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World War Hulk
The Hulk and the Heroes Return to Earth

The heroes and The Hulk land on the moon. After last session and the ships crashed into each other both landed on the moon. Inhuman guards escorted Dialectic, Dr. Tomorrow, and Li-Rogg to the Inhuman city of Attilan. They walk through the city and the guards lead them into the palace of the Inhuman royal family. The heroes walk into the audience room and they see Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton, and Karnak. The heroes, of course, do not recognize or know any of the Inhumans. Medusa speaks to them and questions them on their intentions and why they’ve landed in Inhuman territory. Also, why there is a member of the Kree with them. She questions them if Li-Rogg is a member of the Kree forces on the moon. As the conversation continues, Black Bolt attention is suddenly shifted to a far-off sound that he and one of the heroes hear. He stops the conversation, has Medusa send the heroes back to their ship, and leaves the throne room stopping anyone from following him. The heroes are directed to wait till he has descended and are escorted out by Karnak. Outside of the throne room, they see something that is a surprise to them all. The Hulk. He challenges Black Bolt to a fight for vengeance and the two of them move off to the distance near the heroes new ship.

The group chases after them and finds the Warbound loitering around the ship. Waiting and watching. Black Bolt and the Hulk quickly begin to fight and Black Bolt displays a number of abilities that have no effect on the Hulk. Until the Hulk goads Black Bolt into using his voice. His voice injures the Hulk and the group stays back and observes the battle. It keeps going and the Hulk presses on against Black Bolt and though grievously injured, is able to beat him. As the Hulk is about to finish Black Bolt off, Dr. Tomorrow saves him by moving him back with his magnetism. At this moment, the Inhuman forces attack the Hulk and take Black Bolt away from him. Knocking the Hulk off of the moon and towards Earth in a moment of heroism. The group starts a fight with the Warbound deciding that the Hulk shouldn’t have any reinforcements in his war against Earth. The battle is long and hard. The combatants closely matched, but in the end, the fight goes against the heroes and they are able to retreat barely. The Warbound are also injured and elect to pursue Hulk instead of trying to finish the battle. After our heroes ship is repaired, they also take off towards Earth, but with the intention to get aid in making it to the center of the universe.

As they approach Earth, they are given permission to enter and find that many of the people that they were planning on contacting for help have gone missing thanks to the Hulk’s attacks. They eventually decide on meeting up with Seth and Stellianos who Dr. Tomorrow’s SHIELD contact is able to get them in touch with. Stellianos promises to help them out and asks them for their help against the Hulk. The heroes are nervous, but agree to it and rush to Ireland and meetup with Stellianos and briefly go over the plan to drain the Hulk of energy before the make contact with the Hulk who is fighting at the Cork Academy. When they arrive, the Hulk has just defeated the final defender of the Xavier Academy, The Humbler, and is on his way to his ship with the unconscious Seth. The Warbound are waiting at the ship for the Hulk. The heroes and the European Defense Initiative spring into action with King Arthur, Stellianos, Dialectic, and Dr. Tomorrow taking on the Hulk as the other members of the EDI fight his warbound.

News Flash" Portals in the Galaxy
The News Broadcast Before "Talking About Fight Club"

This is episode four. This is our first news broadcast with a voiceover. Quality suffered a little because of some buggy processes in the video editing software.

Holo News Net

Talking About Fight Club and Making it Back to Earth
Those Poor Gladiators. They Never Stood a Chance

In this session, we had a series of combats against gladiators on the planet Danti. The heroes competed in a number of battles and were able to overcome nearly all of their opponents. This gave them enough funding to purchase a powerful ship on Danti’s notoriously open markets. After about two weeks of minor repairs and upgrades to the new ship (Including refinishing Dr. Tomorrow’s room into an English manor style room, the heroes took off. They were not far from the center of the Shiar Empire and traveled towards home. The trip took a while and, thanks to good decisions in their preparations, was uneventful. There were some appearances of ruptures in space, but the heroes were easily able to avoid them.

The group made the jump back into the Milky Way and the Shiar portal landed them close to Earth. As they made their final approach to Earth and were passing the orbit for Mars, a rocket-like ship from Sakaar scrapped past them, damaging their new ship. They made an emergency landing, at the same time the mysterious ship crash landed, in the Blue Area of the Moon. Immediately, they were approached by four Inhuman guards who told them “The King of the Inhuman’s, Black Bolt, demands your presence.”

Entrance Into Shiar Space
Conflict With the Skrulls is Resolved... For Now!

The heroes with their prisoner, Pankor, radio the Skrull fleet. They promise to trade Admiral Pankor in return for their ship. The officers of the fleet confer to decide whether to accept the trade. Meanwhile, Pankor reveals that the power dampeners were not enough to completely block his powers. He brakes the shackles while talking to the heroes. At which point, they attack to attempt to subdue him once more and prevent the breakdown of their plans. However, Pankor proves to be a difficult opponent and dodges Dr. Tomorrow’s attacks which puncture a hole in the wall of the ship. Pankor flash freezes the other passengers except The Question who proves surprisingly resilient to the cold. Pankor calmly continues to question the heroes about the situation. The Question attacks, however, and is rebuffed. Pankor attempts a portal and teleports back to the surface of Bela. Not before Dialectic can hypno voice Pankor into reheating the ship. The Skrull fleet officers request proof that Pankor is alive before agreeing to the deal. Li-Rogg and Dialetic knowing that Pankor has just escaped, flee the vessel through Pankor’s portal before the Skrull’s destroy it.

Back on Bela, the heroes battle Pankor, Skrulls, and the inhabitants once more. The odds are heavily stacked against them and the group despairs. Pankor is taken down quickly, but the large number of troops keep coming and the already badly injured heroes can’t hold out. Dialectic resolves to kill Pankor, but in the confusion of the battle misses his shot. Dr. Tomorrow takes this opportunity and grabs Pankor intending to take him hostage again. The group is trying to escape, but the soldiers on all sides make the situation seem hopeless. Then, Rasq comes onto the scene by throwing one of the Belanese tanks through the building the two sides are fighting around. This provides a smoke screen through which the group makes their escape.

While escaping from the scene of the chaos, the heroes notice a rupture appear in the sky. Grotesque alien creatures spill out of the split in the fabric of reality and pour forth. The heroes pursuers quickly lose track of their prey and turn to fighting back the strange insectoid creatures that devour everything in their path. Our heroes steal a spaceship from the spaceport and take off intending to escape from the warzone. However, the strange insectoid creatures are everywhere and they attack their new ship. They are able to evade the insects and warp away. They move as quickly as they can towards Shiar space. On their way, they make a supply run on a backward lone planet orbiting a dwarf star.

The planet is uncharted and has the designation ED4589303 located further in their particular sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. The planet has no governing authority and a technology level of roughly modern day Earth. It is in the midst of a cold war between nuclear-armed factions and the heroes hope to avoid conflict as they find their necessary supplies. The inhabitants of the planet are entirely unaccustomed to aliens and panic at the sight of the heroes. The navies of the largest two powers of the planet arrive. The first to arrive makes contact with the heroes and provides them with supplies and are able to somewhat communicate with the heroes via some linguists. The next day while Mona T’zara and other members of the crew repair the ship, process the fuel, and build the workshop, Dr. Tomorrow talks to the inhabitants. They request a translating device and Dr. Tomorrow plays dumb despite having his Universal Translator working once more. This infuriates one of the officers who shoots one of the linguists for their failure. Dr. Tomorrow attempts to fight the navy, but quickly realize that, while he can take down a number of their ships, they will blow him to pieces with their missiles and he escapes back to the ship. The ship takes off and flees that planet and makes the rest of the journey to Shiar space.

The next planet the ship touches down on is Danti. This planet is heavily populated and industrialized. The trader limps into port and the heroes decide that they need to replace it with a ship that is better equipped to handle the stresses they subject their ships too. They wander the streets looking for work and stop in a random, seedy, bar. Li-Rogg splits off from the group here, which surprises no one. Then, they are escorted to the back where an ostentatious gangster sits. He understands they’ve been looking for work and says he might have something for them. They turn down anything dangerous or too illegal and decide to work in an illegal underground pit fighting league. The monster sends them to be checked out by his employee Nock. Who turns out to be the four armed gladiator they first fought. After a brief fight, some tension over Nock getting two of his arms incenerated, they are accepted into the league.

Battle with the Super Skrull
Dual on Bela

The heroes had just left Bela when a Skrull fleet entered into the system. The heroes, included a seriously wounded Dr. Tomorrow, man their battle stations and try to come up with a plan. They decided to make a run for it, but as they approached the warp gate, the Skrull had it shut down. Deciding that they had no other choice, they made for Bela once more and made an illegal landing in one of its lakes. They abandoned The Visitor there. (I like our ship. This made me sad.) Then set out to hide from their pursuers on the planet’s surface. Evading the Skrull and Belanese patrols for days, they were confident they could wait it out till the search wore off until the Skrulls started transmitting a dreadful message. The Skrulls said "We have your Quonian companion. (Rasq who split ways on this planet.) If you do not turn yourselves in we will execute him in the city tomorrow." Heroes being heroes decided that they could not leave one of their own to die. So, they hatched a clever plan.

Actually, The Question came up with the plan after Dr. Tomorrow, Li-Rogg, and Dialectic decided to turn themselves in to see if they could save Rasq. As they decided to turn themselves in, The Question creepily asked them to get some hair, skin or blood from the Skrull that captures them. He doesn’t explain why, but he promises that it will help. So, they turn themselves in and are captured after Li-Rogg scuffles momentarily with a Skrull captain. The fight lasts only a second and they are taken away, but left on the soil of Bela is some of the Skrull’s blood from li-Rogg’s punch. The Question takes this and makes a doll out of some grasses and other materials that looks vaguely like a Skrull then he is able to see, control, and read the thoughts of the Skrull captain that has captured three of our heroes. So, they watch as they are taken into the city and paraded through the city to where the Skrull’s wait.

Inside the building there is about 20 Skrulls and the admiral of the ships that had caught them. The admiral’s name is Pankor and he is a Super Skrull. Pankor walks up to the heroes and lists their numerous crimes against the Skrull Empire. He ends the list with their connection to the monstrous invasions and influx of other dimensions into Skrull territory. The heroes have no idea what he’s talking about and Pankor proceeds to tell them that after being picked up as slaves on Earth, a demon killed the crew of the slave ship they were on and had to be taken down by the military. After they left the Kral system, it was destroyed by an influx from other dimensions. Many other locations that they had passed through have also been wiped out. As well as at other locations throughout the empire. To make the evidence stacked even further against them, the Skrull ships and pilots recorded/saw the evidence of a dimensional rupture when they were on Earth. Having no clue about any of this, they deny the charges and say they have no clue what Pankor is talking about. Pankor doesn’t believe them and is about to injure Dr. Tomorrow when Li-Rogg volunteers information.

Li-Rogg tells the Skrull admiral that it the dimensional ruptures are caused by instabilities in the universe. That they are happening in many places and that he doesn’t think they have any connection to Earth or the humans. Li-Rogg, further, says that they were working on resolving the problem. Pankor questions that all of the evidence and connections to Earth were just convenient happenstance. Li-Rogg assures him of the truth. Though Pankor comes to accept Li-Rogg’s answer, he finds that the crew is still Skrull criminals from the Skrull Empire and without any control over the plague that is afflicting their territory, they are to be killed for their crimes. At this point, realizing the dangerous situation that they are in, Dr. Tomorrow tries to bluff the Skrull commander. He tells the Skrull admiral that if he attempts to kill them, Dr. Tomorrow will unleash more dimensional ruptures. Pankor doesn’t take the bait, though it does cast suspicion onto Li-Rogg’s words, and intends to execute them beginning with Dr. Tomorrow. At this point, The Question makes his move with his mind controlled Skrull captain.

As the Skrull captain starts to release the prisoners inexplicably in front of his commanding officer and the other Skrull soldiers, Pankor commands him to stop and asks what he’s doing. The Skrull captain does not answer so Pankor has him shot. He’s able to release Li-Rogg, however. Li-Rogg frees the others and Mona T’zara and The Question teleport into the scene. A tremendous battle occurs between the two groups. Pankor is incredibly powerful and has a host of powers including the ability to create and manipulate ice. The Skrulls are also well-trained and battle with a sense of tactics. The battle is difficult and it comes down to Dialectic and a gravely injured Dr. Tomorrow battling Pankor. The two heroes, on the verge of death, are able to defeat him. They decidde to flee the scene quickly because the Belanese are likely on their way. The heroes decide to trade Admiral Pankor in exchange for their ship and flee the planet. Having decided this they take one of the Skrull’s vehicles and take off into atmosphere.

Vacationing on Bela

The group stops at the planet Bela. Bela is a high population planet that the group took a particular interest in. While wandering around one of the highly organized dome cities of the planet, Dr. Tomorrow and Dialectic look for entertainment on the planet and stumble upon a safari company that takes hunters to the lakes of Bela to hunt the large predatorial species that live inside of them. The two heroes went out and were left at one of the lakes. They waited there for a few hours when out of the depths, an enormous skyscraper-sized beast appeared. The beast had a whale like head and body with enormous squid-like tentacles as hair. The creature attacked the two heroes and they were quickly overwhelmed by its tremendous power. Dialectic made his escape at Dr. Tomorrow’s urging and Dr. Tomorrow descended into the belly of the beast hoping that he could defeat it from the inside. After a long struggle in the innards of the creature, Dr. Tomorrow fell and was dissolved. Dialectic suspected his death and assumed he would revive after a period of time as he has done in the past. However, it took nearly a week for Dr. Tomorrow to show up once more and the crew of The Visitor were about to leave him behind. Dr. Tomorrow was able to contact the crew and get back aboard the ship, but as they were about to leave, the Skrull fleet that had been pursuing them arrived.

News Flash: Nova Corps. in the News
Random Events in the Galaxy

Here’s the news! It shows up on the ship dashboard, perhaps disappointingly, the group isn’t mentioned.

Holo News Net

Battle After Battle Across the Andromeda
Finally Escaping the Skrull Empire

Li-Rogg led the group straight into a trap that everyone was aware of, but felt they needed to do anyways. Li-Rogg had told everyone that Biala Keanu, a criminal and information broker on the Dharri Station. Li-Rogg says that she will attempt to turn them into the Skrull Empire. They go into her offices still to get star charts for the next leg of their journey.There, Li-Rogg and Biala have a tense conversation while she uses her abilities to make Rasq and Dialectic fall in love with her. Dr. Tomorrow decides to act and convinces Li-Rogg to start to battle her. Mona T’zara stands around looking confused as to why Dialectic and Rasq are begging to stay with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow begins the conflict by taking the weapons from the soldiers in the room. Then Li-Rogg blasts the people surrounding him with a bolt of lightning. Biala dodges, easily, out of the way while Rasq and Dialectic get hit. Biala’s desk hits a tank next to the wall and a man falls out. Dr. Tomorrow grabs him and tries to get Dialectic on his way back to the ship. Mona fights with some of the minions and Li-Rogg faces off with Biala.

Dr. Tomorrow is able to make it back to the dock with the unconscious individual. When he arrives, the dock is full of Biala’s soldiers. A tense battle ensues and Dr. Tomorrow wipes out a number of those soldiers. During this time, the fight in Biala’s office is going against the heroes as Dialectic and Rasq join Biala’s side. Mona is able to teleport Dialectic back to the ship, where he turns and runs straight back towards Biala’s office. On the way through the dock, Dr. Tomorrow tries to stop Dialectic and Dialectic blasts him and the unconscious man in his arms. They hit the ground and Dialectic runs past. The unconscious man, Mr. Blake, lands acrobatically and tries to punch Dialectic who dodges the punch on his way past.

Mona decides to try again at rescuing her friends and brings an injured Rasq back. This time separation from Biala works and Rasq returns to his senses and helps the heroes fight back. Dr. Tomorrow goes down after being injured by Dialectic and Mr. Blake drags him into the space ship. Mona and Rasq decide they have no choice to go back to get Li-Rogg and Dialectic. When they teleport into the room, they see a badly injured Biala, a somewhat injured Dialectic and at least four of Biala’s soldiers unconscious as Li-Rogg is taken down by Dialectic. Rasq tries to take Dialectic down, but can’t manage it while Mona teleports Li-Rogg back to the ship. Meanwhile, Frederick Blake throws a grenade that kills 6 soldiers outside of the ship and causes the only two remaining conscious soldiers to run away. On the ship, they wake Li-Rogg up and try to decide what to do about Dialectic. An argument breaks out over whether to leave him or not, eventually, Mona and Frederick decide to go take him back. Frederick knocks out everyone in Biala’s office with a stun grenade and the Dialectic returns to his senses.

The crew of The Visitor flee the station and set back out amongst the stars. They travelled onward to a planet of Celestial experiments where, it is believed, that Frederick was taken from. How he was found on the Celestial planet was never investigated and the group moved onward after bathing in Celestial water and witnessing Li-Rogg absorb Celestial energy into the tablet he had picked up earlier. Their next stop, to get fuel, was on the planet Visi. Visi is a highly populated planet and there Li-Rogg tells the group that they’re going to have to start earning money to pay for their trip. The heroes search for work and decide to collect a bounty.

The bounty is on a group of Skrulls who committed a variety of crimes ranging from murder to theft. They had taken their ill begotten gains and fled to the polar regions of the planet. The heroes fight those Skrulls and defeat them though their shapeshifting abilities gave them a little bit of difficulty. Turning in that bounty netted them a bit of money. The group decided to leave the star system quickly, so they took off without waiting on the rest of the bounty. As they approached the Space Warp they were radioed that it was under repair. The heroes found this oddly suspicious and assaulted the base taking over the gate and activating the perfectly operating gate. As they warped away, they noticed a small Skrull fleet appearing in the system as they fled.

News Flash: Terrorists on Raxa III
Holo News Net

The standard new program comes on while you’re all traveling from Raxa III. Check it out here:

Holo News Net

Adventures and Mysteries Aboard "The Visitor"
Discovering the Andromeda Galaxy

The fully staffed crew of The Visitor has taken off from the planet Raxa III. Upon lift off, a series of explosions occurred simultaneously. A number of vehicles had been detonated. The crew pressed on. They mapped their course and headed through the Warp Portal in the system. Their course took them to a strange alien planet. It was without a dedicated name and was instead listed on in an alpha-numeric code.

Upon arriving on the planet, the crew disembarked and found it inhabited by an odd insectoid race. They seemed to be living a simple existence as farms in a small colony. The crew had stopped there in need of fuel and supplies, which they were able to purchase. After the crew, had been refueled, an insectoid alien approached the ship and asked to communicate with the captain. Dr. Tomorrow was volunteered to be the captain and went to speak with the alien. The individual asked if the heroes could destroy an astroid that held a Vinca Worm.

The group took the job to save the people and to get the great reward of a ship based generator that could help camouflage the ship from those who were hunting for the ship. The group took off and tried to destroy the asteroid the worm was on, but failed. In a last ditch effort, they landed on the asteroid and attacked the worm. It struck at them, but with their powers and strength, were able to kill the monster. Afterwards, they boarded their ship and returned to the planet as the asteroid burnt up and crashed into the far side of the planet. The heroes took their reward and refueled and took off to the stars once more.

The slow journey to the edge of Skrull space brought them precariously close to death by boredom and then to being stranded in space without fuel. They managed a stop gap measure by using unrefined hydrogen. Then they came upon an asteroid that had been converted into a space station. The place was a dangerous port of call with a number of threatening looking outlaws, mercenaries, and, perhaps most threatening, bounty hounters. The heroes, needing fuel desperately, stopped. Li-Rogg had a contact on the space station that the heroes decided to contact though he was certain that she would sell them out for the bounty.


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