Marvel Superheroes

Ultimate Ultra Speed
The Crossovers

Is it only January of the new year? It’s been a month? Maybe a couple or more since I switched over to the new costume and identity. The business is going well after a slow start, the team has really come together, and we’re no longer on the run. But dear god, it feels like it was twenty years ago when we all started. Twenty years ago about 4 months ago…How did it all start? Was it in that alley way, or on the riverbank?

I’m hazy on the full details even with my enhanced memory, but I remember meeting a grumpy mage tracking some demonic entities, while I was tracking kidnappers. We met up and butted heads, but realized quickly we were on the same team. Force was his name, and he wasn’t destined to be in Cincy long.

Then came the others. More magic had descended on the Emerald of Ohio, and we fought some strange fish monster. That original team up was fun. Here I met a good man named The Fog, a brilliant inventor named Gamma (Darrell Thornton), a guy trying to learn how to be a person named Borg, and a crazy homeless guy with an intense desire for water named Waterfall.

Things started to heat up with a mysterious group of powerful villains moving about the city. We all came together to try to stop them, and nearly died at least twice facing off against them. First time was awful against a terrible assassin named Crossfire. It was this man who took Fog from us…But that was not our first loss, nor our last. We should’ve known from that first showdown against Crossfire that things were going to get worse, but being optimistic heroes we pushed ever forward.

From there we continued to do good work, but started attracting more attention. First it came from a literal vampire who had a love of magic shows named Count Nefaria, and that was our first run in with a a true demon and got our butts handed to us, and then SHIELD got involved. Which means everybody’s beloved Dictator, Dr. Doom got involved.

We lost Borg, Force, and The Fog that day to SHIELD in one form or another. Being interrogated on the hellicarrier was the last time I saw Force and Fog. Thankfully I was able to meet up with the others, but Borg was never the same. None of us were.

We were saved by the Secret Avengers, and continued to fight injustice. Crossing paths with the Eleven here and there. This was when I first met the speedster Bullet. She didn’t seem as evil as the other members of the Eleven I had met prior to this, and I started trying to free her from the path of crime. I was held up when the team went to save Fog from Crossfire and the Eleven. Which still haunts me to this day. I should’ve been there, but they told me that even with me there, we wouldn’t have been able to save him.

But there was no time to dry our tears. Instead Cincinnati erupted in fire and pain. The Eleven had made their final push for power, but some of their members had pushed too far and began to fight back alongside us, their one time foes. To make a long story short, we made it out. We fought to the last woman and man, repelling an invasion of true evil.

Wrapping everything up we vanished into the night with the Avengers. Took a trip to the true Doctor Doom and took him down, revealing that he could have stopped the demons at anytime, of course. What a douche. After getting our offered to join the Avengers, I had to decline, but they insisted I be a reserve member. I’m pretty sure just about every hero in America counts as a reserve member, but it’s still cool. I’ve got a little card and everything.

Anyway we headed back to Cincy. I reconnected with the orphanage and Riko. Got back in touch with Jonas and we moved forward with the start-up tech company, moving out of the shadow of our former internships. I managed to persuade Bullet, her brother Aegis, and her friend Frostbite to switch sides, but it didn’t stick. Then we began recruiting the Initiative heroes El Toro and Silicon to join our group since we had worked together in the past to save the city on at least two occasions.

We finally decided on a team name. The New Wave. After officially being elected team leader, I changed my identity and costume to reflect it. Now I lead the heroes of Cincinnati to battle against the crime element that still remains. But I lead it as Velocity, with my brothers and sisters in arms at my back. For those that have fallen before will not be forgotten.

Besides we don’t need to talk about the day I met Hyjinxs and Captain America, because I was also almost swallowed by a python…

The Dragon King, the King of the Fairies, and Christmas!
All of That and More!
  • December 2nd, 2015-January 12th, 2016

So, a lot happened last time. To begin with, the B.C. sought assistance about the dream he had been having. This dream of him waking up in bed with a woman’s hand put onto his chest, not made of stone, but flesh, and a soft voice asking what was wrong. He wakes up the same as he always does right as e turns to see the face of the person next to him. This time, he sees Brenden Sparks the Social Media Director for the British Museum asking to take a picture of him as he stands posed in front of the museum. Ignoring him, he visits his performer contacts to find a person who is an expert in dreams and visits Madame Traylan. An astrologist and fortuneteller in a gaudy darkened shop downtown. After paying her fee of 20 Pounds, B.C. gets a reading that tells him of various insecurities of which B.C. does not feel. This “revelation” makes him wonder if he does, in fact, feel insecure about being a homeless street performing statue.

Meanwhile, Wyvern and Cowboy are both jobless and running short on money. Wyvern looks for seasonal work and takes a job at Electronics-R-Us and sells used televisions and new cellphones, but she uses the experience and funds productively to create a series of communicators for the heroes she knows. They come out well and she plans to distribute them soon. Adam Jenson sets higher goals for himself and schedules his interview with the police department. The interview goes poorly as he has no actual qualifications for being a police officer other than being able to shot a man through the head at half a mile away. So, after being rejected, he goes out and stops a group of organized criminals loading illegal weapons off of a boat. That same evening in another part of the city Wyvern stops a small group of Russian Mafia members from harassing Robin of Robin’s Men’s Clothing. Robin has a poor opinion of Wyvern as her single-minded pursuit of one remaining mafia member allowed the other to escape and the fight caused more damage to his shop.

A few days later, B.C. has the same dream once more, but this time instead of fading away and waking up, it shifts into the view of a purple robed figure. An indescribably beautiful woman who presents four candles. Three of those candles are snuffed out quickly, but one remains for an eternity and eventually is blown out by the wind. The robed figure gestures over the candles causing them to disappear, but B.C. looks up and sees a horrifying skeletal figure in the former robes of the human woman. He wakes up in the middle of his statue performance screaming. It frightens the watchers and makes a dent in his performance money. This means he needs longer to visit Madame Traylan. However, as he leaves the British Museum Ralphie catches him and tells him that he met a costume designer for superheroes and wanted to forward her address to B.C. B.C. takes it and heads that way where he meets a small 30 something Indian woman working in the Reynolds Building. She talks to B.C. and offers to design him a suit. (She met Ralphie while working at a soup kitchen where Ralphie greatly exaggerated both B.C.’s role and his own in saving the city from Harbinger)

Wyvern continues her patrols and her work at the electronics store. She foils a minor robbery and gets a call from Corrina. Who wants to hang out. She tries to avoid Corrina, who laments the breakup of their friend group and just serves to annoy Corrina who ends the conversation quickly. Nadia calls Corrina back and makes a plan to meet her instead. The two meet up and talk, but Nadia is very gloomy as she has been through some horrible stuff lately. Meanwhile, Cowboy goes house and job hunting. Not finding anything on the first front, but does find quick employment at TriSec a security company. He’s hired there and assigned to work at a branch of Timely Robotics.

While he is on patrol, he passes near the Robin’s Men’s Clothing store that Wyvern has saved, however when B.C. passes by the store, it is aflame. The building caught on fire. Adam Jenson arrives as well. The two of them goes to work trying to fight the fire. Wyvern also on patrol, notices the fire and jumps to the scene. She lands on top of the building and tries to absorb the fire, but her power fails here. Meanwhile, on the inside, B.C. proceeds to save clothing from the store. Adam Jenson is searching for a water supply. While B.C. saves clothing, Robin blames the heroes and Wyvern in particular for causing the fire. B.C. hears a cracking noise as the fire escape starts to pull loose and goes and hold it to the wall as people flee down it. On the inside, Adam finds a firehose and starts to fight the fire. The fire department starts to arrive. On top of the building, Wyvern starts to absorb the fire and does absorbing much of the flames. Adam is able to put out the remainder as Wyvern leaves and Robin curses the heroes while being happy his building survived.

Next, B.C. males a trip back to Madame Traylan to have her decipher the next part of his dream. Madame Traylan gives B.C. a surprisingly insightful reading while simultaneously making money off him. Then as B.C. is about to leave, she warns him to beware of reptiles. B.C. takes these warnings seriously and leaves. He leaves and goes on patrol.

B.C. and Cowboy meetup on patrol when both hear loud noises from near the Brtish Museum. The two heroes arrive on the scene to see the Dragon King making his way towards the building. B.C. confronts him and Dragon King remembers B.C. from their embarrassing last encounter. Dragon King forgets about the museum and combat begins. Dragon King nearly takes B.C. down with one blow injuring him badly. B.C. calls in Wyvern and then leaps to Battersea where the city is nearly abandoned. Adam tries to fight Dragon King alone and gets beaten down and carried by his face to Battersea and flung away like a rag doll. The fight continues there for a minute while B.C. tries to escape from Dragon King who is intent on B.C. death. Wyvern arrives and fight goes poorly. B.C. flees the battlefield and leaps to the ocean. Captain Britain and Eryn arrive and help Wyvern and Adam fight Dragon King. Everyone except Eryn is defeated and Eryn is knocked away, but B.C. finds his courage and lands back to fight Dragon King once more and at the very limits of his health, he defeats Dragon King as Eryn manages to come back. B.C. and Eryn talk for a moment about B.C.’s dreams and the magical nature of Dragon King. Eryn heals the party and teleports Dragon King to prison. He leaves and B.C. and the heroes go to the dedicated news crew that videotaped the battle that devastated a block of Battersea.

The next day is Christmas so the heroes all do their Christmas activities. Wyvern visits her mother. Adam talks to his family and goes to a bar. B.C. goes caroling and goes to an orphanage.After Christmas, the heroes exchange contact information and B.C. exchanges info with Captain Britain. Wyvern builds more communicators and Adam starts working at Timely Robotics. B.C. meets with the designer, Radikha once more.

Days later in the early part of January, the heroes see St. James Park blocked off by police officers. A powerful wizard is causing havoc. The heroes go in and prepare for a fight, but B.C. is able to reason with Ithe person known as Oberon. Oberon is engaging in mayhem to aleviate boredom and despite Wyvern’s best efforts to start a brawl, B.C. convinces Oberon to go home with limited destruction.

The London Times Issue 2
Issue 2
  • November 29th, 2015

The London Times Issue 2 is up. I wanted to do one for the major event and then I wanted to do one for the right before session stuff. I’ll usually try to do one that will be dated just a few days before our actualy start date.

The London Times

The London Times Issue 1
Issue 1
  • November 9th, 2015

Here’s issue 1 of the London Times

The London Times

Cincinnati Enquirer Issue 7
Issue 7
  • September 1st, 2014

Here’s the issue 7 of the Cincinnati Enquirer. I had it partly finished, so I finished it while working on the London Times issue.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Harbinger Incident
The Bringer of Destruction

Last session ended with the Harbinger shutting down the heart of a man on the street. The Harbinger, delighted with the results of the action decided to pursue further killing in the hopes of greater understanding. LaVelle Johnson AKA The Harbinger strolled down the street attempting to kill people at random as he passed by them. The Harbinger attracted police attention, but his spaced out killings (accidental) and his random path made him difficult to track. As a police car passed by, Harbinger used his powers to kill the driver. The other officer noticed, got out of the wrecked car and tried to arrest Harbinger, but Harbinger blasted him with plasma generation. This got the further attention of the police, but Harbinger had time to escape. Harbinger decided to fly away, but his control of his powers was lacking and he stood at the crime scene for nearly a minute. This delay was just enough time for the police to arrive in force. As they did, Harbinger decided to stay and fight.

The battle began. It was long. As waves of police fought valiantly, but futilely to stop the menace of Harbinger. Harbinger showed ever increasing mastery of his powers and mastery over the environment. The tides started to shift when B.C, Adam, and Wyvern arrived on scene. Wyvern confused debated what to do. BC and Adam lept into battle against Harbinger. A moment of sorrow was had for the nameless police officers as one officer asked another to tell his wife what transpired there. Though Harbinger was able to deceive the heroes that his constructs were not controlled by him and he was a victim. Harbinger had one of his constructs damage a nearby building, but thanks to a pep talk from BC, Officer Brent, was able to save them. Through this all Wyvern proved especially amiable to his lies and tried to rescue Harbinger from the scene of the massacre/battle. As she leapt away, Captain Britain came meteorically onto the scene crashing into the fleeing pair.

Harbinger, so as not to take the damage, tried to blast himself away from the wounded Wyvern.Wyvern saw the attack at the last second and dodged out of the way. They both landed with Captain Britain facing off against both of them. He looked at Harbinger and Wyvern and told them to surrender. Wyvern started to question it and Captain Britain began to respond when Harbinger released his focus attack which erupted a beam that barrelled into Captain Britain and destroyed a 4×7 block area of London. Wyvern dodged to the only place she could reach, behind Captain Britain, and managed to survive. Captain Britain survived, barely, as well from a direct hit (260+ damage) and quickly surveyed the scene in shock as Harbinger collapsed to the ground. In shock and sorrow, Captain Britain attacked the downed Harbinger and beat him to death with Harbinger realizing in his last moments that he was a robot and never was a human. Captain Britain, victorious but defeated collapsed to the ground in anguish and wept for the dead.

After such a catastrophic event, a short time skip took place for 3 weeks. The heroes spent their time rebuilding and gathering up their lives. A new hero, sponsored by the London Police department comes onto the scene and starts to fight crime. Her name is the Silver Syren. Her and Adam run into each other while they are both fighting a number of gang members, Adam is arrested, but goes willingly. Meanwhile, B.C. has been helping to rebuild and has an ominous dream. Wyvern faces the realization that she nearly helped a mass murderer escape and buries herself in the rebuilding work.

On the 1st of December, Wyvern is meets a member of the press, a Mr. Gardner. He gives her an envelope containing information on the gang activities in the city and leaves her. She goes and investigates one area where she runs into a superhuman fight between Black wing and the hero Hawk. Not knowing Hawk or Blackwing, she attempts to stop the fight to no avail. Silver Syren flies in and with the help of a victorious Hawk arrest Wyvern, but the two embarrassingly let the real villain escape. When Silver Syren returns to the area she meets up with Adam again who has captured Blackwing. After a talking to by the police, Wyvern is released and she returns to the are the next day And meets Hawk. Hawk apologizes and offers to team up against organized crime with Wyvern. The two decide to work together while Silver Syren tries to get Adam hired on the police force and to put together a superhero team.

Night Moves
Part 1

The heroes of this short story are Shooting Star and Black Cat. Shooting Star, now no longer working for SHIELD after the Initiative and SHRA, is a professional racer. She is in New York City for a road rally and is renting a penthouse apartment for a few months for her stay. In her luxurious apartment, she prepares for her day and flips on the news. The news says that a robbery has taken place at the MET. Shooting Star goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Black Cat is in a cab on her way to meet the Tinkerer. She is on her way back from her ex-husband’s home when she sees Shooting Star zip past in her convertible.

At the museum, Shooting Star meets the curator and offers to help. From the curator, Shooting Star learns that the stolen object was rumored to have magical properties. She heads out and goes to a diner where a ghost was spotted in the hopes that would be the lead needed. Black Cat after meeting the Tinkerer and testing out her new gadgets decides to further test them by investigating an appearance of a ghost at a diner. She arrives at the same diner as Shooting Star and her manager. When Shooting Star asks about the ghost, it scares some of the other diners into leaving and the owner talks to her in the kitchen. After some of the story is given, further questions are interrupted by thugs attacking the waitress/owner’s wife. The two heroes defeat the thugs, but the owner convinces them to let the thugs go because they might come back if they are arrested.

The two heroes take the information from the owner and go to the docks where the boat that the ghost mentioned is pulling away. Shooting Star makes her way out to it, but then Black Cat gets in a fight with ninjas alone. The fight goes badly quickly and then the random dock worker swoops in with some lucky shots which distracts the some of the ninjas causing the remaining ones to split up. Black Cat and Oliver the Dock Worker nearly win, but are both taken down. Shooting Star returns just in time to take out the remainder of the ninjas, but Black Cat is badly wounded and dying. Black Cat asks Shooting Star to look in on her kids sometime, just to make sure they are safe. Shooting star tries to stabilize her, but it’s so late that she may not be able to be saved. 50/50 roll. The roll goes well and Black Cat lives for the paramedics to whisk her away in an ambulance.

Can a Stone Man Cry?
The Death and Rebirth of Autopsy
  • October 15th, 2015 – November 8th, 2015

This session begins with Autopsy captured by a long time enemy. The red-haired woman that has been hunting Ralph for a long time puts forth an ultimatum. She puts forth the option of the death of Ralph’s friends and maybe family’s death or his. Autopsy asks for her to reveal herself and to know what he had done to bring her to hunt him. The woman reveals herself. She seems to be more or less a nondescript average individual. Her name is Holly McAllister. She tells Ralph that he killed her father. She references one of Autopsy’s early battles where a vehicle thrown by him had smashed into a building. She tells Ralph that the car crushed her father. That Ralph never was faced with justice for his killing of her father. So, it falls upon her. Ralph accepts this and Holly loads a gun with a single adamantium bullet. She aims the gun right at his heart and pulls the trigger. Ralph drops to the ground limp and his blood pools out onto the cement floor and McAllister looks down, sad, as she pulls the cords from the displays.

Meanwhile, the other heroes are dealing with their own lives. B.C.‘s plan to contact Eryn works and the two have a short conversation where Eryn (Dr. Timothy Weisberg) reveals he was fighting his long time enemy Doctor Lancaster in the warehouse where B.C. was “born”. he expresses surprise that B.C. is “alive” and he offers to help B.C. He reattaches B.C.’s arm after removing the draconic curse on the limb and gives him an amulet so that the two of them can be in communication.

Wyvern has her hearing. Dr. Johnson has some science failures. BC starts patrolling. Then Hobgoblin takes down Scorpion. BC stumbles into a portal that leads to the fear dimension. He is able to escape, but a spirit follows him. The creature comes to be known as Ghosty/Murto. He turns human. They team up and BC teaches him about life. Wyvern saves people from a car wreck. Harbinger meets with Nadia when she visits him and agrees to test a blood sample for her. In the next few days, Dr. Johnson meets for coffee with Prof Klingenberg. The meeting confuses Dr. Johnson and he is disappointed in Dr. Klingenberg who leaves him in the middle of their meeting.

Then Harbinger and the other heroes see Micromax and Hobgoblin fight. All of the heroes rush that way. They’re not in time. Harbinger meets Hobgoblin on the way. They talk about making a team to take down Hobgoblin. Harbinger shows no interest because it’s not important in the grand scheme. BC, Ghosty, and Wyvern team up.

The next day, BC makes a giant Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin doesn’t appear. That same day, a Saturday, Nadia doesn’t show for the blood test with Dr. Johnson because she assumed it would be on Monday. Harbinger returns home and starts his experiments when he notices a machine. It is some sort of tracking device. However, when Harbinger finds the machine he is attacked and defeated by a well-prepared Hobgoblin. Harbinger gets a blood sample taken from him by the Hobgoblin.

Then Hobgoblin scouts out BC and Murto. The heroes spot him. Wyvern had left because she was bored. There is a fight. Hobgoblin is almost beaten but Murto is defeated and captured. BC chases after, but the Hobgoblin kidnaps Murto. While chasing after Hobgoblin Wyvern and B.C. meet up, but they’ve lost the Hobgoblin who escapes. B.C. blames Wyvern for not being there when she was needed. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin meets with his “partner” Black Cat and they use Murto’s heart to replace the destroyed one in Autopsy and revive him. Finally, Harbinger confused and alone after suffering attacks and setbacks, goes out and walks the streets when he runs into a group of people. He asks them what meaning there is to it all and when one of them gives an unsatisfying answer, Harbinger kills him.

A Final Confrontation
The Life of Autopsy
  • October 8th, 2015

Autopsy has just recently defeated Orka and has the powerful villain Orka captured. Autopsy forces Orka awake and talks to him. He tries to convince Orka to change his ways and stop being villainous. Orka and Autopsy talk about why they use their powers and motivations for their actions. Autopsy is somewhat confused and finds Orka’s arguments surprisingly convincing and Orka escapes from Autopsy fleeing back into the sea. On the way back to his building and workplace, Autopsy notices the neighbor woman who had contacted Containe Investigations to investigate Autopsy. Autopsy flies down and a short exchange where Autopsy becomes suspicious of the woman and resolves to be even stealthier when returning home. He enters his apartment where Fuuten is hanging about. The two sit around the table and eat while Ralph tells Fuuten about his battle with Orka.

A few days pass and Ralph does his work and shows his employer the location of the ship wreck where he battled Orka. Ralph is offered potential further work. After that, Autopsy decides to patrol the city and notices that a freak ice storm is brewing. He decides to investiagte that and to leave the Goblins (a new gang that he believes may be connected to the Hobgoblin) for another day. As he looks for the source of the unexplained storm and the temperature drops further and further, Autopsy decides to contact the Gaelic Guardian. When he does, he finds that the Gaelic Guardian is in battle with the Mummy Queen and two of her ice golems. Autopsy rushes to the scene of the battle and in a tense battle, is able to defeat the Mummy Queen at the final moments before her plan to steal the energy from Dublin is complete.

Ralph returns home and meets one of the tenants of his building, Cynthia Kent. Cynthia knows Fuuten as the sweet kid that lives with Ralph. She was on her way to check in on him when she ran into Ralph. After a short conversation, the two split ways and Ralph goes and teaches Fuuten Ancient Egyptian and they spend some quality time. While this is going on, Fuuten tells Ralph that Cynthia sometimes comes over and Fuuten lets her into the apartment to get her to cook lunch for him. Ralph feels a little guilty about this. Ralph also organizes a visit from his family. After a few more days, Ralph meets with his employees and talks to them about their assignments. He offers to set up Finn with his neighbor Cynthia.

Ralph does run into Cynthia, but the conversation doesn’t go as Ralph expects. He is asked out on a date that he accepts. Afterwards, he talks to Fuuten about what his powers are and they decide to test his powers. The demonstration of powers in Ralph’s apartment goes poorly and Fuuten destroys some stuff and runs through a wall. Cynthia, because of this, believes Fuuten might be a mutant. The next day, Fuuten and Ralph go to the Cork Academy to see if Fuuten can be enrolled there. Seth tells them Fuuten can’t go there because he’s only 6 and all of the other students are at least 12. That evening, Ralph goes on patrol and sees cars that have been broken into. A suspicious tow truck is going by and starts to hook up to a random car. The tow truck driver, when talked to by Autopsy, shoots him with a gas attack that makes him pass out.

Later, Autopsy wakes up in a steel and cement room. His arms pinned to the ground with power dampening manacles that are attached to cables. On the other side of the room is a glass window. The other wall has video displays that show video tapes of Ralph’s friends and loved ones. He looks back to the window where he sees a mysterious woman walk forward nearly into view. It’s the same woman from before.

A New Guardian of London Enters the Scene!
The Bulwark of the British Museum: B.C.
  • October 15th, 2015

Mona and Li-Rogg decide to return to space. The deposited Harbinger and Scorpion are left in London to reorganize their lives. A new hero also jumps onto the scene. A living statue B.C. becomes involved in the London superhuman community. He is only a recent addition to London and is closely tied to the British Museum. While B.C. is making his rounds and interacting with people near the British Museum, Scorpion and Harbinger are dealing with the University College London and both of their hearings. Lavelle Johnson being a well-known and established scientist has his hearing quickly. It goes well, despite his long and unexplained absence. The research which he discovered on a far-off alien planet is presented to the jury and the worth of Dr. Johnson and his research keeps him in his position. Dr. Johnson is somewhat upset that he wasn’t given the proper respect during his hearing. Meahwhile Nadia Maxwell meets her friends at a bar in London. She finds that Reginald had left University College and moved to Oxford. She also has a meeting with her mother that goes surprisingly well considering her issues with her school. Nadia also turns over the Power Broker serum. Those two heroes continue with their lives, dealing with school and the changes resulting from their last trip.

Meanwhile, B.C. and Scorpion stumble upon a murder scene. Scorpion tries to save the shot man, but he’s dead upon arrival at the hospital. Meanwhile, B.C. finds an address left at the crime scene. He walks to the location and waits for someone to answer him. He eventually notices a vehicle pull into the back and B.C. goes to investigate. He gets into a brawl and murders two gangsters in a garage. B.C. leaves and returns back to his area near the British Museum. A few days later, Lavelle Johnson is contacted by Science Advancement Institute (SAI) and offered a position at a place that would “respect him”. Not long after LaVelle Johnson and Nadia Maxwell confer. Nadia convinces LaVelle to go on patrol. On this patrol, the two pass near the British Museum where they see B.C. shouting at something in the sky. B.C. is able to see some sort of yellow glowing figure that flies straight into the British Museum. As the heroes approach the museum, a bright light explodes forth from the interior and the heroes rush towards the structure.

B.C. runs to the door and busts through with his powers while Harbinger and Scorpion debate the ethics of busting into the museum. B.C. enters the museum and sees the man made of yellow energy once more standing next to a large man who declares himself “Dragon King”. B.C. speaks to both of them which interests the energy being because he had assumed no one could see him. The energy man tells Dragon King to kill B.C. and flies off. Dragon king, overconfident, flicks B.C. away and marches through the front wall of the museum. At this point, Harbinger and Scorpion notice the Dragon King and a brawl begins. Harbinger uses all of his ability in a desperate attempt to take out Dragon King instantaneously which fails taking Harbinger out of the fight. Scorpion and B.C. fight the Dragon King, but the fight isn’t going well. As they are on the verge of a loss, B.C. creates an illusion of Captain Britain who threatens and intimidates Dragon King into fleeing. B.C. sends the illusion to continue to harass Dragon King as he flees, but Dragon King figures out its nature as an illusion. Humilated and surrounded by the police, Dragon King flees to return at a later time. After the battle, Scorpion, Harbinger, and B.C. are introduced with an exchange of information. Harbinger, seeing B.C.’s serious injuries recommends he see a doctor. Maybe Dr. LaVelle Johnson. The heroes then split up.

The heroes continue to deal with their daily lives. Harbinger recovers from the damage of stretching his power beyond their limits. He also refuses to go on patrol with Scorpion any longer. Scorpion runs into a situation at the Thames River where a meteorite holding some strange person crashes into the river. The person or alien attacks Scorpion and after a quick battle is defeated and taken to Dr. Johnson’s home. Dr. Johnson and Scorpion take the captive to his lab and leave momentarily and return early in the morning as classes begin. On the way in, they meet B.C. who is standing near Dr. Johnson’s lab. B.C. had journeyed to the labs because he was examining the stolen exhibit area at the British Museum when he started to suffer from scaly growths on his marble arm. Meanwhile, he started to feel ill with a cough. All unusual for a man made of marble. So, Dr. Johnson decided to examine him. Surprisingly, B.C. turned out to be a solid chunk of marble that should be unable to get sick. Dr. Johnson decides to cut off his arm since he had demonstrated some ability to regenerate and that seemed to be the best way to prevent the spreading of the scale like growth. Though B.C.‘s arm didn’t grow back quickly, he still decided to seek out what had happened at the museum. He leaves and while LaVelle and Nadia are discussing B.C., the person from the meteorite escaped. After some research at the local library, he goes down to Trafalgar Square and creates an illusion calling for Eryn a “so-called mage” who worked with X-Force.


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