Marvel Superheroes

Some Assembly Required
The Beginning

This adventure take place on the Emerald Isle. Otherwise known as Ireland. Our story begins with two heroes combating robots that have been unleashed on the city. These massive robots known as Dreadnaughts are fought by two heroes, Boltine and The Humbler. After considerable troubles they are able to defeat the robot menace. The two heroes then proceed to disassemble a robot to try and discover who was controlling it. Boltine happens to stumble upon a small insect like robot that comes to life and through it a voice insults them about destroying his robots.

The two heroes proceed to destroy the small robot. Afterwards, they introduce themselves during this exchange The Humbler accidentally lets slips his secret identity. So, after much laughter on Boltine’s part the two heroes go their separate ways. The Humbler discovers a small insect following him home which he proceeds to destroy, Boltine does not discover the one that follows him leading the villain behind the robot to discover his secret identity. This leads to more robotic forces attacking Boltine at his home. Boltine is able to defeat this first wave but is badly injured and has to go to the hospital. Upon his release from the hospital Boltine and The Humbler notices police sirens which the two heroes fall to Boltine’s house. There they notice many more robots destroying the neighborhood the heroes and the Police proceed to fight and defeat the monstrosities but only barely. After defeating the robotic forces of the evil villain the two heroes decide to build communicators so they can call the other one for help if they need to.


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