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The London Times Issue 5
Issue 5

Issue 5 is up. Check it out here:

The London Times

For Sale, Three Slightly Worn Heroes and a Wolf
Battle at an Underworld Auction
  • January 18th-February 20th 2016

The heroes deal with the death of Wyvern. B.C. deals with the heavy losses he faces over and over with those he teams up with. he chooses to go consult with Madame Traylan who tells him that Wyvern’s soul is not outside of this world. The new hero, Mr. Righteous, takes notice of Wyvern’s death and advertises himself as a hero for hire. A man tries to hire him to take a picture of Madame Traylan’s business and he refuses thinking that it is shady.

B.C. has a strange dream of the woman and the candles once more. He returns to Madam Traylan’s, but she is missing. Lupin, a Welsh hero, goes to London and runs into the police who give her trouble for having a wolf as a pet. She sends her wolf away and pursues some criminals that she thinks that may be connected to the attack on Autopsy, but they are unrelated. She pursues the lead anyways thinking that the distribution of the Power Broker’s serum would be dangerous to the people of the UK. She arrives at a warehouse district and observes as the underworld arrives.

Nadia is resurrected without her most recent memories. She awakes on the couch of her mother’s house. Her mother talks to her about what’s been happening to her lately. The story she hears is substantially different from what has really happened. Nadia goes back to school and takes on the role of a good student. She associates with her friends once more and works for Dr. Klingenberg. While staying at the apartments near the school. She remembers nothing about Wyvern and forgets about her powers entirely. However, after seeing a movie with Corrine Benzley, she is shot by a mugger and though she lives, she acted surprisingly resisting the mugger and trying to take his weapon. After a brief hospital stay, she returns back to classes and confusedly wonders what she was thinking.

Meanwhile back at the underworld auction, B.C. and Mr. Righteous stumble onto the scene. They see the large number of vehicles and suspicions of the ninja standing guard outside lead them to walk straight up to the front doors and demand interest. This goes predictably badly as Lupin makes her way over to the soon to be fight scene. An enourmous battle goes down as over 45 members of the criminal underworld fight the three heroes. The Power Broker serum is distributed to five members of the crowd who take it. 4 out of the 5 including one of Big’s clones gain superhuman abilities from the serum making the battle even more difficult. The battle turns sour and Mr. Righteous is killed. B.C. escapes and Lupin tries to rescue Mr. Righteous before his demise but is shocked by his ionized body. She escapes on the back of the wolf into the night. While the remaining gang members flee the area in their vehicles.

Captain Britain arrives late and finds the poisoned and dying auctioneer. The auctioneer relays information that the The Acolytes were sponsoring the deal and that they were manufacturing the serum in a bunker in York. The heroes of London decide to go to York, but not before calling in nearly every hero they know.

The heroes arrive in York and search the city and the field that the auctioneer mentioned, but can’t find anything. After a long and exhaustive search, they call Ankrah and speak to her. They discover the bunker in York was fake and was never there to begin with. While this is going on, criminals attack and rob places all over the city of London with no heroes to stop them almost no one is caught.

Upon returning to the city as fast as they can, the heroes bicker amongst themselves a bit and then go their separate ways to investigate the crimes. B.C. leads the investigation as Mr. Righteous comes to tied to an anchor sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. He is able to escape, but being far out at see spends nearly the next week drowning while B.C. investigates the crimes. He tracks down an empowered criminal from the auction and plays good cop bad cop with officer Simon Brent. The two of them are able to get the serum villain’ cooperation in their investigation and Officer Brent takes the commanding role though promises to share any pertinent information with B.C.

B.C. takes to the streets and makes contact with some members of the Glockner’s and is invited into one of their fight nights.

After all of this time spent in a miserable existence of near constant death and revival, Mr. Righteous washes up onto the coast of Iceland where a family takes him in and cares for him. They take him to Reykjavik where he works odd jobs and travels back to London. Upon his return, he is approached by BMC to see if he would take a position as the protector of Battersea. He accepts and is placed in a highrise suite where a stipend and suits are provided for him. He, from there, overlooks the city as our game came to a close.

The London Times Issue 4
Issue 4

Here’s the fourth issue of the London Times. This one may be my favorite newspaper I’ve done because the pictures lent themselves to it well and I think the little edits to the newspaper format have been building on each other to make something that seems pretty newspaper-like finally.

The London Times

A Single Candle's Light is Doused
The Death of Wyvern and the Big Entrance of London's Underbelly

We enter a new era in our stories. The beginning of an organized crime arc. The story begins with some technical issues while we try to get our guest star, Deutschvernugen, up on Skype to play the hero Corvid. It works and Corvid and Silver Syren quickly stumble into a veritable invasion by an unknown force. The criminals are attacking the police armory and have a well established plan, a supervillain, and ered armored suits. The battle is deadly with the death of a police officer and the deaths of at least 12 criminals. After a long battle, where they learn that the supervillain is just a lieutenant and that the power armors are controlled by Warframe operatives, the police armory is destroyed which will severely weaken London police forces for the immediate future. BC is able to intimidate a grunt who tells him, while Corvid slinks off into the night, that the group was hired by the Castra Nostra and tells BC the Castra Nostras territories. The heroes plan their next move.

There is division amongst the ranks of the heroes as Silver Syren returns to the police force. Adam Jenson and BC want to investigate before the Castra Nostras trail gets cold, Wyvern wants to rest since the group has been badly wounded. So, they split up. AJ and BC find a warehouse that is servicng as a Castra Nostra hideout and after some terrible advice from Adam, BC stands in front of the front of the warehouse on stakeout. Fighting quickly ensues and Wyvern hears the gunshots via BCs communicator call. She rushes to the scene. Before she arrives, BC and Adam Jenson take down the minor crooks and investigate the warehouse. The warehouse turns out to be nearly empty, but two lieutenants and Big the boss of the Castra Nostra meet them. The fight quickly goes South on account of their bad shape and Wyvern goes down and BC is wounded. BC rushes the wounded and unconscious Wyvern away, but through some teleportation swap with a clone, Big is able to follow them and attempt to make good on the promise to kill Wyvern if they didn’t surrender. Wyvern is mortally wounded in the confrontation before BC escapes again when Big follows them to the hospital.

The fight continues on the roof of the hospital between Big and BC while inside the hospital Wyvern struggles for her life. While this fight is going on, Adam Jenson is back at the warehouse fighting a desperate and losing battle against the two lieutenants. Silver Syren is called in and that begins to turn the tide, but more before Adam Jenson goes down. He is also severely wounded and in Need of medical attention, but before he was defeated, he was able to take down a lieutenant. Silver Syren faces down the last one and is doing decently, but is racing the clock to try to save Adam. It seems as though time will run out for Adam and so Silver Syren overrides her suit draining her battery and blasting the lieutenant, but it isn’t enough!

Back on the roof of the hospital, two Mandroids have joined BC in fighting Big. They’re defeated and BC cals for backup from Eryn and Captain Britain. This prompts Big to take one final attack who h drops BC, but he heroically hangs in while Big escapes. Eryn appears and goes to check on Wyvern while Captain Britain is sent back to the warehouse. In the warehouse, Captain Britain arrives while Silver Syren has just expended her energy and swoops in grabbing both Silver Syren and the nearly dead Adam and taking them to the hospital. At the hospital, Wyvern is rushed to surgery where she is taken to the operating table of one Dr. Lucy Maxwell and in a full circle kind of way, this time, Dr. Maxwell is unable to save her adopted daughter and Wyvern dies on the table. Dr. Maxwell has no time to grieve for she instantly goes to operate on Adam Jenson and saves him from the brink of death.

The London Times Issue 3
Issue 3

The third issue of the London Times.

The London Times

Ultimate Ultra Speed
The Crossovers

Is it only January of the new year? It’s been a month? Maybe a couple or more since I switched over to the new costume and identity. The business is going well after a slow start, the team has really come together, and we’re no longer on the run. But dear god, it feels like it was twenty years ago when we all started. Twenty years ago about 4 months ago…How did it all start? Was it in that alley way, or on the riverbank?

I’m hazy on the full details even with my enhanced memory, but I remember meeting a grumpy mage tracking some demonic entities, while I was tracking kidnappers. We met up and butted heads, but realized quickly we were on the same team. Force was his name, and he wasn’t destined to be in Cincy long.

Then came the others. More magic had descended on the Emerald of Ohio, and we fought some strange fish monster. That original team up was fun. Here I met a good man named The Fog, a brilliant inventor named Gamma (Darrell Thornton), a guy trying to learn how to be a person named Borg, and a crazy homeless guy with an intense desire for water named Waterfall.

Things started to heat up with a mysterious group of powerful villains moving about the city. We all came together to try to stop them, and nearly died at least twice facing off against them. First time was awful against a terrible assassin named Crossfire. It was this man who took Fog from us…But that was not our first loss, nor our last. We should’ve known from that first showdown against Crossfire that things were going to get worse, but being optimistic heroes we pushed ever forward.

From there we continued to do good work, but started attracting more attention. First it came from a literal vampire who had a love of magic shows named Count Nefaria, and that was our first run in with a a true demon and got our butts handed to us, and then SHIELD got involved. Which means everybody’s beloved Dictator, Dr. Doom got involved.

We lost Borg, Force, and The Fog that day to SHIELD in one form or another. Being interrogated on the hellicarrier was the last time I saw Force and Fog. Thankfully I was able to meet up with the others, but Borg was never the same. None of us were.

We were saved by the Secret Avengers, and continued to fight injustice. Crossing paths with the Eleven here and there. This was when I first met the speedster Bullet. She didn’t seem as evil as the other members of the Eleven I had met prior to this, and I started trying to free her from the path of crime. I was held up when the team went to save Fog from Crossfire and the Eleven. Which still haunts me to this day. I should’ve been there, but they told me that even with me there, we wouldn’t have been able to save him.

But there was no time to dry our tears. Instead Cincinnati erupted in fire and pain. The Eleven had made their final push for power, but some of their members had pushed too far and began to fight back alongside us, their one time foes. To make a long story short, we made it out. We fought to the last woman and man, repelling an invasion of true evil.

Wrapping everything up we vanished into the night with the Avengers. Took a trip to the true Doctor Doom and took him down, revealing that he could have stopped the demons at anytime, of course. What a douche. After getting our offered to join the Avengers, I had to decline, but they insisted I be a reserve member. I’m pretty sure just about every hero in America counts as a reserve member, but it’s still cool. I’ve got a little card and everything.

Anyway we headed back to Cincy. I reconnected with the orphanage and Riko. Got back in touch with Jonas and we moved forward with the start-up tech company, moving out of the shadow of our former internships. I managed to persuade Bullet, her brother Aegis, and her friend Frostbite to switch sides, but it didn’t stick. Then we began recruiting the Initiative heroes El Toro and Silicon to join our group since we had worked together in the past to save the city on at least two occasions.

We finally decided on a team name. The New Wave. After officially being elected team leader, I changed my identity and costume to reflect it. Now I lead the heroes of Cincinnati to battle against the crime element that still remains. But I lead it as Velocity, with my brothers and sisters in arms at my back. For those that have fallen before will not be forgotten.

Besides we don’t need to talk about the day I met Hyjinxs and Captain America, because I was also almost swallowed by a python…

The Dragon King, the King of the Fairies, and Christmas!
All of That and More!
  • December 2nd, 2015-January 12th, 2016

So, a lot happened last time. To begin with, the B.C. sought assistance about the dream he had been having. This dream of him waking up in bed with a woman’s hand put onto his chest, not made of stone, but flesh, and a soft voice asking what was wrong. He wakes up the same as he always does right as e turns to see the face of the person next to him. This time, he sees Brenden Sparks the Social Media Director for the British Museum asking to take a picture of him as he stands posed in front of the museum. Ignoring him, he visits his performer contacts to find a person who is an expert in dreams and visits Madame Traylan. An astrologist and fortuneteller in a gaudy darkened shop downtown. After paying her fee of 20 Pounds, B.C. gets a reading that tells him of various insecurities of which B.C. does not feel. This “revelation” makes him wonder if he does, in fact, feel insecure about being a homeless street performing statue.

Meanwhile, Wyvern and Cowboy are both jobless and running short on money. Wyvern looks for seasonal work and takes a job at Electronics-R-Us and sells used televisions and new cellphones, but she uses the experience and funds productively to create a series of communicators for the heroes she knows. They come out well and she plans to distribute them soon. Adam Jenson sets higher goals for himself and schedules his interview with the police department. The interview goes poorly as he has no actual qualifications for being a police officer other than being able to shot a man through the head at half a mile away. So, after being rejected, he goes out and stops a group of organized criminals loading illegal weapons off of a boat. That same evening in another part of the city Wyvern stops a small group of Russian Mafia members from harassing Robin of Robin’s Men’s Clothing. Robin has a poor opinion of Wyvern as her single-minded pursuit of one remaining mafia member allowed the other to escape and the fight caused more damage to his shop.

A few days later, B.C. has the same dream once more, but this time instead of fading away and waking up, it shifts into the view of a purple robed figure. An indescribably beautiful woman who presents four candles. Three of those candles are snuffed out quickly, but one remains for an eternity and eventually is blown out by the wind. The robed figure gestures over the candles causing them to disappear, but B.C. looks up and sees a horrifying skeletal figure in the former robes of the human woman. He wakes up in the middle of his statue performance screaming. It frightens the watchers and makes a dent in his performance money. This means he needs longer to visit Madame Traylan. However, as he leaves the British Museum Ralphie catches him and tells him that he met a costume designer for superheroes and wanted to forward her address to B.C. B.C. takes it and heads that way where he meets a small 30 something Indian woman working in the Reynolds Building. She talks to B.C. and offers to design him a suit. (She met Ralphie while working at a soup kitchen where Ralphie greatly exaggerated both B.C.’s role and his own in saving the city from Harbinger)

Wyvern continues her patrols and her work at the electronics store. She foils a minor robbery and gets a call from Corrina. Who wants to hang out. She tries to avoid Corrina, who laments the breakup of their friend group and just serves to annoy Corrina who ends the conversation quickly. Nadia calls Corrina back and makes a plan to meet her instead. The two meet up and talk, but Nadia is very gloomy as she has been through some horrible stuff lately. Meanwhile, Cowboy goes house and job hunting. Not finding anything on the first front, but does find quick employment at TriSec a security company. He’s hired there and assigned to work at a branch of Timely Robotics.

While he is on patrol, he passes near the Robin’s Men’s Clothing store that Wyvern has saved, however when B.C. passes by the store, it is aflame. The building caught on fire. Adam Jenson arrives as well. The two of them goes to work trying to fight the fire. Wyvern also on patrol, notices the fire and jumps to the scene. She lands on top of the building and tries to absorb the fire, but her power fails here. Meanwhile, on the inside, B.C. proceeds to save clothing from the store. Adam Jenson is searching for a water supply. While B.C. saves clothing, Robin blames the heroes and Wyvern in particular for causing the fire. B.C. hears a cracking noise as the fire escape starts to pull loose and goes and hold it to the wall as people flee down it. On the inside, Adam finds a firehose and starts to fight the fire. The fire department starts to arrive. On top of the building, Wyvern starts to absorb the fire and does absorbing much of the flames. Adam is able to put out the remainder as Wyvern leaves and Robin curses the heroes while being happy his building survived.

Next, B.C. males a trip back to Madame Traylan to have her decipher the next part of his dream. Madame Traylan gives B.C. a surprisingly insightful reading while simultaneously making money off him. Then as B.C. is about to leave, she warns him to beware of reptiles. B.C. takes these warnings seriously and leaves. He leaves and goes on patrol.

B.C. and Cowboy meetup on patrol when both hear loud noises from near the Brtish Museum. The two heroes arrive on the scene to see the Dragon King making his way towards the building. B.C. confronts him and Dragon King remembers B.C. from their embarrassing last encounter. Dragon King forgets about the museum and combat begins. Dragon King nearly takes B.C. down with one blow injuring him badly. B.C. calls in Wyvern and then leaps to Battersea where the city is nearly abandoned. Adam tries to fight Dragon King alone and gets beaten down and carried by his face to Battersea and flung away like a rag doll. The fight continues there for a minute while B.C. tries to escape from Dragon King who is intent on B.C. death. Wyvern arrives and fight goes poorly. B.C. flees the battlefield and leaps to the ocean. Captain Britain and Eryn arrive and help Wyvern and Adam fight Dragon King. Everyone except Eryn is defeated and Eryn is knocked away, but B.C. finds his courage and lands back to fight Dragon King once more and at the very limits of his health, he defeats Dragon King as Eryn manages to come back. B.C. and Eryn talk for a moment about B.C.’s dreams and the magical nature of Dragon King. Eryn heals the party and teleports Dragon King to prison. He leaves and B.C. and the heroes go to the dedicated news crew that videotaped the battle that devastated a block of Battersea.

The next day is Christmas so the heroes all do their Christmas activities. Wyvern visits her mother. Adam talks to his family and goes to a bar. B.C. goes caroling and goes to an orphanage.After Christmas, the heroes exchange contact information and B.C. exchanges info with Captain Britain. Wyvern builds more communicators and Adam starts working at Timely Robotics. B.C. meets with the designer, Radikha once more.

Days later in the early part of January, the heroes see St. James Park blocked off by police officers. A powerful wizard is causing havoc. The heroes go in and prepare for a fight, but B.C. is able to reason with Ithe person known as Oberon. Oberon is engaging in mayhem to aleviate boredom and despite Wyvern’s best efforts to start a brawl, B.C. convinces Oberon to go home with limited destruction.

The London Times Issue 2
Issue 2
  • November 29th, 2015

The London Times Issue 2 is up. I wanted to do one for the major event and then I wanted to do one for the right before session stuff. I’ll usually try to do one that will be dated just a few days before our actualy start date.

The London Times

The London Times Issue 1
Issue 1
  • November 9th, 2015

Here’s issue 1 of the London Times

The London Times

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 7
Issue 7
  • September 1st, 2014

Here’s the issue 7 of the Cincinnati Enquirer. I had it partly finished, so I finished it while working on the London Times issue.

The Cincinnati Enquirer


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