to S.H.I.E.L.D. A S.H.I.E.L.D. task force flew onto the scene and landed 20+ agents, 5 suits of Mandroid armor, and the “reformed” supervillain team known as the Thunderbolts. This combined group and the authority of S.H.I.E.L.D. convinced the heroes to surrender. They were cuffed and taken to the Helicarrier, where they met Dr. Doom. Doom who is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. talked to the heroes and informed them of their choice to join the Initiative or be imprisoned. Force didn’t take kindly to this ultimatum and, unknowingly, insulted Doom in a way that Doom couldn’t bear. He dragged Force away and locked away before removing him from the Helicarrier and having him tortured for two full days. In the end, he has also implanted a number of safeguards into Force’s mind then released him for no particular reason, onto the streets of Portland, Maine.

The other members have to deal with Maria HIll. The Fog quickly signs, but Velocity pesters the assistant director with questions and doesn’t sign the act. Waterfall also doesn’t sign quickly. Maria Hill, suspecting something and annoyed, has Waterfall and Velocity sent to jail. Her suspicions quickly prove to be well founded as the New Avengers take a shot at the Helicarrier and free Fog, Waterfall, and Velocity Beam. They also find Gamma and his armor from the med bay. They whisk the group off to Doctor Strange‘s Sanctum Santorum. He let’s the group recuperate there for a day and then returns them to Cincinnati to continue their lives with the promise that the New Avengers may call on them some day.


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